Vb6.0: Saving images or picture to an access db

How do I saved image to an access db so that a folder in Application.Path wil hold all the images. If i take the software to another system i will be able to fetch the images. Also a code snippet to do Filecopy i mean backup and restore a db in vb6.0.
Display them with a sample code.
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convert vb6.0 exe to source code snippet snippet  (2 Views)

I have lost my vb6.0 source code snippet. Could anybody tell if there is a way to convert exe to source code.
Applaud any assistance.
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Trapping error in vb6.0(on error goto Err: not working)  (5 Views)
i having an error message in my adodb connection using mysql odbc driver I am being disconnected to the server because the serving is timeout or too busy,i need to trap the error to close and open the connection again, to resolve the difficulty and refresh the connection, but the on error statement does not trap the error, pls assist on this, i used the on error statement several times and it did a great job but on this one i do not know why it isn't working,
heres my code snippet:
Dim msg As String
On Error GoTo Err:
Record_Type = "Products"
DeleteRecords = False
PassAddproduct = True
Frame5.Caption = "Copying Product Stock Db Record Stage " & Stage & " of " & StageTotal & ""
If Resume_Copy = True Then
ResumeBatchrowset = Startrowset Mod 1000
ResumeBatchrowset = 1000 - Val(ResumeBatchrowset)
sSql = "SELECT FIRST " & ResumeBatchrowset & " SKIP " & Startrowset & " * FROM STOCK WHERE INACTIVED ='" & "F" & "' AND CATEGORYCODE <> '" & "OWN" & "' AND Stockname <> '" & "F&N CONDENSED MILK 300ML" & "'"
Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
rs.Open sSql, Cn, adOpenStatic

If rs.RecordCount = 0 Then
End If
End If
'If Resume_Copy = False Then

'End If
Do While rs.EOF = False


Stockname = Replace(rs.Fields Stockname, "'", "''")
ProductGroup = Replace(rs.Fields groupcode, "'", "''")

StockCode = rs.Fields StockCode
Code = rs.Fields StockCode

Sql = "Insert into tblproduct (product_code ,product_name ,Category ,product_group ," _
& "unit ,unit1 ,unit2 ,unit3, num, num1, num2, num3, " _
& "price, price1, price2, price3) Values ('" _
& rs.Fields StockCode & "','" & Stockname & "','" _
& rs.Fields categorycode & "','" & ProductGroup & "','" _
& rs.Fields uom & "','" & rs.Fields uom1 & "','" & rs.Fields uom2 & "','" & rs.Fields uom3 & "' ," _
& 1 & ", " & rs.Fields uom1rate & ", " & rs.Fields uom2rate & ", " & rs.Fields uom3rate & ", " _
& rs.Fields listprice & ", " & rs.Fields uom1unitprice & ", " & rs.Fields uom2unitprice & ", " & rs.Fields uom3unitprice & ");"

Conn.Execute (Sql)
ProgressBar1.Value = ProgressBar1.Value + 1
Label7.Caption = Int(ProgressBar1.Value * 100 ProgressBar1.Max) & " Completed"
Label8.Caption = "Copying: " & Stockname


If Not CopyID = 0 Then

Sql = "DELETE FROM tbluncopy_batch WHERE id = " & CopyID & ""
MdbConn.Execute (Sql)
Resume_Copy = False
CopyID = 0

End If


Totalrecords = Totalrecords + 1


If Totalrecords = TotalMax Then
End If

Call Stock_Update
Err:Err.ClearIf Conn.State = adStateOpen Then
Conn.CloseSet Conn = NothingCall Connect_clientdb If Not IsWebConnected(msg) Then
MsgBox "You've been disconnected to the Webserver", vbExclamation + vbOKOnly
End If
'errorSql = "SELECT * FROM tbluncopy_batch"
Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
rs.Open Sql, MdbConn, adOpenStaticIf rs.RecordCount = 1 Then

CopyID = rs.Fields ID
Code = rs.Fields Code
UsedTotalRecords = True
Resume_Copy = True
Startrowset = rs.Fields Startrowset
Stage = rs.Fields Stage

GoTo UpdateAgain
Code = StockCode
Sql = "INSERT INTO tbluncopy_batch(code, record_type, startrowset, stage, status)VALUES ('" & Code & "','" & Record_Type & "', '" _
& Totalrecords & "','" & Stage & "', '" & "Incomplete" & "')"
MdbConn.Execute (Sql)
Sql = "SELECT * FROM tbluncopy_batch WHERE record_type = '" & "Products" & "' AND status = '" & "Incomplete" & "'"

Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset

rs.Open Sql, MdbConn, adOpenStatic

Trapping error in vb6.0(on error goto Err: not working)
why does the on error statement does not trap the error in vb6.0

If rs.RecordCount = 0 Then
End If CopyID = rs.Fields ID
Code = rs.Fields Code
UsedTotalRecords = True
Resume_Copy = True
Startrowset = rs.Fields Startrowset
Stage = rs.Fields Stage

