How can i resolve SMS limit 90 characters on LG KU5900

Good apternoon everybody.
I am using
android version 2.3.4
Kernel version
Software version LG-KU5900-v201
SMS only send 90 character.
How can i resolve it. become 160 charecter.
i tried using some software ex Go SMS pro. but no change.
anyone have any ideas
Posted On: Friday, November 23, 2012 Total Views: 152
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I Currently found out from a Page Plus Cellular rep that I will be charged .99 per megabyte for data even when my phone is using wifi
^Most of those charges occured while I was just using my phone; no internet usage (I've since turned off the wifi)
Is there any app that will circumvent this crazy billing practice
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Yfrog image : b8screenhunter02jun241026g
Check that picture and ull view my difficulty. How can I resolve this on xp
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So my Navigation used to provide me turn by turn directions and display me on the map the way I was going, but now it just "chimes" when a turn or some thing is coming up, no verbal directions. also, the see is various. It is as if i am looking down on a map with a constant point on the compass always facing a various direction.'
How do I change my preferences back to the way twere
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I did a fresh install on my Smasung Transform android 2.2 and realized that Chrome to phone isn't working, not connecting. I thought maybe it was a bad install so I wiped my phone once, and two times more.
My question, Is there a resolve or alternative to "Chrome to phone"
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I've done a search on these forums and google and i can view that this was a difficulty for a few people a few months back but I've only started noticing it Currently when my Market app updated to the new version.
Does anyone else find that its really slow Some apps it downloads no difficulties but other apps it hangs on "loading" forever and nothing happens.
I've Currently convinced a couple of friends to convert from iphone to android and now the market is working at 10 of its potential a little embarrassing for the android community.
anyone know if they're working on a resolve its sooo frustrating
We're using Samsung GS2, 2.2, have 3G icon up the top, full signal.
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Is there an application that allows dialling a resolve phone from the android or third party address book a little bit like dialling a resolve phone from a PC using Palmdesktop or Outlook
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When I try to set up a Cell Near or Net context I receive this error message message: "No Location Providers Enabled and available.". What does this refer to
I've gone into Settings > Location and checked the VZW option and even tried checking all options (though I would rather leave GPS off). In accounts and Sync I have background data checked (though, again, I would rather not). Still "No location Providers Enabled ..."
What is a location provider, and How can I enable it
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Installed 2.03 and maps does not work on mine like many others. I went to the sholes web site where I found instructions if Maps fc.
Update (trevorj): If u are having issues with Maps Maps related apps FCing do this: (make sure u are on 2.0.3 when u do this )
1. DELETE system app Maps.apk and data app (the second one might not exist)
2. Reboot ur phone
3. Go to Settings > applications > Manage applications > > Uninstall
2. Market > Install Google Maps
Unfortunately, I cant complete step 1. How can I DELETE the Maps.apk. I am using ES file explorer. When I receive to the Maps.apk, it says cannot erase.
any assist
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Rockplayer randomly stops working - sd card format to resolve   (14 Views)

I have rockplayer executing on my htc dee. when it works it seems to be an excellent media player but I have been having one major problem in that it regularly stops working
media files (xvid avi) are stored on my 16gb sd card. rockplayer will play a file, or sometimes two or three, and then stop working. the next time i try to play a file the screen just goes black and i have to force close the Program. this behaviour continues until i reformat the sd card and copy the videos back on, at that point it will work again for a short while and then stop again.
this is so frustrating. no amount of rebooting, attempting various files, force closing and more and more seems to work. once the problem occurs, the only way i have found to receive it working again is to reformat the sd card.
i am relatively tech savvy and I am happy to tweak things and try things but i am newbie to android so my problem is: has anybody else encountered these difficulties with rockplayer (i have not found anything from searching.) and also, is there anything i can do to log the problem and view what is happening i can not even work out if It's an operating system problem, an app problem, a phone problem or an sd card problem
any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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GPS resolve coming   (9 Views)

Do not know if this was announced but I found this article concerning a GPS resolve
Samsung Galaxy S To Recieve GPS Fixing Update In September [Samsung Tweets GPS Resolve For Galaxy S Vibrant and Captivate Will Drop In September] TFTS Technology, Gadgets & Curiosities
Update: mods can u please move, I thought that I was in the Vibrant forums. I had too many windows opened Sorry
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Unknown artist Missing album art...Is there a resolve?   (7 Views)

all songs display correctly in my itunes library. I have tried various music player apps and some find album art but none of them read the artist tag.
after researching the difficulty, It appears that ID3 tags come in various versions, and android is reading an older version tag than most other music players.
anyone else having this difficulty
Unfortunately, my best resolve has been this:
1. add music to device and view what's broken
2. use software (mp3tag) to manually update all ID3 tag versions associated with the files on my pc
3. DELETE old files and add the corrected music files
any chance there is a program that will automatically copy the ID3v2.4 tags to ID3v1 and ID3v2
Right now, I am going one album at a time and mp3tag has a hand search function, but I have a set of mixtape rips so I guess it is going to be a pain to update those files one by one.
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app resolve it list   (9 Views)

