Web approach to OEM gives error message VTD-0123

When useing a webbrowser to access OEM ( : )give some difficulties opening the Preformance manager. The error message ( vtd-0123 (java.netConnectException) ) says that the data-gatherer isn't started. When opening the same Preformance manager on the server itself there is no probblem at all. What can be the reason for this difficulty.
Firewall has been opened on ports 1808 and 1809 (SSL)TNSnames.ora is ok and DNS is set.
Useing Oracle 9iR2 on a Win2000 server ( XP clients ).
Please assist me out......
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sql*plus gives ORa-00600  (5 Views)
I have inherited an instance of Oracle 8.1.7 on Sun Ultra II runnin Solaris 5.8.
when I try to execute sqlplus from the unix prompt (the server) I receive the ORa-00600 internal error message code snippet with a bunch of s arguments.
But when I access the database from sqlplus on my client (Win 98 m c) I am able to connect and work.
when I execute the status command in lsnrctl I receive "TNS-01150- address of listner is incorrect" and "NL-00305 - the specified path does not exist "errors.
any assist would be so appreciated.
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Newbie - Executing more than one Oracle stored Procedure gives error message message   (6 Views)

I had Currently started my job as an developer. I am a newcomer. I am getting an error message while executing more than one oracle stored procedure with both oracle client and oledb client. While I am using sqlserver every thing is smooth. But I don't why it
is giving me bugs with Oracle.
When I am using Oledb command Object, after successful execution of the first stored procedure I had to dispose the command Object and had to proceed to another one. If I am not disposing then it will throw an error as "wrong type or number of arguements".
But when it comes to Oracle, I had cant use the same command Object for all the stored procedures. I had to use a new one for every stored procedure. I don't think this is a best practise.Can anyone tell me what is the best practise
Please assist me.
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MySQL Connector NET 5.1.4 VS 2008 - What gives ?   (6 Views)

I cannot for the life of me receive Visual Studio 2008 to play nice with the 5.1.4 MySQL connector.
I have checked machine.config and it displays there. I can add a project reference and it displays there. But when I go to Server Explorer and click to add a data connection MySQL is just not an option. anyone experience this before
So far no answers over at the MySQL forum and so I thought maybe folks here would have more knowledge.
any assist greatly appreciated.
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Oracle Explorer gives error message message in VS.NET 2003   (4 Views)

Hi. I opened a package body and updated it but lost my connection to Oracle. Then I closed and reopened the connection in Oracle Explorer (Oracle Tools for .NET). Now, when I try to save the package body, it gives this error message,
an error occurred while saving ORaCLE: myaccount.myinstance Package Body myaccount my_package
Operation isn't valid due to the current state of the Object.
any ideas what's going on and how can i correct it
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Patches for oem 2.2?  (11 Views)
There is like 9 patches for oem 2.2
do i install all 9 of them or just the last one
if the answer is the last one only why does the last patch is
not the biggest file
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Executing jobs by EM gives OUT_PUT error message message  (5 Views)
Executing RMaN jobs by Enterprise Magager Grid Control gives the given below error message.
Unable to open tempfile for OUT_PUTExecuting Windows 2003 srvr Oracle 10g
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Returning logging bugs approaches  (5 Views)
Originally placed by chrisrlong
I'm thinking of using autonomous transactions (conditionally with retries for when spread transactions cause failure) Chris,
I'm a little bit confused about the above part of the story. are u saying that spread queries (i.e. some tables are accessed via database links) are involved If so, then I think u might have a difficulty: autonomous transactions can not be used with spread queries transactions
Or have I entirely missed that part
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Problems discovering a 10g database in oem 9.2  (5 Views)
I have a few difficulties. I can only manually discover a 10g database from oem 9.2 client. The 10g database in executing on NT server. Is it a service difficulty on 10g If so what is the service name that I want to start
also in OEM 9.2, after I amanually discover the 10g database, I cannot see the instance, schema, storage.... folders. I am connect as sys sysdba. Is it a compatibility problem Please assist.
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What is the best Replication approach?  (8 Views)
We are looking for the best replication approach that will suit the following scenarios.
1) Static Data: Our static data changes but not often and tare 80 xml data. We want to capture changes that occurs from one location and propagate it to another location.
2)Custom Data: This type of data is also 80 xmlchanges weekly and needed to be replicated in another location.
3) Transaction Data: This is also 80 xml data that changes constantly but the line number generated for the same exact transaction is various from location A & B.
We're thinking about Oracle streams replication, Master to Master.(Third party tools NOT an option.
Provide us ur ideas.
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To remove large no.of files using rm *.req gives Error message message  (5 Views)
I want to DELETE large no. of files in a purticular directory in Solarix 8, using rm *.req
But, rm prompts "Long List Error message", so, u can not remove"
Could any one throw some light on this.
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why oem does not send me tablespace space used alert email?  (14 Views)

