RDLC only displaying one row of 3 in dataset

. I'm using 2008 with the rdlc used for reporting. Difficulty is the recordet has 3 rows in it but the report is only displaying one row. Here's my code snippet for loading:
rvDisplay.ProcessingMode = Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ProcessingMode.Local
rvDisplay.LocalReport.ReportEmbeddedResource = "StockCertificates.rptCompanies.rdlc"
Dim rdsAllCompanies As New Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportDataSource("dsReportsPreset_dtCompaniesReport" modGlobals.SCA_DATA.Tables("tblrptAllCompanies"))
rvDisplay.DocumentMapCollapsed = True
I have checked to make sure the stored procedure used to receive the data is returning 3. I have checked by the msgbox that the dataset has 3 rows prior to binding. Any solutions what and where I have gone wrong
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I have a store procedure that brings back 12 rows of data each time. I want to show this data in the report.rdlc what is the best and easiest way to do this
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Where is the Data info on a rdlc?   (6 Views)
I am generating some reports with VS 2010. I can not use Crystal for this particular solution so I am using rdlc reports.
Using the wizzard is no difficulty but when I try to generate from scratch or alter the data source, I can not find where to do that.
can u assist me
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Re: populating rdlc reports from data in a form OR data from an MDF table(s)   (3 Views)
I have an easy windows form that I want to send the values of many textboxes and comboboxes to an rdlc report after saving them (I have VS 2005 standard, so no crystal reports) - it is given bellow:
1 form
3 textboxes - textbox1, textbox2, textbox3
1 label - label1
1 combobox - combobox1
5 buttons - button1, button2, button3, button4, button 5
the textboxes are labeled length, width, height
the combobox is labled unit of measure and contains two options - inches or centimetres
the label has text of "your total cubic inches centimetres is:" - followed by the unit of measure selected.
the buttons are labeled save, calculate, print, print preview, and EXIT
Having told all of the above, the save, calculate and EXIT button code snippet is easy enough and is good to go - it is print and print preview I am stuck on
- the solution I am after is to take those values and send them to an rdlc report that immediately prints (calls up the default printer dialogue) with out preview or anything when the print button is clicked and also have a print preview function as well for when of course the print preview button is clicked. The report has already been generated with the titles mentioned above....
so to sum up: I am looking for the capability to fetch values that have been saved earlier to a table and send them directly to a report or preview them.
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.rdlc custom tooltip text   (18 Views)
Can anobody tell me how can i alter tooltip text on reportviewer component in I want to alter the language of the text.
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.rdlc More than one Generic collections   (4 Views)
everyone. I'm attempting to generate a report with more than one data sources but I've had little to no success. Bellow is my code snippet. Pls assist.
This collects the data and opens the form having the report.
Private Sub MaterialListToolStripMenuitem_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MaterialListToolStripMenuitem.Click
Me.Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor
Dim EstItm = From Estimate_item In Me.Database.Estimate_items _
Where Estimate_item.Est_Link = Me.EstID _
Join citem In Me.Database.items_Customs On citem.ID Equals Estimate_item.item_Link _
Join iLink In Me.Database.items_Links On iLink.Custom Equals Estimate_item.item_Link _
Join sitem In Me.Database.items_Singles On sitem.ID Equals iLink.Single _
Select sitem.ID, sitem.item_Name, sitem.Price, iLink.Single_Count, citem.Unit, _
Estimate_item.X1, Estimate_item.X2, Estimate_item.Y1, Estimate_item.Y2
Dim params(0) As Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter
params(0) = New Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("rpHeader", "(Job Name) Material List")
With frmReportViewer
.bsEst_items.DataSource = EstItm
End With
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
Me.Cursor = Cursors.Default
End Sub
The trouble is that the fields in my data source are not available at runtime (from the joins). If I could set the Expression for the text boxes at runtime that would be great.
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[2005] Report (*.rdlc) designing   (20 Views)

