i want a suggestion for generate a resistance color calculator in
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2 question on  (3 Views)
First I would like to generate line chart, pie chart and bar chart using of visual studio 2005.
Second question is I would like to copy many data into datagridview from microsoft office tools such as access or excel using shortcut key 'ctrl+C' and 'ctrl+V'.
Any suggested code snippet to do the 2 functions above with out installing extra tools
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any body please listview update in
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accessing data from access to form  (2 Views)

Private Sub btnsave_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnsave.Click
'If inc <> -1 Then
Dim cb As New OleDb.OleDbCommandBuilder(da)
Dim dsNewRow As DataRow
dsNewRow = ds.Tables("intecisdb1").NewRow()
dsNewRow.item("no") = txtsno.Text
dsNewRow.item("name") = txtName.Text
dsNewRow.item("location") = txtLocation.Text
dsNewRow.item("email") = txtEmail.Text
dsNewRow.item("cellno") = txtCellno.Text
dsNewRow.item("skills") = txtSkills.Text
dsNewRow.item("workingat") = txtWorkingat.Text
dsNewRow.item("cexp") = txtCexp.Text
dsNewRow.item("rexp") = txtRexp.Text
dsNewRow.item("cctc") = txtCctc.Text
dsNewRow.item("ectc") = txtEctc.Text
dsNewRow.item("rname") = txtRname.Text
dsNewRow.item("remarks") = txtRemarks.Text
da.Edit(ds, "intecisdb1")
MsgBox("New Record added to the Db")
btnsave.Enabled = False
btnadd.Enabled = True
btnUpdate.Enabled = True
btnDelete.Enabled = True
'End If
End Sub
i got an error message at the time of execution . please assist to slove my difficulty.thanku
Mod Update: Please use code snippet tags when posting ur code. Code tags are used like so =>
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How do I Create a video file from frames in  (7 Views)
I got like 1200 frames and I want to make a video How do I do this
maybe .avi 640x480 Where can i search for the code snippet
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display data in controls from datagridview in 2.0  (13 Views)
How can I disaplay the following:
when I click a row in datagridview the textbox or any other control in a form should show the related data for eg:
the datagridview has the following columns:
itemid qty, rate, unit, total
with n number of rows in total
so when I click on say row(0) (or any cell in that particular row) of the datagridview, the control in the form say txtboxqty must show the data of qty of the selected row.
( 2.0)
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MySQL and programming  (6 Views)
I'm a newbie in db programming using MySQL but i'm used to sql server. I wish to know how can i insert data into a mysql db using
I'm attempting to save a picture into a db and Here's my source code snippet
'putting a picture into a picturebox
If StudentPictureBox.image Is Nothing Then
End If
Dim ms As MemoryStream = New MemoryStream
StudentPictureBox.image.Save(ms System.Drawing.Imaging.imageFormat.Jpeg)
'converting it
Dim bytBlobData(ms.Length - 1) As Byte
ms.Position = 0
ms.Read(bytBlobData, 0, ms.Length)
Dim DatabaseParameter As New MySql.Data.MySqlclient.MySqlParameter("@BlobData", MySql.Data.MySqlclient.MySqlDbType.Blob, bytBlobData.Length, ParameterDirection.Input, False, 0, 0, Nothing, DataRowVersion.Current, bytBlobData)
'connecting to the db
Dim ConnectionString As String = "server=localhost; user id =root;password=root;database=picturedb;"
Dim QueryString As String = "INSERT INTO blobtest(BlobData) VALUES(@BlobData)"
myConnection = New MySql.Data.MySqlclient.MySqlConnection
myConnection.ConnectionString = ConnectionString
myCommand = New MySql.Data.MySqlclient.MySqlCommand
myCommand.CommandText = QueryString
myCommand.Connection = myConnection
Catch CommandError As MySql.Data.MySqlclient.MySqlException
End Tryit keeps giving me an error message saying that there is some thing wrong with the command control
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How do I access mft record in  (4 Views)
i need to access this driver ntfs file system this name space .i don't know how can i access that Pls friendz any hints.
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How do I create specific number of buttons at runtime in  (3 Views)
who can assist me
i want to make buttons at runtime using In my form have 1 textbox and 1 button. at runtime when we input number in textbox than click ok the button will generate follow in textbox and this value it remeber when we execute again the buttons will load follow the last number in textbox, when we input new number in textbox it equate small or big than last value. if big add. for location like this
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
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printing and  (5 Views)