GoTo UpdateAgain

End If
End Ifhope u can assist me on this, is there some thing wrong with the construction of the code, or what, thank u so much
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How do I find the comm port from device manager in vb6.0  (21 Views)
can any body tell me how can i i find the port of device manager in vb6.0Pls
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How can I make public properties of dll converted to vb6.0 show  (6 Views)
I took my time an desinged and VB.Net dll that I want to use in VB.Net. I used regasm test.dll tlb: test.dll it was successful. Then I reference it but I could not view any of the public property. Pls I want a assist.
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Seting a bold font in vb6.0 datagrid cell  (65 Views)
i got a silly question i got this code snippet that i fill some data grid with some value I want to do the text in specify cell with a bold font but i receive error message : .cell(.Rows 3).Font.Bold =
Here's the code i gues It's some thing i miss assist me please
If bEXIT Then
.cell(.Rows, 1).text = .Rows
.cell(.Rows, 2).text = RS3.Fields("serial").Value
.cell(.Rows, 2).Font.Bold = True
.cell(.Rows, 3).text = RS3.Fields("name").Value
.cell(.Rows, 3).Font.Bold = True
.cell(.Rows, 8).text = QTYP * Mult
best wishes
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Refresh screen in vb6.0  (15 Views)
hi..... I am interfacing pin 10 and pin 11 of the db-25 parallel port. using inpout32.dll my pc detects the value of pin 10 as 63 when grounded. the value of pin 11 is 255 on the other.every time the value of the pin changes another form will be loaded. But when i EXIT from the form that is loaded due to the pin alter, my pc stops replying.. Here is my code snippet
Option Explicit
Dim Value As Integer
Dim PortAddress As Integer
Private Sub cmdWriteToPort_Click()
'Write a byte to a port, read it back,
'& display the result.

End Sub
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Command1.Enabled = True
Unload Me
End Sub
Private Sub Form_Load()
'Test program for inpout32.dll
Value = 0
'Alter this value to match the port to write to:
'(Usual parallel-port addresses are &h378, &h278, &h3BC)
PortAddress = 889
End Sub
Sub port()
Value = 127
Text1.Text = "127"
Do Until Value = 255
If Text1.Text = "63" Then
Unload Me
ElseIf Value = "255" Then
Unload Me
End If
Sleep 100
Out PortAddress, Value
Text1.Text = Inp(PortAddress)
Value = Value + 1
If Value = 255 Then
Value = 0
End If
End Sub
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image printing in data report by using vb6.0  (117 Views)

i want to print picture image in data report with various photos while loading and printing
while printing it displays same image in all rows. how can i load the corresponding picture and make it printing
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Out Of Memory in vb6.0 appliaction  (8 Views)

i ahve devloped a software in vb6.o that is executing at least 200 clients from last 3 years but heare from last 2 months tare getting out of memory error message
why It's going on assist me
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show report for the searched item in access via vb6.0  (14 Views)
I'm doing a project in vb6.0. But I've some difficulties in datareport and inputbox.
I'm using vb6.0 and MS Access. I linked both this by using Addins Manager.
here are my doubts. Pls assist me out.
* If i typed a employeeID no, in a input box, i wana my project to display a datareport only for that employeeID. that is it should show all related fields of that employeeID.
*second, I'm getting date as search item in my project. I wish to know if the user has entered a correct date. If the format of the date is wrong, it should show an error. How can i do this
* If a user click cancel button in an inputbox, no operation should be performed. i wana solution for this also. Recently if i clicked cancel button in the inputbox, it shows an error "Type mismatch; Object record"
Pls provide immediate solutions for this.
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images compression in vb6.0  (21 Views)
i wana bulk amount of images in folderso i wana compress the images and insert in to MS access data base pls can someone send the code snippet
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How do I make exe in vb6.0?  (6 Views)
I need to know that how can i make exe in vb6.0 If I use VB as front end and oracle as back end then how can i exe execute on another system that hasn't.
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all vb6.0 builtin functions and there use  (9 Views)
vb6.0 all builtin functions and there use in programming
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multi user environment code snippet snippet for vb6.0 with ms-access database project  (2 Views)
I'm doing one project in vb6.0 with ms-access 2003 environment
i'm using single user code snippet only
i wana code for multi user access code using these platform
and another questions is
how to print the image file using vb6.0 coding.
please assist me its so urgent
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How do I display image or picture data in vb6.0 form from ms-access2003   (8 Views)
How can i show image or picture data in vb6.0 form from ms-access2003 db using vb6.0 coding
How can i insert image or picture data in ms-access db's tablePlease assist me
Its so urgent for meAdvance
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Can I get source code snippet snippet from exe of vb6.0 software?  (3 Views)
Can I receive source code snippet from exe of vb6.0 software
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EXIT vb6.0  (26 Views)
hello...i need to EXIT entirely from vb software upon clicking a command button that i will generate... pls post the codes.
thanx in advance.
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code snippet snippet vb6.0 taskmanager  (28 Views)
I need to write code snippet that can proccess to Taskmanager and how can i write code to end proccess some program that execute on TaskManager.
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How do I open the tiff file in vb6.0  (16 Views)
how to open the tiff file
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connectivity with exl and vb6.0  (6 Views)
connectivity with exl and vb6.0
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Debugging a vb6.0 Activex dll(MTS) from Classic Asp page  (9 Views)
I am a newcomer in ASP & VB 6.0i am working on a project that involves both vb 6.0 and ASP, the difficulty i am facing
now is I've a vb 6.0 activex dll that has some functionalities,after generating the virtual directory for my asp page it uses the dll functionalities ,it gives a error message (not able to generate Object),now i need to debug the dll by the Asp page i am browsing everytime.i googled many times but still not able to find a way to solve this
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