This is the first time I am using report viewer but I've a difficulty to use it. My difficulty are:
1. How can i set parameter into the report design file.
Example: when i click a button i want to set a parameter in page header.
2. Probably next time i will have it. Hehehe
Probably this is the bad question for u, but could teach me how can i solved my difficulty. Cause i can't continue the other things with out solved this difficulty.
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generating reports (rdlc type) in VB 2005   (5 Views)
Any links or documentation for generating reports (rdlc) in VB 2005
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report.rdlc How do I code snippet snippet   (13 Views)
I am new one with report tools in VB 2008. I develop a form named form2 in that i generate a report viewer and also add a report1.rdlc.
Now i drag a text box and write expression like
=now() it gives me 7 18 2011 time PM
But i wana only date in DD MM YYYY i read assist and found
Second in an other text box i need to set the text from form 1 that have three radio buttons if radio1 is checked then text box displays its text if radio2 is checked then textbox displays its text. How i full fill that job
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rdlc Report and Table How do I populate   (32 Views)
I need to design a report .rdlc in vb 2008. In individual textboxes set the data by passing parameters sucessfully. But now i stucked at one point.
I have a datagrid see with 21 rows and 2 columns.
I drag a table on the report. But i do not know how i set the data in it.
Pls assist me how i populate the table in report from datagrid
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Re: Dynamic rdlc report   (6 Views)
to all.
I've been googling around to find a way to dynamically assign a DataSet to an rdlc report but i was not able to find a clear method to do it.
Does anybody know if there is a way I end up attempting to use this method because i also found no way of adding parameters to the rdlc report. The VS documentation is vague on this problem...
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Help on rdlc report printing   (22 Views)
to everyone.
I have an rdlc report that is printing fine by the ReportViewer. The report look like this:Code snippet:
Header: Report Title
Field1 Field2 Field3
Page #
Actually the reports prints all pages no matter the contents of Field2. What I want to do is to print a page each time the content of Field2 changes (Field2 is db unique).
I've been googling around since yesterday but was not able to find a solution.
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Re: Refresh Data in rdlc report   (9 Views)

I generate a small vb 2008 Windows Form software that pick data from SQL 2005 and show in rdlc report.
Report creation and initial data load is fine.. but when i do any alter to data and when i pull the report again, it does not getting refresh and still displays the old data.
when i close entire software and execute again, report receive refresh and data is correct.
please assist....
I'm newbie to .net platform.
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Re: Custom code snippet snippet for rdlc report   (17 Views)

In my report I need to show the dollar amoumt in textboxs.
So I set the textbox property Format as currency.
My difficulty is that I need to reports display brackets for negative dollar values. It works out except "$" sign being displaying whenever there''s an amount displaying. I need to remove this "$" sign from the report.
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Dynamically assign ReportViewer to .rdlc   (11 Views)

I have a form with one Report Viewer control on it. I would like to use this single form to show ALL of my software's reports.
I am looking for a method that will let me to assign the rdlc file table adapter and rebind the datasource at runtime.
I've tried different methods but can't receive it working. It sounds easy enough but is now driving me crazy
Any assistance out there
Sample code snippet greatly appreciated.
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How do I display the rows and columns generated by SQL query in rdlc report dynamically   (6 Views)
How can i show the rows and columns created by SQL query in rdlc report dynamically.
I first generated the .rdlc file and then add tables and then Column Names to show. Now i don't need to design the .rdlc file and i wanted to fill the .rdlc file with the number of columns and rows returned by SQL Server.
Can anybody provide me solution how can i do it I'm using the code snippet like this as shown given below.
Dim strQry = "select CompanyNameAddress,Address1,City,State,Zip,Teleph one,E-mail from Company"
Dim reportPath = "MyReportApplication.reportCompany.rdlc"
Dim sReportDataSource As ReportDataSource
ds = New DataSet()
dataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter(strQry, conn)
dataAdapter.Fill(ds, "TestDataBase")
rdlcViewer.LocalReport.ReportEmbeddedResource = reportPath
sReportDataSource = New ReportDataSource()
sReportDataSource.Name = "Testdb_Company"
sReportDataSource.Value = ds.Tables(0)
rdlcViewer.LocalReport.DataSources.add(sReportData Source)
rdlcViewer.Dock = DockStyle.Fill
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Display image on rdlc report viewer  (39 Views)

