Google Voice - Outgoing calls not working

Seems to be a big difficulty with Google Voice starting sometime last night. Outgoing calls from an Android phone are not working. The phone number dialed just rings and rings and is rarely ringing the other end. When it does ring the other end it is displaying the relay number, not the Google Voice number and when the person picks up, no one's there.
Relay number isn't letting me make calls with the google voice application. - Google Mobile Assist
Current work around is to either call ur Google Voice number directly and use it that way. Or use the web interface to call back. Still have not found any confirmations from Google about this or if a resolve is coming.
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How do u alter ur name in the review section of the market place Mine leaves reviews as Anonymous.
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Backup Restore what google does not?   (4 Views)

If I select both "Back up my data" and "Automatic restore" under Settings->Privacy and then do a wipe I seem to receive most but not all of my stuff back. items missing (I think) are:
- Call log
- Text message history
- Manually installed applications
- Some system settings
- Others
Is there an application, that with little or no config, will just backup and restore what is not covered by the settings mentioned above
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I have two gmail accounts and when I go to the settings for the calendar to sync I receive the three options of My Calendar, Pc Sync and my first gmail E-mail account. I can not receive the second E-mail account to display. That is the calendar I want synced - any advice. I am using an Incredible, btw.
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Hi. I Currently purchased my first android phone and have fallen in love with the google maps function. Unluckily living in Australia I've a horrible 200MB monthly cap on my data google maps eats this up so fastly.
I read the link given below and it says that maps now caches areas i often visit. I was thinking if there was a way I could tell the application to download the entirety of my city (& state) whilst connected to wifi so i would not want to use data again.
Ideas comments
Google Maps for Android goes 3D, finally works offline
Update: I know MapDroyd is a viable option, but i prefer google maps because of the location functions.
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im about to make a 100km trip in germany where prices are 3euro mb... so im a little concerned how much data it will consume... any solution anybody
if i load the map from wifi and shut down the phone... will it still have the map stored or do I've to keep the phone turned on all the time
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So I'm looking for a specific type of application and I can not find anything at all. So I'm looking for a auto dial app that i can input a list of phone numbers in exel format and it will automatically dial them if no one answers it then goes to the next number and more. I've some huge lists of phone numbers that I'm telemarketing and it would be nice to be able to automate the process.
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google mail isn't that great :-(   (7 Views)
The google mail application. Its a little bit rubbish Or is it just E-mail on the dee
Android :-(
Considering the this is google's operating system u think that the E-mail app
Would be much improve. It does not cache the mail so has to keep loading
It all the time and all that stuff with label tags is just silly imo.
I had a conversation that was in trash but was tagged with another
Folder name. And then it refused to send a reply. And the crashed
Rant over :-D
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google voice... why?   (8 Views)

I like to think i stay up to date with current beneficial technology, and it seems alot of people have google voice. So can somebody define to me why I should receive it... why do I want it why is it so beneficial and more. Thanx and I look forward to u explaining it to me so I can play around with it.
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could some body post a step by step outgoing call using google talk on a HTC Eris please?   (8 Views)

I have been not able to even find a way to make let alone start, an outgoing call using Google talk. I thought I was relatively a geek, but now I feel like an idiot.HTC eris
latest edit
Verizon carrier
google voice installed
I have google number also
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How do I sync google calender with hotmail account with android   (6 Views)

I use google calender i really love it. I use a hotmail E-mail adres to log into google calendar. Unluckily android does not seem to let me to use that hotmail account to sync.
when i try adding a calendar account i can only select b/w microsoft activesync and google. When i try google I'm obligated to enter a gmail adress.
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is there a dialer just for google voice?   (13 Views)

I've a google voice number and i installed google voice on my droid with android 2.2 but it dosnt do what I wana it to do.
I wana a dialer that is only used to make calls from my google voice number.
I know u can setup google voice to:
-to make all calls from GV
-to make only international calls from GV
-make no calls from GV
-ask if u need to use GV (before every call)
I don't wana any of these. I wana my normal dialer to use my normal number and whenever I need to make a call from GV I need to click on an Application and have a dialer appear and any calls from that dialer are made with the GV number.
my BB worked this way. I'd click on GV and then start dialing and it made the call with GV.anyone know of anythign that will do what I wana
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Can I upload a jpeg to google docs using android   (6 Views)

I am attempting to upload a Jpeg for OCR to google docs via my android handset
I can not find any way of uploading to google docs. I've tried using GDocs but it only seems to let the creation of new text files
Pls assist me
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google search box   (5 Views)

Having a problem with the search box on Google whatever I type in is being hidden. I.tried Bing and its ok so its Google specific. any know what setting I must have changed
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Turning google maps around   (4 Views)

How do I make it go the other way When I'm going forward Google maps has me driving to the bottom of the phone. If I turn the phone upside down, it only goes in horizontal mode and still is the pits.
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what happens if i unsync google calendar?   (7 Views)

I've lost one of my Google calendars on my phone and have execute out of suggestions to
get it back.
so was thinking of unchecking the google calendar sync option and then re checking it.
but worried it will bugger up all my events
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google translate conversation mode   (10 Views)

can anybody assist I'm having problem getting the conversation mode to work on google translate it seems that I've downloaded every thing on it decently but when I'm on conversation i can't hear any speech any solution what i have to do
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international texting w google voice   (12 Views)

I just wanted to confirm a question with the new google voice edit. I know there were changes with the voice calling portion and the friends and family deal but is it still possible to text to interantional numbers with google voice and not incur extra charges
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I'm having to manage many versions of a contact for some reason. I think some were from google mail account. anyway Is there any method to merge then to make my life easier that somebody knows about
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google voice & no-US user?? How do I setup?   (12 Views)

I guess google voice is US only and I am canadian.
I use CALL phoneS FROM GMAIL (Google) to call canadian long distance.
then today I stump on this page that have all my call history:
http: voice#history
which make me believe somehow google voice = gmail call
then I try to check the google voice on htc dee, but it blocks during log-in, says "NOT SUBSCRIBED, ur google account isn't yet enabled for google voice. visit voice to sign up."
or do I've to add credit in order to subscribe
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problems with google after turning my phone off   (7 Views)
I've just got my first android phone but having some difficulties with google
it seems every time i turn my phone off then back on, it would not sync with google or let me download applications from market, I did search the internet and tried a set of solutions like clearing catch, re sync remove sim unload sd card and more and more, I've even tried on wireless network to. but nothing works for me, its really bugging me, the only way it re syncs is to un-install an application, it then syncs immediately, i can then download again from market. but when i power phone off again, its back to no sync and have to un-install another application.
its really doing my head in now, has anybody got ideas.
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