List ur top "needs to be fixed" in the next version. Or post solutions to people difficulties.
Difficulty: Mine is with the Maps app. I hate that i can't browse to a location and long click the spot i want to use as directions. Or bookmark locations.
Sugested resolve: Long clicking on the map brings up a menu with "Book mark" or "directions to from this point".
also would be nice to be able to move ur location to the exact spot u are when the location is just "kind of" close to where u are but not exact.
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Browser support for fixed table columns and headers   (4 Views)

So I am using a web site that uses tables with fixed columns and headers. It works just fine on my desktop, laptop, and iOS browsers, however when I try it on any of my android browser and on several android devices, the columns and rows never line up with the fixed column and header.
I cannot display an example from the site that I am using, however, I have found an example online that does the same thing. It's here:
MooGrid - a Mootools-based grid component - Matt's 411 - a Web Developer's Blog
If u go in any browser in Windows or Mac, it will work fine. If u try the table on an iPod or iPad, it will work fine. However, on an android device in any browser u will notice that the fixed column and header does not always line up with the column or header.
Does anyone know of any solution for this I want to recommend an android device to the company I work for, but this problem is essential to the web site that several employees work on everyday.
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(Hide Photo LE) version 1.4 error message resolve and improvement   (3 Views)

Dear all we have received user feedback and suggestion, this is the new 1.4 update
- Two error resolve is applied
(one for threading difficulty, in some rare case, the app crash when he move away from the current screen more than one times. The another difficulty is that the pic loading exceed the VM's memory. Since android allocate so limited ram to each app, we have to handle it)
- Speed improved for thumbnails
we have changed the design of concurrent thumbnail display. after some test, it work well on old device.
We love user feedback, It's valuable. If u have any difficulties in this version, please report to us.
Hide Pic LE :
This is an encryption utility to protect the private pictures. This version is free download.
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Google: resolve the market   (10 Views)

4 out of 5 times that I try to open the market it "can't receive a connection" or such and it closes again. Either the app or the site sucks. Or both.
High time u fixed it, Google
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GPS and Compass resolve   (8 Views)

after I upgrade my phone to fryo (android 2.2) I am having troubles with the gps and compass on my phone with android 2.1 twork well but now is all wrong the position on the gps and the north-south-east-west on compass...
someone knows what could i do to resolve this
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Mobile Netfix?   (12 Views)

Has anybody heard and or know of any information regarding a Mobile Netfilx instant movie watch app
The reason I am asking; is my friends who own the Iphone 4 and I always have that "Look what my phone can do" competition. Well today, he was finally able to out do my Evo, I guess.
He was able to pull up netfilx via an app, and watch instant watch movies. So I finally had to admit defeat in our phone Now I don't know if I was "Defeated" due to the lack of knowing how can i see Netflix instant Watch movies on my phone, or if the EVO is recently not capable of supporting that service.
I also read that Hulu will soon be available for the Android Market.... for those who are interested.
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handcent chomp glitch fixed?   (7 Views)

I apologize for posting this but I have been searching for an answer to this question for a while. I placed this in somebody elses thread but I figured this deserved it is own post since it is pretty much a deal breaker for me. Hopefully somebody has the answer for me. Thanks in advance
"I've been searching for a reliable messaging app since I got my incredible but I always stuck with the stock sms. The reason being is one HUGE glitch scared me away from handcent...the glitch where it would randomly send a text message to the wrong person from ur contact list and pretty much pick a random contact to send the sms to. I can't really have that happen since I use my phone as my work phone and personal phone. It would be a So bad situation if a text message I was sending my girlfriend was randomly sent to somebody from work or a client.
I've seen people posting about this glitch previous this year but I've never seen anybody confirm if it not the glitch has been fixed or still exists It is not some thing I need to risk. I think my reason for posting this is I'm so curious to find out if that glitch has been fixed.
I'd LOVE to use handcent or chomp but I want some confirmation as to if or not that glitch is no more. Can anybody confirm this Pls "
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Hope this resolve comes soon   (21 Views)

The app Market is out of control How's it that the Bluetooth File Transfer app is located under "TOP FREE" and "JUST IN" sections C'mon now this is how the stock market got messed up duplicating assets across more than one sectors.
-Provide us improve search options
-Don't say "Top Free" provide us most downloaded or search by rating
-If an app cant maintain a three star average after x amount of time, it is pulled
-"Just In" apps stay there for 60 days then moved to another category
-I don't care about having the app Store with the MOST apps, I want a Store where I can find the BEST apps the FaSTEST
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Bank of america 2.0 FORCE CLOSE resolve   (24 Views)

So I know a set of people are having force close issues with Mobile Banking 2.0. I installed it and it never worked after that. Fortunately I have friends in high places (thanks devolio). So, my phone is rooted. It probably would not work with out it.
First, uninstall the program
Second, into terminal emulator and type in: rm -R data data
Third, reboot and reinstall
and Voila Hopefully. It worked for me, so hopefully it will work for u.
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