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ContextKeys and ViewState Not Available on Async Postback - AjaxFileUpload Control

I added an AjaxFileUpload control on my own Web User Control. I'ven't added any edit panels or anything else to the page. It does not even have a MasterPage. So in the PageLoad event, I set my AjaxFileUpload control's ContextKey property tounique
ID (a GUID) and a seestate property with the name of that GUID and set its value to 'test'.
When I upload the files, my code snippetbehind handler fires successentirely, and I try to excerpt the contextkeys info and it is 'nothing'. ViewState on UploadComplete is also 'nothing'. I've enabled seestate in my page, web user control, and the AjaxFileUpload
control for giggles (even though I think it is on by default), and I still do not get back my values. If i enter the ContextKeys property in HTML (static), then on postback the ContextKeys property is set, but again its static and not so assistful.
Funny enough, session state is available to me by out the process. While this is good, it is also bad (not going to assist me). I understand that this is Asynchronous and that my seestate might be blank, but after evaluating the JavaScript after a
page render, it applicationears that tare accounting for this and are copying the ViewState into a variable called;
__clientState eg. in my Test1 web user control mine is 'Test1_AjaxFileUpload1_clientState'
So, my questions are;Is there a error here, or
Will ViewState not be available to me Can I not programatically set the ContextKeys and use it during the Async Postback
Let me tell you what I am trying to do, so you know why this is important. I wana to track their uploads and refresh an edit panel so the number of files uploaded is incremented. I also wana to display a modal popup on completion on the client side when
all files have been uploaded, and display the user where their files were saved on the server (important if the files are copies and I had to rename them on the fly). To make this extensible, I wana the ability for a user to have more than one browser windows open
and be uploading files with each browser independently. If i used a common session state variable, then the two browswers would fight for use of that common variable, because they share session state; hence why I can't use session state. If I used ViewState,
then the info would be independent of each other and it would work just fine.
Any assist would be applicationlaudd.
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