I am using Oracle 10g Standard Edition on Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition. I have configured notification methods in OEM to send email to me and be able to execute Test Mail Servers to send me a test email. I also configure the Notification Rules and Schedule. But it does not send me email for a tablespace that is 100 full. alough I can view the alert in home page and alert history. I am so confused, am I missing anything
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That component in Oracle client install gives you ODBC driver?  (4 Views)

I would like to do a custom install of Oracle client since all I want is Net8 and ODBC driver. I checked all the available components for custom inst and can't find that one I should select to install ODBC driver. any idea
If I pick client install for application User, then the Oracle ODBC driver will be installed. However, I still can't find that component did that in the list of installed products.
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TOaD gives 'Invalid variant operation'  (23 Views)
Subj when attempting to look at table script in TOaD`s schema browser. Oracle version is 64 little bit.
The best part is - it`s able to display some tables but on the majority of them gives this error message message and it does not matter if I was connected as schema owner or as SYSTEM. and I cannot receive any correlation or specific rule how does it happen. I`m pretty much sure that dictionary is OK and there is no invalid Objects in this database.
Did anybody receive some thing like this before Is it error or feature
What would be a solution
I saw this message in 7.1 Toad error resolve list, but it was related to tablespace alter function, as far as I remember, and I didn`t view anything like this yet and It appears that google gave nothing as well.
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sending email to more than one recipiants by oem  (9 Views)
How can I send email alerts to more than one recipiants
Here is what I have tried
and then I have tried several combinations to receive the email to work
"","" ; , steve.montgomerie@icn.siemens.comI can send to both email addresses individually but not together
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shared moemry max and semaphores  (7 Views)

When i set the shared memory and semaphores in unixhow this parameters effect oracle.What i meant was when these parameters are set how does the shared memory effect the oracle sga and the process in oracle.
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time only file gives me fits  (3 Views)
I have a predicament.
I have a file I download every 5 minutes and then load the data into the database. The difficulty is that it comes with a timestamp that I want to load as a date.
Example: "09:45:03"
Easy enough to throw a SYSDaTE in fron tof that timestamp.
My difficulty begins once we rollover into tomorrow but the timestamp is for yesterday (since the data comes in about 10-15 minutes before realtime):
In this example, the REaL time is actually "00:05:00" the next day
Example: "23:55:03"
So, my current script is assuming that the time on this is actually in the future at 11:55pm when It's actually the previous days' time.
If I was getting the data in anywhere like real-time then I could just do:
PHP Code snippet:
catgood_data.lst|grep`date+' H:'`>good_data.lst
But just getting the current hour will not work since the data is approximately 15 minutes old.
At this point I'm stumped ...
The only other thing I was thinking was to somehow add the date onto the timestamp, but how would I go about throwing a previous day onto it
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Replication_oem  (13 Views)
I wanna create Master Groups Materialized Groups and Templetes,when i create the error message
***** login as REPLICaTION aDMINISTRaTOR *****
so what is the default username password of replication administrator or how i can create various users in OEM consol e
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Oracle upgrade - Best approach ?  (7 Views)
I have rarely upgraded the existing installation. In most cases I have just installed the latest version and moved the data across. Because I have also moved around frequently I have not needed to perform many upgrades. There are several methods for upgrading that I am aware of.
What is considered to be the best practice when upgrading the Oracle Database and perhaps even Oracle applications
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How can i work with mysql using LINQ sintax and code snippet snippet first approach?   (10 Views)

I wanna know how i can work with code snippet first approach with mysql and if exists some kind of FREE connector to use LINQ sintax.
I tried to use mysql connector, but my version of visual studio is express and not worked when i tried to integrate.
anyone can assist
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Sql case statement or another approach?   (5 Views)

I'm severly rusty in my sql coding and finding some thing I once thought easy..difficult.
I'm attempting to use a case statement to run one of two choices with no luck and uncertain if it is the right approach or another way is improve.
Given below is my basic query executing a join but I have a want now to look to view if a column is flagged Y or N and return the row values for the Y condition and not the N condition.
So say executing this query produces two rows, I would like to return only the row that contains the 'Y' value for say mst.Col2 and if no Y value is present just return the row with N (this would be the only row available should Y not be present as it never
gets inserted into the table anyways).
Select ...
Case if mst.col2 = 'Y'
then (this join statement)
(another join statment)
Does anyone know how can i incorporate this conditional statement in
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