incompatible with other Application(s) using the same shared user id

I am having galaxy ace mobile wit android 2.3.6. When attempting to install "Samsung (Sep 2011) anyconnect" i am getting the given below error message.
"incompatible with other Application(s) using the same shared user id"
My device isn't rooted. Pls assist.
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I am thinking about getting the nexus 7. I am planing on connecting it to my phones internet with foxfi Bluetooth. How do I leave my phone in my pocket and call and text with the tablet I will use ear bud mic combo things for phone calls. I want to call and text with my phone #. My phone is a Samsung stratosphere executing 2.3.5. I saw some applications on the market that could do this but twhere not compatible with my phone. Do they want to be compatible with my phone or the tablet Any solutions u might have would be extremely comprehended
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Just edited my Samsung Galaxy SII with Ice cream sandwich (android 4)
After this my handcent keep sending 2 messages my brother and wife got the same problem.
Is there anybody with any knowhow on how can i solve this problem
Any solutions will be comprehended.
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I have motorola Atrix2 and my wife has new Apple iphone4s. We both activated Latitude and she can ping my location on her iphone but I receive message on my android "Friends device or Maps version not supported". Anybody know how can i resolve this
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Has anybody bought applications with a vanilla master card
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Does anybody use chompSMS with widgetlocker
I have it so the quickreply sms popup lights up my phone and appears on my lock screen but after about 4 seconds the screen goes blank again so i don't always spot it.
Is there a way to get it to stay lit up for longer I have looked in settings for every thing i can think of and the only scrren timeout ove got is 1min but think im missing some thing.. I think the best thing would be for it to stay lit with the popup on screen for 30-secs or so, but also locked so i don't reply when its in my pocket.
i also use launcher but this is sto to not override any screen timeouts...
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I have a friend who is only into classical music who owns an iPod. He would like an Android phone but requires a music player that can select by composer. I have searched by the player store and could not locate one. Can anybody recommend what he could try
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If I move an E-mail to a folder in Outlook 2013 and my Android tablet with Gmail is connected to the internet the E-mail will remain in my inbox. When I check Gmail, the E-mail was indeed 'labeled' with the new folder, but it retains the 'inbox' label in Gmail. If my tablet is off, however, the E-mail will correctly move to the folder and the 'inbox' label will be removed in Gmail. Once my tablet is turned on, it will sync correctly. The tablet is the Lenovo Thinkpad
Tablet. I also have an Android phone, but the phone does not seem to interfere with the emails. Any solutions This has been bugging me for a while and I can't figure out how can i resolve this.
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TweetDeck alternative with native Facebook album posting?   (5 Views)

I recently use TweetDeck to edit my Twitter feed and Facebook profile (not page) at the same time. However when posting pictures, TweetDeck does not post them natively to Facebook, but instead uses the same URL service (e.g. yfrog or twitpic) as it used on Twitter. This is kind of annoying as people showing my profile on Facebook have to click the link to see the attached picture. I am admiring if there is any application out there that supports posting to Twitter and Facebook at the same time, but allows u to post photos to a Facebook album rather than just linking them (and attach that picture to the post). I know that this sort of thing is technically possible because I've seen the functionality in other applications such as "MyPad for iPad". I do not mind paying for such an app. Does anybody know of some thing that can do this (My phone is an HTC DeeHD executing 2.3.5)
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Answer call with proximity sensor   (5 Views)

I'm looking for a software that allows answering a phone call just by picking up the phone next to ur ear - using the proximity sensor.
Ideally it will also detect when the phone is initially in ur pocket when a call is coming (with the same sensor) and not pick it up from there.
The closest thing I found was "ShakeCall" but it does not work decently (requires me to bring the phone Two times to my ear before answering that just looks stupid).
There is also "Smart Answer Call" but it is not so popular or reviewed, costs money and can't be evaluated.
Also while I'm at it, is there an application that will automatically lock the screen at the end of a c if it was locked when the call came in
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Software that allows to answer with a tap but allows to move the button possition on the screen   (2 Views)

