Dropbox - sort by date?

Please inform me the dropbox application can sort files by date and not just by name
I've got to be missing some thing here
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Contacts sort order by lastname   (13 Views)

I just received my new Android phone (an LG-P500) toady. I have just uploaded all my 2000+ contacts to Google via Google Applications Migration and tmagically appeared on my phone. So far so good... But they are sorted by first name. So I have all the John's together. This is nuts.
How can I either receive the phone to sort the contacts in lastname order, or receive Google to upload them in the format Smith, John rather than John Smith (which I think would achieve the same thing).
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Video player with intelligent sorting?   (1 Views)

I have tried MX Player and Mobo Player but both of them do not sort filenames with digits numerically.
For example if I have the files:
It will sort them unintelligently by initial character like:
20_ StepThreeVid.mp4
I can not seem to find the option to sort intelligently. Are there any decent video player applications that can do this I have downloaded a set of tutorial videos that are split with numbers like this and it is a hassle to hunt down video 4 down beside videos in their 40's.
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not able to open 1 MB PDF file from dropbox software   (6 Views)

I using iphone for more then 2 year I can open PDF file 1 mb and see from dropboxI try not to use iphone ,and switch to andriod phone , I just buy Samsung S2 I try to open 1 mb PDF file . It can only show first page .It is I want to add extra SD card If yes how much I want to add ( as i notice that the new phone does not come with SD card. )
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Blacklist Software sort of?   (5 Views)

I work 3rd shift and I usually put my phone on silent when I sleep because it seems people can not receive it by their head that I sleep during the day. Is there a application that will let certain numbers to ring even if the phone is on silent Sort of like a blacklist whitelist, only I do not need to block all other numbers, just not have them ring. I still need to view if anybody else called or texts, but if my son's school or mother calls, I wana it to ring. Seems like most applications only block calls and texts.
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Software similar to dropbox?   (3 Views)

What is the best 'sync in the cloud' application
Its for office use so we can share diffrent documents and photos.
Its significant that It's as secure as possible and that It's possible to add diffrent users with diffrent permissions.
And it has to be user friendly.
Hope u has some good alternatives to Dropbox.
Sugarsync Is one i just herd of over the weekend I've not installed it yet so I've no opinion as of now.
wow some great ideas here,i never herd of most
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question about dropbox   (2 Views)

I'm happy to use dropbox on my device and also more happy to increase my free space by referring friends but do not know
will my referral bonus space remain or expire within some months
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OfficeSuite Pro sort trouble Wana Help   (3 Views)

I load a excel file from PC directly then execute an easy caculate within my Android phone and sort by a column whatever text or numeral column but the result are mess and appear #REF within all caculate fields
Is there anybody has same exterience and how can i resolve
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[Looking For] Notepad List style software with sortable items   (2 Views)

I'm newbie to this forum and newbie to smartphones, with a Nokia 6230 being my daily companion before a recent switch to the Samsung Galaxy S.
I'm a person who likes to organize and make lists a set and I've a certain type of Application in mind, that i hope u can assist me find.
What I'm looking for is an Application identical to the "Memo"-Application that comes with my Android phone; Probably you are associated with it. However i'm looking for slightly more functionality:
List-like structure
Sufficient text-length allowed per item (2KB is more than enough)
items are collapsed compact by default, can be expanded to read their whole content
Visible numbering of told list items (1., 2., 3., and more.)
The capability to easily rearrange their order; think priority list (Drag&Drop would be ideal)
An interface as simplistic as possible (e.g white text on black grey background.)
I hope you can assist me out.
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cloudprint htc desire dropbox   (14 Views)

I hope I'm not doing some thing wrong by posting this two times - I added to a thread I had started previous and realized it does not mention cloudprint in the thread title that is the theme of my difficulty.
I have dropbox application on my htc dee, I have a mac, I have cloud print app. I need to print the documents, downloaded from dropbox to my htc desire to my printer. It comes up with an error:
Error on Google servers ... blah... need to convert all docs before sending to Chrome but there was a failure converting this document
The files were basically written on a Mac Word programme but I do not think this should be the problem because it comes up with the same error when I try to print a pic from the gallery and the test page.
Could it be connected to the fact that I initially set up cloud print with a friends PC laptop that is no longer here... and only have my mac, the printer and the wifi - would it still be attempting to go by the computer, in that case what use is it as then u can print direct from the computer - I was hoping to be able to print when the computer isn't here
Can anybody tell me why it would not convert the docs print
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Android keepass dropbox "no viewer"   (7 Views)

