Javascript Validation for Time(hh:mm:ss)

I have a textbox in that user enters time in "hh:mm:ss" format. The user can leave the textbox empty also. But if the user enters time I need to validate the time in a javascript function(hh:mm:ss format).No AM PM.
How can i validate the time
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Java script field required validation   (2 Views)

I need to check the following 4 conditions in a button click(Button1_click event) using javascript can u pls assist:
ddlProgNo.Selecteditem.Text <> ""
ddlProgNo.Selecteditem.Text.Substring(0, 1) <> "*"
ddlProjNo.Selecteditem.Text <> ""
ddlProjNo.Selecteditem.Text.Substring(0, 1) <> "*"
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data validation   (4 Views)

I've 25 textboxes. where in users can enter
eg. 12 or 12.5 or 19.56 or .25 and more
only two numerics after decimal so max would be 99.99
my text box ids are in this format tx1, tx2 ....tx25
is there any simple way to validate all this text boxes client side when user clicks save btn
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validation of a HTML form  (2 Views)
I have put this in my html form function docElem(elem){
return document.getElementById(elem);
function checkTerms(){
if (docElem("cbTerms").checked == false){
docElem("termsMsg").innerHTML = "You've to agree with the terms and conditions";
docElem("termsMsg").innerHTML = "";
Is this correct
and then.

If the tems isn't ticket i need to show a msg saying
"You've to agree with the terms and conditions"
within the form.
can somebody pls assist.
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losing validation on webservice return.   (1 Views)

I initially have a button on the page with the Enabled="false" until tenter a valid phone number that I check by a webservice on the onChange of the textbox. When it returnsa valid record I enable the button by javascript but it loses all
validation that comes with the form. Is there a call I want to make to enable the validation(requiredvalidator's and regularexpressionvalidators)
document.getElementById('btnCustSubmit').disabled =

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Javascript validation   (4 Views)

I am using ASP.NET with C#. I've a list box and a dropdown control on my page. I want to generate a javascript to validate both controls. Here's the scenario.
Display error if no items are selected in the Listbox while a value is selected in the dropdown control. The error should say "Pls select a value from the Listbox". Any assistance on this
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custom validation control client side validation did not work   (6 Views)

<head runat="server">
function vrNameLenght( sender args){
if (args.Value.Length > 15)
args.IsValid = false;
args.IsValid = true;

HRHS Key Contact


ErrorMessage="The maximum allowable length characters for name is 15.">*

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Wana help with Javascript for client side validation   (4 Views)

fwondering if anybody can assist I want some custom validation on my page to ensure that a user either ticks a checkbox, or enters text into a textbox before tmove onto another see. I'm using JavaScript for clientside validation. I've the following
code snippet, however every time I test it. I receive the error message: Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object required. Very Newbie to JavaScript and really dunno how can i solve this difficulty.
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form validation help ?  (2 Views)

I have a form and I have a checkbox (and when this is checked i want to make sure that the textfield also has text in it before submitting)
Any solutions on a fast simple way to do this
Thanks in advance
PS Here's my code snippet snippet of what I have tried:
alert("Pls enter ur email id");
return false;
} else if( = ""){
return true;
this sits inside another function.
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JavaScript validation function on a parent page from a child custom control   (10 Views)

I inherited a portion of a software and needadviceonthis scenario:
The parent page contains a header that is a custom control. In addition to summary data this custom control contains the navigation buttons. The parent page has a Save button but now the client wants the navigation buttons to save the data in the parent
page. I've implemented most of this successfully by RaiseBubbleEvent and OnBubbleEvent. The difficulty I'm encountering involves a page with JavaScript validation that is called from the parent page Save button. I've not been able to find a way to
call this validation function from the child custom control.
This particular parent page contains a datagrid with radio buttons. If a particular radio button is checked then comment text must be entered in a textbox. The JavaScript validation function is:
}If a parentJavascript function can't be called from a child custom control then perhaps there is another method to prove the deed result.Does anybody have any ideas
I know this is poor software architecture but I've been denied permission to redesign it because the software is in production.
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Question on How do I perform form validation per user   (6 Views)