Can anybody recommend a software that would let me to answer a call by tapping the screen, but the aswering button was also somehow customisable
I'd like to move its position so that it was in the center i.e. or make it bigger, or even just to be able tap the center contact big square to answer that pops up when the call's coming.
I have Ezanswer now, but I am able to set buttons on bottom or on the top of the screen - the answer button is in the corner then, that is kind of uncomfortable. Furthermore it has a little bit childish look..
any suggestions
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Bluetooth with camera software?   (3 Views)

I was thinking if there was a way to use the native application or if there was a software that I coud use that would let me record video and use my bluetooth headset as a microphone
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Unhappy with SMS offerings.   (3 Views)

I have been using the stock Sense SMS application on my Incredible and very happy with hos easy and simple it was. Never needed any extras or smilies or anything like that so I never changed it and just used it. Whatever Sense came on my Incredible with 2.3.
Anyway yesterday I got the new Incredible 4G LTE and I'm unhappy with it is built in SMS app. It is like a flat boring version of some thing my Wife uses on her iphone. I do not like that style anyway, with the balloons instead of a list form.
I've already upgraded the keyboard to Swiftkey that I seem to like so far but the SMS app still bothers me.
Can anybody make some ideas of an SMS app that is identical to what came stock in Sense on the original Incredible by HTC on Verizon
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wana help with Go Launcher   (4 Views)

My menu icons at the bottom of my go launcher interface will disappear sometimes. What the heck am I doing to cause this and How can I receive them back up. The only way I know how can i correct this when it happens is to force close the app. any ideas
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Jorte calendar - Different background on days with events   (8 Views)

I have just installed the software named Jorte Calendar for my smartphone.
It looks great much richer than the calendar that comes with the phone... But one introductory functionality seems to be missing:
when I view the whole months, I want that the days with events are highlighted with a various background. I have tried to play with various settings, but I did not manage to found it.
Do anybody know if this function is possible and how can i activate it
in case it wasn't present in the Jorte calendar, do anybody know about another software for android that has this introductory functionalityI
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Chome beta launches Dolphin with "Search" function   (3 Views)

Anyone know how can i resolve this or what setting to alter. Whenever I click the search icon it launches Dolphin HD and performs the search there instead of opening another tab in Chrome.
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Email software that works with exchange and formats emails to look like sent from desktop   (9 Views)

My company finally interchanged blackberry with android phones (atrix 2)
I hated the blackberry but now find a function that it had and the android does not.
I was able to send E-mail from the BB and u could not tell if it came from desktop or from BB.
The Atrix only gives 4 font choices and would not send replies in an alternate color as an Outlook desktop client, or BB does.
Any suggestion of an E-mail application that might provide me what I am looking for
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Can't buy any software from the market says "incompatible"   (6 Views)

This is really annoying. Every application that is compatible with my phone (S2) is "incompatible" when I look at the paid version. I set up a working google checkout account as well can anybody tell me what is wrong I'm pretty sure that if I can execute the base version I can execute the purchasable one (as I told, this is for EVERY app not just one).
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GO SMS & Handcent incompatible with my Lava S12 Android 2.2   (15 Views)

I have a Lava S12 with Android 2.2 with 3.2 inch screen. Rest of the specifications can be found on Lava S12 Functions .
I want some introductory applications like GO SMS or Handcent and others like Tom Cat. But several are shown to be incompatible on Google play. Why so even when the application creator mentions them to be compatible with Android 2.2
Can somebody advise me a way out so that I can start enjoying the Android experience
PS: Several other applications are compatible and I'm successfully using them.
Applaud ur assist.
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How do I purchase a software that is incompatible with ur device?   (2 Views)

I'd like to purchase an application while It's on sale for $0.49 but It's incompatible with my current device. However I'm sure I will be upgrading. Is there any method to by pass the market and purchase anyway
I'm thinking I could alter my create.prop and say the device is some thing else. Anybody know of a less drastic way
Also, I would like to purchase an app that I've from the Amazon App store by Google as well. But every time I try it says It's already purchased and when I try to install it gives me an error message saying it isn't really installed. I uninstalled it from my device and wiped the cache and data for the market. I have also tried it via the web.
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