I have seen this problem around but have not found a solution that works on mine.... I am using dropbox and keepassdroid 1.9.5 on an Lg optimus v. When I put an entry into the dropbox kdb folder from my windows xp laptop (dropbox 1.20), the title displays up in dropbox on the phone but clicking it produces "no viewer available - download" I download and after many seconds it notifies that the download is complete but clicking on that only gives me the ineffective file title again.
Files display up and work fine in the keepassdroid application directly but tdo not display up when emailed to my phone or when saved to the SD card. I have spent hours on this. I have uninstalled reinstalled many times. If nobody can assist, Probably there is a good replacement for keepass
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dropbox uploaded 6 files when i opened it - why? :   (4 Views)

not sure what it was doing here - i just opened the application to view my file list and it started uploading files why and what :
was it just a text typo in the message and it meant downloading to local cache
any advice
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Evernote vs dropbox vs AK notepad   (24 Views)

What is the best and why Evernote, dropbox or or AK notepad Catch
Comparing Dropbox to Evernote is like comparing Apples to... Aliens
Thave nothing in common.
Anyway, I believe Springpad to be a improve alternative to Evernote.
Services like Dropbox are SugarSync and but I consider Dropbox to be improve (just because it offers more space, otherwise, Sugarsync is improve).
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Any software that'll do one way sync (phone->dropbox crashplan etc)?   (13 Views)

I'm looking for an application that'll just sync from the phone to dropbox or any other backup site. i Currently used dropsync or titanium media sync after a data reset and new microsd card and ended up syncing a blank folder and i ended up losing quite many things on the dropbox site.
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Market software that sorts findings by stars   (3 Views)

Is there such an application Its a major PIA to sort thru hundreds of findings looking for 5-star applications with a reasonable number of downloads and reviews to qualify it.. An "organizer" of sorts would assist a great deal
(non-rooted phone)
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Some sort of Voice Actions program that does not use data?   (2 Views)

Is there an application that can do voice control with out using data
I do not have a data plan so I can only use voice actions on WiFi but it would be great if there was some thing that would just work all the time.
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Attach dropbox file as attachment in gmail   (16 Views)

I've forgotten my data cable so can not copy the dropbox file over to my computer (restrictions on the work pc do not permit me to connect to dropbox over the internet).
I thought then I'd E-mail the file from the dropbox folder to my gmail account using the gmail application however the gmail attachment only displays me two folders (camera shots & all pictures) with no means that I can view to browse to my dropbox folder. Am I missing some thing
Anything anybody else can advise
It is a htc dee z
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did the 3banana update (july 2) mess up the sort order?   (6 Views)

now it seems to sort by date generated and there is nothing that can be done to adjust them. earlier it would sort by date modified that was improve because it allowed me to fastly go back to the note that i used most Currently. I would like there was an option to sort by name date, and more. i can not believe some thing so easy is missing from 3banana.
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simple voice recording software that automatically sends to dropbox?   (6 Views)

I am looking for a so easy audio memo recorder mainly for utilization in the car. Ideally I want it to have 1 touch recording and automatic sending of the recorded memo to dropbox. The simpler larger the UI the improve, since I would be using this mainly in the car. Is there some thing that does this I've Note Every thing and it will push to dropbox, but it takes many button presses and does not have a super easy UI. I have not tried it, but conceptually I'm looking for some thing like DropVox for iOS:
DropVox | Record and Upload Voice Memos to Dropbox
Anything like this out there
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dropbox is disabled   (15 Views)

to all
when Itry to upload a file dropbox displays disabled and refuses to run on my
Android **** whereas on my WXP no difficulty.
Can somone pls guide me how I can work around this problem.
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Dropbox... that actually works as dropbox...   (2 Views)

Reet.... is there a Dropbox application that actually syncs like the pc version of dropbox
the last time i tried it there was 2... the official one that was like the web interface and another one that would download the docs before opening...
or is there some thing else identical that is free
ta peeps...
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