The latest news and info regarding .tv deal b/w verisign and Tuvalu?

I am invested in a .tv domain name. I keep on hearing various things about it like "DO NOT INVEST " or "Sure, provide it a shot " I have also read that the agreement b/w Verisign and Tuvalu ends soon and the contract will be renegotiated in 2012, that could mean a dramatic price increase for .tv owners.
What do u think any new, official information out there placed this year I am concerned that I will waste years advertising my .tv domain name...
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Can I request a transfer with out the original registrant contact info?  (13 Views)
I have been constantly attempting to contact the registrant of a domain name that isn't being used. I understand that if I request a transfer tmust approve or deny it within 5 days or it will be transferred regardless (according to ICaNN rules)
Since this person isn't replying and their contact e-mails do not work, I am thinking about requesting the transfer just to view if they approve it.
It seems wrong that this person it just "sitting" on the domain name, with out any proper contact info, and with out replying to anyone. That is why I amay just go ahead and "attempt" the transfer but I am uncertain if this is the wrong thing to do...their domain name has been set to "UNLOCKED" for months now.
Thanks for ur advice.

Originally Placed by James-aDoes the whois for the domain name not list contact details of the person It's registered for
That could be whois is protected. That is pretty common for all domain names these days.
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.info VS .edu?  (18 Views)
In coming up with a possible domain name for an research source database for a specific topic I am left with a decision b/w extensions: .info or .edu. (I do not want to use any country specific extensions just because I find them annoying and I have no chance of getting .com .net .org, nor do I want their associated traffic.)
I know some extensions are reserved for special purposes, like .mobi for mobile sites, and I was admiring if there are any restrictions on either .info or .edu.
I always think of universities and research schools using .edu, so it might be kind of a stretch to apply it to my research site. But are there actually any restrictions on who can use .edu On the other hand, .info would be ideal in concept, but I amay not be able to obtain that particular url and so .edu seems to be the best backup choice.
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what .info so cheap?  (10 Views)

godaddy is offering .info's just for $1.07..
why tare going so cheap
are their seo not good
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client is does not know their FTP info?  (16 Views)
I was hired by a client to make some changes for their web site I asked them for their FTP login info, tdon't know what that is, I asked them to ask their hosting provider, they told me who their hosting provider is and asked me to ask them myself. So I did and the hosting provider said that the domain I am asking for isn't pointing to their servers. They gave me FTP access for the account I requested and comparing the files I am seeing when I FTP are not the files that I view when I visit the web site. So at this point I am totally confused, I don't know what to tell the client.
What should I do How can I tell who is actually hosting the web site
Please assist.
, If u can display up the domain name I believe people on the SP will be able to assist u with that.
View Replies ! just sold on sedo for $4520   (13 Views)
I own
http: auction auctio...ed=&partnerid=
It was not too long ago where I was in contact with the owner of and he wanted to sell it to me for $500 but unfortunately could not afford it and kept putting it off Now I am really kicking myself
I own the following good backpacking names... man I would like I had of bought a while back for $500
These are my backpacking names.
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is it legal for the registrar to share my info with third party?  (11 Views)
is it legal for the registrar like to share ur contact info and ur email to a third party
I ran into a domain transfer difficulty so I emailed a couple of days later I did not get any email from them but I get an email from a guy (whose email did not say it was from but gmail instead) and said that my domain expired and he registered it. If I want to purchase it back I'd do the transfer by with escrow.
But I am 99.9 sure that the domain is lock in my name until July 2008. Is he lying and try to scam me Is it legal for to share my info By this guy
Please assist
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What are the latest and top web hosting?  (10 Views)
I have just started combining these type of forums because I am planning to set up another website and I think that it would really assist if i enter these forums to have a improve judgement and make the best choice. I have had my other hostings from go daddy and midphase but i wasnt relly happy with the results and the downtime... I have read some forums about globat if im not mistaken my web developer has made me a website from globat for almost a year and we had minor difficulties. please post ur comments and suggesttions.
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How long time to see changes in whois info ?  (4 Views)
How long time will it take to view the update on whois info at whois.domaintools and places like that
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vps info - all messed up  (7 Views)
I guess virtualization is dividing server into several virtual machines ...
then what is open vz what is hyper vm, what is virtuzzo , what is xen
what other software and type of virtualization are there
and where are these things overlapping
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any info. on Flash Streaming Media host  (7 Views) does flash streaming media features unlimited connections, and redundant servers.
Has been around for a while and is a Macromedia alliance Partner but I cant find any feedback on them anywhere.
anyone have any information
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free .info registration  (16 Views)
Unpopularity of .info domains seems to have taken them to new heights of promotion. Tare now available (at free for the first year of registration.
Despite my usual dislike of them I am actually considering getting a couple of those...
The power of a good deal...
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Name for newssite: wich domain to select?  (13 Views)
I want to make a international newssite where I aggregate various RSS-newsfeeds so that one can se headlines of many various newssources.
I do have a few domain names:
Wich one would u select
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Please check my .info domains: insuranse debt consolidation wine, remorgage..  (24 Views)

Just regged these, what do u think:
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us or info ?  (7 Views)
I come from chinaI did not know likes us or info in ur countryBecause I want to register a INFO domain name,but US has not registered.
View Replies !  (12 Views)
Ur opinions please.
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Looking for a newsletter host  (11 Views)
I was earlier using netatlantic but I have had difficulties with them and want to move to another host. I have a large list (100,000) and wish to use lyris.
Does anyone have any reccommendation
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info domains in my registerfly account that I do not remember registering  (16 Views)
I have over 50 domains registered by Registerfly. All of a sudden I have 3 .info domains listed that I do not remember registering. I really do not have an interest in .info domains. The three domains happen to be ones that I have both the .com and .net registered, and now all of a sudden it displays .info as well. Now Here is the tricky part - all 3 of those .info domains expire on Sept 24. I checked all of my transaction reports, comprising the order history in the Registerfly reports, and there is no order record for those domains. I know that thave been promoting low cost .info domains lately, as a set of registrars have, so I am assuming there hasn't been much interest.
Now this is going to sound nutty, but do u think this could be a ploy to receive me to register (renew) .info domains that I'd not have normally have ordered
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lookup domain registration information  (16 Views)
how can i look for domain registration and related information of a site
is there any site that i can go for to lookup this information
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I just ordered is it nice
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Faster dns updates for .info  (16 Views)
Is it correct that dns updates for .info (and .biz) propagates by the internet much faster than for .com net org Why any other tlds with the same dns update speed
I guess I remember somebody saying some thing like that a while ago but can't find it.
Moved a .info domain yesterday and the domain pointed to the new server within the hour.
Found some thing related to this on the and sites :
From http: faqs for_reg...al_registrar#b
How often are .INFO DNS zones updated Updates to the zone information will be generated automatically every five minutes. These updates will reflect any modifications additions, or deletions to the registry that have been made by the registrars during that time period. Only changes that have been committed to the database will be reflected in the zone info edit.
From http: why_biz index.html
Technology. Why wait up to 72 hours for ur Web address to activate .BIZ offers real-time registration, so u can open for business immediately.
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