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Pushing "latest post" from UBB Classic to ASP page

Ok guys wana to find out a way to do this. What I've to do is take the data from the far right rown (latest post) http: cgi-b...ultimatebb.cgi
so this page here.. default.asp. Essentially those forum boxes in the middle rotate on refresh and wana to set it up so that the latest post is displayn there.
Please PM me or E-mail me at if you know how
Thanks a ton
also, i am pretty sure this is impossible since tare two totally various technologies and the posts do not reside within a database... but figured i'd ask.
Posted On: Wednesday, February 06, 2013 Total Views: 7
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It looks some thing like this:
id | news_header | news_content
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The hardys is to now pass all of these to anot
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Public function PagingRecordSet (CmdText, CommandType, objClsADOParameter
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Now as u can al
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Help with Select Cast (Filename)  (7 Views)
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I am uploading Photos Music and Video to my little private site. But for video I Create a form as you can see given below to uplod just text for video like embed code snippet text or flash text. But it will not let me to upload. How I resolve my Select case (Filename) las
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i have a workflow process in place in an organisation, but there is a little hardy requests are supposed to come in from the a receiving officer from which processing can be continued from there, the hardy now is that when new reuests are posted from the receiving officer to the next one to continu
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<form name="team" action="adminteam.asp" method="Poperating systemT">
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<th>First Name<br >Last Name&l
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Cannot copy file: Cannot re
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To e
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CDoperating systemYS Mail in JScript  (10 Views)
I've managed to scag around the internet and find this code snippet posted in a forum way fack in 2004. I've working examples of aspMail written in VBScript but am doing (not by private choice the coding in JScript).
This code snippet seems to be ok apart form the http: schema sections tthrow an
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how can i print from asp  (14 Views)
on my asp page i am displaying list from my database now i wana that page
option. but i don't wana the header & footer of that page.
i used this in my asp page holi.asp where the list is.
View a Printer-Friendly Versio
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I am having some hardys with the code snippet snippet given below. Page 1 lists the contents of a directory outside of IIS. Clicking the links on the file names takes you to page 2 which streams the file. This works just fine for PDF's but when I adjust the content type to PPS or PPT the downlown di
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I've a dynamic asp page that takes input from a url. IE: parts.aspsku=543
From there it looks up the sku in a database and outputs the part info.
Currently if you put in an invalid sku that isn't in my database you just get a Internal server error message.
What is the correct way to giv
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Create Check for Cookie and keep persistent variable for tracking referrals from affs  (9 Views)
How can I track a referral from an affiliate site by a cookie.
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Code: register.asppartner=2005053140046209
I do not know how can i Create check for the cookie and keep the variable persistent across the pages.
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Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01A8)
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The firs box gives the name as entered into the search form this is then written at the top of the page; the second box list the rec
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I've set up a filter in ASPMaker to display only one month at a time instead of the
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How to check if the database is empty?  (7 Views)
I've setup a database for user to upload product image and it name and desciption. Since there is no product upload by user
it will display this error message:
ADODB.Field error message '800a0bcd'
Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requ
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getting url from string  (9 Views)
i want a assist regarding the subject that i wana to filter the URL from a memo field that having sets of URL in it like when we post a message with URL it will become a base url link with click.
Kindly assist me
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Asp response from a homepage  (6 Views)
I am posting some data to a homepage using php but I get a response from the homepage (which is using php), and I do not understand the response
I had discovered on google for this response and the error message code snippet, but I could not find some info on it
The response is:
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SQL Injection revisited - is this safe?  (7 Views)
I am a fairly competent SQL programer with MS SQL experience at DBA-level, but whilst I am slightly associated with classic ASP, I am not really an application programmer.
Can I outline the following scenario and ask you to pick it apart
1. I've a project with ASP pages accessing SQL s
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Taking time to run single record using stored procdure  (9 Views)

I am maintaining one banking and finacial web site which has lakhs of records.
And i wana to generate a report on the basis of some criteria, i am able to bring all the records with some conditions using sql stored procedure,Even i am able to bring single record which is slight alter in the
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Save IP of Vistors Usinf ASP  (3 Views)
How can i save visitor IP address when vistor come on my web site which method is used to capture the IP address.
There will be the want of database or can be handle by cookies and more.
Waiting for experts answers.
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Session variables not storing   (9 Views)
I am trying to store a users logon details in session variables but tdo not seem to pass on from page to page (although sometimes they do ). I am using a DW script which I've modified for my own use:
This code snippet goes on the first page:
Dim currentUser currentAccess, currentZone
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error in my login page or ADO, or access database  (5 Views)
I've been having hardys with my small asp software when logging in from any browser at any location.
what happlicationens is that when i get to my login page i enter the password (password only) and after hitting
submit the page acts as if it did a refresh it seems like the password did not
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Any generator  (7 Views)
pls can some body tell a good software that i can be using to generate my asp code snippets apart from code snippet charge studio.
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dynamic E-mail display  (7 Views)
i have this output from a recordset
how can i alter this so that it is a hyperlink and when a user clicks on it it will display the E-mail id in "send to:" in outlook.
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