I must admit I getting a little bit fed up now but... I want to produce printed output from a vb software.
I have tried printform but this is too limited as u can't exceed the screen resolution of the PC that the software is executing and the results differ b/w XP and vista anyway.
I have tried integrating with word but this is slow and clumsy and if using word simultaneously as executing the application causes spurious results.
I have version 11 of crystal reports that appearantly can't be integrated with visual studio.
I have looked at visual studios report template but I'm afraid I have absolutely no solution where to start with it and can't find any tutorials that assist.
The sorts of reports I need to produce are delivery notes invoices and more...
So I think my difficulty is... what is using to produce printed documents from visual studio 2005 express
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Asking about using c++ header from  (4 Views)
i need to ask about using c++ header file from vb..Are there any reference how can i use itShould i convert it
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wamp server database connectivity in  (19 Views)
I've this code snippet that is attempting to connect to my db on wampserver in microsoft visual studio 2008 but there is an error from the sql server contained in the Ms visual studio saying i can not connect to a remote db.this is my code:what could be the difficultyImports System.Data.Sqlclient
Public Class frmpatientreg
Dim ds As New DataSet()
Dim x As Integer = 0
Private Sub frmpatientreg_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

Dim con As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection("Server=Localhost;Db=sfprms; Uid=root; pwd=;")
Dim sql As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM patients", con)
con.Open() Dim DataAdapter1 As SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter(sql)
Dim cb As SqlCommandBuilder = New SqlCommandBuilder(DataAdapter1)

Dim ds As New DataSet()
DataAdapter1.Fill(ds, "patients")
MessageBox.Display("Connected ")
Catch myerror As SqlException
MessageBox.Display("Error Connecting to Db: ")
con.Close() End Try
End SubThis post has been updated by JackOfAllTrades: 17 March 2010 - 02:08 PMReason for update:: Added code tags. Pls [code]...PUT YOUT CODE IN HERE ...[ code]
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How do I add buttons on datagridview with & access  (1 Views)
View I've a table with id,name and setting on the datagridview, and I need to add button - "setting" on the third column each row.
1. how do u add the buttons on the third column
2. how do u add the buttons on the third column automatically when the new db is adding in.
View Replies ! 2005 connectivity with sql server 2000  (5 Views)
i m developing a windows software.I m getting various bugs for db connection please assist me...........
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databinding with dataset in - example  (4 Views)

Dim Text1 as New Button() 'represents a button on ur form
Text1.text = 1'The tag value can be set in the Properties window for ur control
sdaCustomers.SelectCommand.Parameters("@LocationId").Value = CInt(text1.text)
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help to convert from c++ to  (5 Views)
for all
Okad I want to convert this program from C++ for Visual Introductory Dot Net
I developed the language C++ but do not know much the language of Visual Introductory Dot Net so hopefully assist me
program is in the annexes(attach)
Attached File(s)convert c++ to (6.65K)
Number of downloads: 101
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Using js script in  (1 Views)
I've a great arithmetic code snippet written in javascript (js) file. I just thought if there is any way by that i can use js functions with out converting complete algorithm in
I'd be so grateful for your good responses.
MAP Tiger
VB.NET programmer & Developer
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even numbers  (1 Views)

this satyanarayana from chennai
basic level program i need to construct in some error message occcured for that please correct it my code snippet
if (number 2 == 0) Then
Console.WriteLine("The even numbers 2 to 100 are:{0} ", number)
End If
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How do I put data from a sql table in a crystal report in  (4 Views)
I am attempting to use crystal reports.i do all the steps for retriveing data from a sql table and put them in a crystal report but when i execute the software only the name of columns are in Crystal report no data on it.
can anyone assist me
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wana help in  (1 Views)
how to close one form and open other form.I am not getting in that button event It's to be written.Pls assist.
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Wana help with a project(screen adjusting)  (3 Views)
I am in a class right now and We're working on a program in a group. We're working on the program on various computers and we ran into a difficulty with the screen size. When our form loads, some of It's cut off on a smaller monitor. Is there any method to have check the resolution and auto adjust it
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