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(Non Repeating) Random Numbers in VB.Net

I can not seem to get used to using arrays in VB.Net. On the code snippet behind page I wana to select a random number between 1 and 25. That's easy enough: Dim myVal As Int16 Randomize() myVal = Int((Rnd() * 25) + 1) Next, I wana to make sure the same random number
does not come up again. What's the best way to do this I am thinking as follows:: 1. Use an array that holds the values of all previous created random numbers. 2. Check in the array to see if a number has been created, if it has, either add or subtract
one from the current number. The hardy is, I can not figure out the syntax. Id applicationlaud if some body could post a sample of (or link to) similar syntax. Also, if there is the best way to do this, pls let me know.
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Me.Risk1.Visible = False
Me.RiskText.Visible = False
Me.Risk1text.Visible = False
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