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I've a RadGrid and an RadAjaxLoadingPanel and wire them together. I select to edit a row of the grid within an Edit Form template and if I click on the edit or cancel buttons of my edit form the RadAjaxLoadingPanel shows as normal. If I click into one of the fields of my edit form and TAB over to the submit or cancel buttons and then click the enter key... the postback occurs and my grid is editd BUT the RadAjaxLoadingPanel never shows.
What's going on here
Posted On: Saturday, September 22, 2012 Total Views: 120
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I figured this out myself.
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I followed your scenario and prepared a sample project that is working as expected. Please give it a try and let me know if it works for you or you want further assistance.
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I reseeed your code snippet and it looks correct to me. I alsotried to replicate the hardy on my side but to no avail. Find attached a sample runnable software which demonstrates the correct functionality of the hardyatic part of your code snippet. Test it locally and verify what the differ
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I seem to have the same hardy even with out toggling Visible. I think mine just has to do with it being used with RadAjaxManager. If you've any thoughts I'd love to hear it.
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I am Yogesh. I am new to with c#. I am working with ajax rad controls.... I wana display a rad message box. also for confirm and alert.
Could anybody assist me to get by this plz.....
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telerik:RadAjaxLoadingPanel ID="RadAjaxLoadingPanel1" runat="server"
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I've a main page that contains several user controls. One user control shows a RadWindow for entering info and then upon close, refreshes a grid via an ajaxRequest. The main page contains the RadWindowManager, RadAjaxManager, and the RadAjaxLoadingPanel.I am able to add a new record and have the gri
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on my button click i use
to generate a text file in code snippet behind on butten click event.
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The RadAjaxLoadingPanel in your scenario isn't configured to be centered on the screen. Please refer to:
http: assist aspnet-ajax ajxcenterloadingpanel.html
http: community code snippet-library aspnet-ajax ajax how-to-make-a-radajaxloadingpanel-span-ove
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i'm using telerik radwindow and radgrid in my page.
when i double click on grid record my pop-up window presented. i have 'Close' asp button on my child page.
i'm calling CloseandRebind() javascript function on 'Close' click. it will refresh my pare not page. RadAjaxmanager shows the lo
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I've a program which refreshes the radgrid once a radWindow closes. I've given the following statement to ajaxify the grid.



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These usercontrols are in an ASPX and I've a masterpage.
When I click a list on top of my page, I wana to edit 3 usercontrol given below and have the ajaxloadingpanel visible on top of eso userc
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Please try to use the ResponseScripts collection in order to register the radAlert. For example:
private void Button1_Click(Object sender, System.EventArgs e)
RadAjaxPanel1.ResponseScripts$PHX$93$PHX$string.Format("alert('from the server Server time is {0}');", DateTime.Now.ToL
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