vps info - all messed up

I guess virtualization is dividing server into many virtual machines ...
then what is open vz what is hyper vm, what is virtuzzo , what is xen
what other software and type of virtualization are there
and where are these things overlapping
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CI hosting mass spam Email. FAKE - DO NOT OPEN says their support  (10 Views)
just thought I'd let u know incase u receive this E-mail. I got an E-mail today saying that CI Hosting were charging me 120 GBP because my credit card did not havre enough money. I fastly jamp to thier support to ask them what the hell was going on (never even heard of CI hosting before now). I was told:
AshelyM: This is a mass scam E-mail that isn't coming from CI Host. We ask that u treat the E-mail as spam and DELETE the E-mail. Do not open the attachment or send out any private info.
Sadly I opened the attachment already.... it was an exe but nothing happened. *goes to download an antivirus quick*.
Beware if u receive this E-mail
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Yahoo for Startup Sites?  (3 Views)
I Currently hosted my site Blogcrowds with surprisingly lesser known Yahoo . Tonly offer 20 500gb so obviously lacks room for serious expansion but I guess its pretty good for start up sites.
Well I got 5 200gb for $11, maybe not the most competitive price but what attracted me the most is:
$100 credit: Yahoo Search Marketing
$50 credit: Google AdWords
And because the host with yahoo, I saw a much improve search result than other major search engines. I guess I got a pretty good deal for a startup site u
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Looking for a so low cost dedi vps + cpanel whm.  (10 Views)
Pls provide me URL's to the cheapest u know I am looking to buy from either sitepoint members hosts or well known hosts.
I would not specify a budget but I want the cheapest possible, MUST HAVE CPANEL+WHM.
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Web Hosting with MING support  (6 Views)
guys I want a hosting that support MING at least version 0.3b. Any suggestion I want it fastly.
My sites would be an Web-based software and would require a good bandiwdth where access connection mainly would come from europe.
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Any info. on Flash Streaming Media host  (7 Views) does flash streaming media functions unlimited connections, and redundant servers.
Has been around for a while and is a Macromedia Alliance Partner but I can not find any feedback on them any where.
Anybody have any info
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wana help with dns setup  (9 Views)
I want assist u guys..
I have and dns difficulty..
I had registered and domain name with yahoo and had my webhosting account ip address configured in its dns settings..
My webhosting company has did a server migration and sent me the following dns address for me to enter into my yahoo domain cotrol settings.
This isn't working for me and my hosting company is no assist.. The only thing tkeep saying is add these dns address to ur domain account...
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Appraise  (9 Views)

Is that worth to keep the above domain name it was registered by a client he do not want that now.
Pls advise.
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PHP FTP Support: Common or rare in shared hosts?  (6 Views)

I'm working on a web based software now and I'm attempting to ensure maximum compatability. How common is it for shared hosts to support PHP's FTP extension
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I have to upgrade from shared  (9 Views)
I just got an E-mail from HostGator that my account has been suspended for excessive cpu memory utilization and that I want a semi or full dedicated account.
I looked at their plans for semi that is $75 mo. Dedicated would fundamentally put me in the red. While I'm starting to view more business the past few months, $75 mo would severely cut my profits (maybe half for some months)
As for my account, I'm only using about 250mb in space and my monthly bandwith usually does not go over 30gig.
I have asked them for some stats on how much I resources I'm using.
What are my options here I know what semi and dedicated mean, but why so pricy Semi, I assume, would be my site and maybe 3 or 4, and dedicated a full server to myself correct Can anybody recommend another site that would improve suit my needs or should I stick with HG
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free .info registration  (16 Views)
Unpopularity of .info domains seems to have taken them to new heights of promotion. Tare now available (at free for the first year of registration.
Despite my usual dislike of them I'm actually considering getting a couple of those...
The power of a good deal...
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Please check my .info domains: insuranse debt consolidation wine, remorgage..  (22 Views)

Just regged these, what do u think:
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can some body please help me? dedicated host - all sites down - ips messed up  (8 Views)
I am executing WHM + cPanel and all of the IPs are messed up
my sites
these are on seperate IPs
respectively and nothing is working can somebody pls, pls assist
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us or info ?  (6 Views)
I come from chinaI did not know likes us or info in ur countryBecause I need to register a INFO domain name,but US has not registered.
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Ur opinions pls.
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info domains in my registerfly account that I do not remember registering  (15 Views)
I have over 50 domains registered by Registerfly. All of a sudden I have 3 .info domains listed that I do not remember registering. I really do not have an interest in .info domains. The three domains happen to be ones that I have both the .com and .net registered, and now all of a sudden it displays .info as well. Now Here is the tricky part - all 3 of those .info domains expire on Sept 24. I checked all of my transaction reports, comprising the order history in the Registerfly reports, and there is no order record for those domains. I know that thave been promoting low cost .info domains lately, as a set of registrars have, so I am assuming there hasn't been much interest.
Now this is going to sound nutty, but do u think this could be a ploy to receive me to register (renew) .info domains that I'd not have normally have ordered
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lookup domain registration info  (16 Views)
How do I look for domain registration and related info of a site
is there any site that i can go for to lookup this info
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Looking for High Bandwidth Host [shared vps ded] for file hotlinking  (5 Views)
I am looking for a host that can offer a minimum of 500GB bandwidth a month. I only need to use the server to hold larger video files for my site to pull [hotlink] from.
I do not need PHP databasing, nothing... just STORAGE and BANDWIDTH.
Anybody have any ideas [for a reasonable price]
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I just ordered is it nice
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Faster dns updates for .info  (15 Views)
Is it correct that dns updates for .info (and .biz) propagates by the internet much faster than for .com net org Why Any other tlds with the same dns edit speed
I guess I remember somebody saying some thing like that sometime back but can not find it.
Moved a .info domain yesterday and the domain pointed to the new server within the hour.
Found some thing related to this on the and sites :
From http: faqs for_reg...al_registrar#b
How often are .INFO DNS zones edited Updates to the zone info will be created automatically every five minutes. These updates will reflect any modifications additions, or deletions to the registry that have been made by the registrars during that time period. Only changes that have been committed to the db will be reflected in the zone info edit.
From http: why_biz index.html
Technology. Why wait up to 72 hours for ur Web address to activate .BIZ offers real-time registration, so u can open for business immediately.
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Register (up to) 25 FREE .info domains   (17 Views)
http: recently has a special where tlet u register up to 25 .INFO domain names... for free I came across this offer when updating my site with engrossing domain webmaster goodies; (so) I'm not affiliated with NameSecure or anything.

Yours In Success
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