I've difficulty in displaying image on my rdlc (Microsoft Report Viewer) report. I took picture box on my report and made its properties as SOURCE=EXTERNAL VALUE=Parameters Path.value where Path is my Report Parameter.
Given below is the code snippet to show image on Report load event:
Dim paramList1 As New Generic.List(Of ReportParameter)
paramList1.add(New ReportParameter("Path", "+ images CPC.jpg"))
I'm facing difficulty on the second line of my code i.e. " + images CPC.jpg"
please assist me, I'm stuck here.
Following is the error message:
Conversion from string " images CPC.jpg" to type 'Double' isn't valid.
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Adding a rdlc report to an existing Excel file  (8 Views)
This may be a lengthy explaination but I'm hoping to make myself clear.
I have an existing Excel file that is generated using the following code snippet: Dim warnings() As Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.Warning = Nothing
Dim streamids() As String = Nothing
Dim mimeType As String = Nothing
Dim encoding As String = Nothing
Dim extension As String = Nothing
Dim bytes() As Byte
Dim fileLocation As String = My.Settings.location & " CofA-" & palletNumLBL.Text & ".xls"
If File.Exists(fileLocation) Then
'do stuff
End If
bytes = ReportViewer1.LocalReport.Render("Excel", Nothing, mimeType, encoding, extension, streamids, warnings)
Dim fs As New FileStream(fileLocation, FileMode.Create)
fs.Write(bytes, 0, bytes.Length)
I also have code that adds datagridview data to the file one worksheet at a time using the following format: 'define the software
Dim excelApp As New Excel.ApplicationClass
'define the workbook
Dim WkBk As Excel.Workbook = excelApp.Workbooks.Open(e.Argument, 0, False, 5, "", "", False, Excel.XlPlatform.xlWindows, "", True, False, 0, True, False, False)
If File.Exists(e.Argument) Then
'make it invisible to the user
excelApp.Visible = False
'Create some worksheets
Dim summary, box, slit, lab, master, StandardCoA As Excel.Worksheet
'add the box sheet to the workbook and rename it
summary = WkBk.Worksheets.Add
summary.Name = "Data Analysis Summary"
'populate the summary sheet with the summary data
exportDGV(QASummary_DGV, summary)
All of the previous code works just fine. What I want to know is, How can I add a worksheet to this file AND populate that sheet with another rdlc report I have tried the following code and it runs with out error message, but it does not populate the sheet with a report nor does it make a new sheet with the report in it: Dim warnings() As Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.Warning = Nothing
Dim streamids() As String = Nothing
Dim mimeType As String = Nothing
Dim encoding As String = Nothing
Dim extension As String = Nothing
Dim bytes() As Byte
Dim fileLocation As String = My.Settings.location & " CofA-" & palletNumLBL.Text & ".xls"
bytes = ReportViewer2.LocalReport.Render("Excel", Nothing, mimeType, encoding, extension, streamids, warnings)
Dim fs As New FileStream(fileLocation, FileMode.Append)
fs.Write(bytes, 0, bytes.Length)

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How do I load a .rdlc report file into the reportviewer in vb'08   (9 Views)
I am having problem loading and displaying my .rdlc report file in my reportviewer. I have been all over the internet and nothing worked.
I think it might be because i am using 2008.
Also I am admiring if there is a click event in Microsoft Reports or in Crystal Reports where I can link certain data in my report to other files in my project eg. form2.vb
Pls assist, it is been 3 days of work and nothing to display....
Thanx in advance
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about repors .rdlc  (6 Views)

I've generated a report.rdlc in
I've generated a table adapter that retrieves patient test reports in the following format
test_date test_name test_result
in a formi binded report to a reportviewer control
everythinh is working
iam able to show first and last records only
I'm not getting how can i show all the records in reportviewer control
please assist me
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Pasing parms between .rdlc files for Drilldown  (11 Views)
For this web based report I wana the user to drilldown to a second report by clicking on an Employee number presented in the deed row of either a report table or a matrix, and then pass that employee number to the Drilldown report to display another table of details just for that employee. I have already set the drillthrough report link properties of the first report (.rdlc) file, and I have set the Parameter property of the target report. It is the VB code snippet to set the parameter that I can't get right.
I can not figure out how can i decently populate this Set Parameter syntax:
Public MustOverride Sub SetParameters(ByVal parameters As System.collections.Generic.IEnumerable(Of Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ReportParameter))
This is what I have so far. Thanks for
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