Decimal format in crystal reports

My database is sql server 2000. I have column Lines decimal(10,2).
The data in this column isn't decently displayed in crystal reports.
Eg: the data in the column is 24.34, it is being displayed like
Why this is so When the data type is int, there is no difficulty. Because
of this I am not able to disply decimals.
Please assist.
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I'm creating a salary survey for school. I have to create two arrays; a string with a set list of numbers to be displayed in a list box and an empty decimal array to store the number of employess who earn salieries in each range.
Here is my code snippet. am i on the correct path
' String array stores salary ranges
Dim salaries as String() = New String() { _
"$200-299" "$300-399", "$400-499", "$500-599", _
"$600-699", "$700-799", "$800-899", "$900-999", "1000 +"}
' empty decimal array to store number of employees who earn salies in each range
Dim arrNumbers() as Decimal
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Dim TempWhole TempDen, TempNum, TempFra as string
Dim TempDec as Double
TempDec = 34.09876
TempWhole = NthField(str(TempDec), ".", 1)
TempNum = NthField(str(TempDec), ".", 1)
TempDen = 1
For I as Integer = 0 to Len(TempNum)
TempDen = TempDen + "0"
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I'd like to ask if anybody knows the code snippet in Visual Basic to convert a
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Wanted to know if anyone have example or idea to convert &hB3a73CE2FF2 hex to decimal 12345678901234 to avoid overflow
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displaying decimal as 32nd  (7 Views)
Hope to find some assist
a1 has 101.265625
In 32nd's this should be 101-084
in B1 is there a formula I can do to display 101-084
This is the formula i am using to TRY to receive 101-084
=SUBSTITUTE(DOLLaRFR(a1 32), ".", "-") HOWEVER, this returns 101-085 and not 101-084
any assist
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Convert time to decimal  (7 Views)
Ok i got this difficulty I am attempting to create a timesheet simulation in vb as part of a new project im doing. I have tried calculating times in various ways using adddate and more. I just want to convert the time format into decmial so that i can round it to the nearest half hour worked e.g.
MonIn MonOut Total Hours

7:00:00 11:34:04 4.5
Has any one got any ideas on rounding time to decimal
I have tried just taking away the textbox values

total.Text = Val(mo.Text) - Val(mi.Text) but the formats are various so it returns a 0 value .
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removing decimal point only in vba  (7 Views)
I'd like to convert numbers into whole numbers with out removing decimal numbers except the decimal point. this is required by the system I am doing right now. Here is what i wanted to happen:
1437.21 = 143721
1437.00 = 143700Hope u' ll provide attention to my queries.
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How can i Convert of aSCII hex number to decimal conversion  (10 Views)
I want to convert aSCII hex number to decimal conversion.
For Example :
1: F01a is converted into Decimal: 61466
2: FFFC64F0 is converted into Decimal: 4294730992
What is the best way to create a smaller function for the above like conversion.
Please.send me the complete function in VB6[code]
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Error message message when inserting decimal number  (10 Views)
if i wan the user to enter just integer number ...
n a msgbox pop out if user enter decimal number ...
if i use if else loop...
if a ..... then
msgbox "Error message" 0 + 64 + 0
wad should i type for the "...." Option Explicit
Private Sub cmdanswer_Click()
Dim a as Integer, b as Integer, c as String
a = txtOne.Text
b = txtTwo.Text
c = txtThree.Text
Call calculation(a, b, c)
End Sub
Private Sub calculation(a as Integer, b as Integer, c as String)
Select Case c
Case "+"
lblOutput.Caption = a + b
Case "-"
lblOutput.Caption = a - b
Case "*"
lblOutput.Caption = a * b
Case " "
lblOutput.Caption = a b
Case Else
lblOutput.Caption = "invalid"
End Select
End Sub

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Round values in text box to two decimal places  (7 Views)
right this is what I have got at the moment x = Val(PricePerLitre.Text)
y = Val(Text1.Text)
w = x * y
PriceToPay.Text = (w 100) this gives number like 4.2756 for example 4 decimal places
i only want to have 2 decimal places basically this format XXX. XX
so i used this that normally works
PriceToPay.Text = Format(PriceToPay.Text "000.00") but it still coming out at 4 decimal places when it should only be two with that line of code snippet
ahhh please assist, i appreciate it , Dave
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convert from decimal to hexadecimal  (7 Views)
im uncertain this s the best algorithm for conversions (from decimal to hexa) and I have done a set of changes that the code snippet s already a mess.
when execute,the program results no output
any kind of assist appreciated Private Sub BtnHexa_Click(ByVal sender as System.Object, ByVal e as System.Eventargs) Handles BtnHexa.Click
Dim c as Integer = 0
Dim Remainder as Integer
Dim Hexaarray(c) as Integer
Dim result as Integer
Dim IntegerDiv as Integer
Do While Remainder <> 0
Remainder = IntegerDiv Mod 16
Hexaarray(c) = Remainder
IntegerDiv = IntegerDiv 16
result = result & Hexaarray(c)
c = c + 1
LoopFor c = 15 To 0 Step -1
If Hexaarray(c) >= 10 Then
Select Case Hexaarray(c)
Case Hexaarray(c) = 10
result = "A"
Case HexaArray(c) = 11
result = "B"
Case HexaArray(c) = 12
result = "C"
Case HexaArray(c) = 13
result = "D"
Case HexaArray(c) = 14
result = "E"
Case HexaArray(c) = 15
result = "F"
TxtBinary.Text = result
End Select
TxtBinary.Text = TxtBinary.Text & HexaArray(c)
End If
NextEnd Sub

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