I have a form that will have field validation that can be as easy as "this field is a phone number" to as complex as "If field a = 4 then disable fields 7 8, 9". This same form is used for more than one clients and each client will have their own set of
validation rules. I'm looking into implement some thing like
this solution that will let me to decorate each form field to say that it needs to be validated and what type of validation would want to be done. I'd then sub class the base validation class to let for each client to override the base validation
calls with their own validation rules.
In order to dynamically include the .js files on the basis of client logins, I'd check to view if the client has defined any custom validation rules and then user a call likePage.clientScript.RegisterclientScriptBlock(this.GetType(),"CustomValidation",
"CustomerXValidations.js");After looking by the ASP.NET and AJAX documentation plus searching these forums, I do not view a pre-built solution to solve this in ASP.NET. I was thinking if anybody has any other ideas on how this difficulty might be solved.
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difference between validations   (3 Views)

what is the difference b/w server side validations and client side validations and java script validations
in that cases the above validations are to be used
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client side validation used with asp server control Wizard   (1 Views)

I'd like to add client side validation to some controls that are placed in a wizard.
This is what I want to do.
The first wizard step contains two radiobuttons.
If the user clicks on the wizards next button then (clientside) validate that the user selected one of the radiobuttons.
If the user selected one of the buttons, then go to wizard step 2, otherwise stay on wizard step one.
I am all newbie to javascript jscript but wish to getter improve at it. I've tried to use google in order to find info about best
pratice regarding the interaction b/w the controls and client side scripting. If u could give links to good ressources in the
form of articles or books, I will be so thankful.
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How do I validate with kavascript together with server validation?   (9 Views)

i need to validate a dropdownlist and a textbox like this:
There are two types in the dropdownlist: if type 1 is chosen then the
items typed in the textbox must contain at least a ';'.
In no case, the textbox may remain empty.
My difficulty is that the server validation does not occur and that the postback occurs. I rhought that "rertun false" prevents postback.
How can both validations: javascript and server validation work together

ControlToValidate="type" EnableclientScript=true
InitialValue="choose" text="*" runat=server>
function test()
var vrg=document.getElementById("tw").value
var type=document.getElementById("type").value
if (type=="type 1")
if (vrg.indexOf(";")==-1)
alert("the items must be separated with a ; ")
return false

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javascript form validation   (3 Views)

How can I submit a form using form validation and store it in a db
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client side validation in Fire Fox   (5 Views)

> in client validation am counting no of rows in a table using
var num = list.childNodes[0].childNodes.length;
> is working good in IE7 but in firefox isn't working
> here num(no of rows getting in IE7 is sum number) but in FireFox am getting number of rows is 0(Zero).
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login validation   (4 Views)

ia have login page. in that ia have two textboxes(username and password) and one button.
I'm using "select count(*) from emp where username='" + txtusername.text + "' and password '" + txtpassword.text + "' as query.
if click submit buton it has to check from the db and if the username exists means it should redirect to a few other page other wise is should tell invalid user
but it should be donewith out page it ossible to do
if means pls let me know please display me some example please
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validation query   (1 Views)

i want to implement validation using web controls where each validation error message gives a different alert window and the focus shifts to that field .How can I do thisI don't need to use validation summary as it gives all bugs in one javascript alert box
that liiks ugly.
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TextBox validation   (4 Views)

I have some requirement here that i want to validate the textbox that is of textMode=Password. and my requirement is -
5 to 15 alphanumeric characters with at least one numeric or alphabet may consist of a-z 0-9 and case Sensitive.
please provide me some solution asap.
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validation of a textbox with an onKeyUp event.   (6 Views)

I have a text box that is validated by a RequiredFieldValidator... I also have a client-side snippet to convert the text to upper case like so:
myTextBox.Attributes.add("onKeyUp", "this.value = this.value.toUpperCase();"); (this code snippet goes in the Page_Load event)
This causes the validator to stop working. If I use the onChange event for the upper case (see given below), it is validates ok, but the text only gets "upped" once the textbox loses focus, that is, unluckily, not what I want.myTextBoxText.Attributes.add("onChange", "this.value = this.value.toUpperCase();");
Any assistance would be extremely comprehended :)
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validation using javascript   (2 Views)

i want to validate a dropdownlist (ddlState) in a c# webform. in other words i want to make sure that the user selects an item in the dropdownlist. it contains the items:
items Index
(Select a state)0
Arizona 1
my code snippet that isn't working:function Validate(){
if (document.Form1.ddlState.value == "(Select a state)")
alert("Pleaseselect a state.");
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