Clear textbox when Back Button is clicked

I know there is an easy answer but I have gone around and around By this. I need to be able to clear the textboxes if the person presses the Back button and can not figure it out. I am using VB.
I use masterpages so Is there any method to do it with the HTML metadatafor the that page
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My textbox's default text is : only 100 characters allowed.
I am writing attribute add method in page load event
txtcontact.Attributes.add("onfocus" "if (this.value = '') this.value = '';")
Hence, when user clicks on this text box, the default text I mentioned above gets cleared off & user can write his own
But now the difficulty is , when user writes some thing & clicks somewhere & then clicks text box , it gets cleared
How do I avoid this
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I generated a reset button to clear form fields, Can I extend the JS function to also clear
ID="lblStatus"(this notifies an error message), or do I want to generate a fake submit button action Several thanks P
function resetOnlyThese(){
document.getElementById('').value =
document.getElementById('').value =
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Hello I generated a web site with a fixed background image and an iframe over the image. That is my main page. I wana all the other pages that will appear in the iframe to have a clear background so the fixed image can still display. Does anybody know that is the proper coding for this
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How can I clear the history of a browser page by using scripts or programming
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I have an web software that requires login. When users finish their activities tsimply logout. What I want is to clear browser history when user click logout button. This should disable BACK button in browser.
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what is leftvertical span in css if clear both is for horizontal span
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-moz-border-radius: 0.45em;
What does it Mean 0.45em is OK But not clear with -moz-border-radius
Actually I'm New for CSS so can someone advise some link or and related thing that will beneficial for other styles.
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I have generated a form. It has 4 textboxes and 2 buttons. One button is for submission and the other deletion of all data contained in the textboxes. Does anybody know how I can code snippet the DELETE button so that it deletes all the code in the textboxes. Anybody
done this before
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I am attempting to adopt a tree menu in a page that many unrelated style sheets are applied too. For unknown reason the tree menu does not work decently in Firefox so I am thinking It's great if I can have div that does not inhert Css from the page
and I can start to set CSS of the content.
is it possible
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Disable Browser Back button OR clear session variables on click of Back OR redirect to page on browser's Back   (13 Views)

I am using VS 2008 and have .net web site project.
Now I need to disable browser's back button and as per my knowledge, its not possible to disable so we can clear out cache some thing like
Response.Cache.SetCacheability(HttpCacheability.NoCache); Response.Cache.SetExpires(DateTime.UtcNow.AddHours(-1)); Response.Cache.SetNoStore();I have already tried above, and let's say my page has some postbacks and when user hits back button, it says "Web page has expired", so that's fine but the difficulty is if now user hits "Refresh" button of browser, page gets loaded again. That is same difficulty
because I am using some hidden variables and viewstate on my page that gets incorrect calculations in this case, so what I have to do is when user hits Back button, I need to clear out some of my session variables.
So can somebody tell me How do I
1. prevent hitting browser back button ( if possible )
2. if user hits browser's back button, need to clear out some of my session variables OR clear out session, and then redirect to my login.aspx
3. if user hits browser's back button, need to redirect to a specific page where I will clear out all session variables in its page load and will redirect to login.aspx
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document.write clear all controls of page   (7 Views)

document.write clear all controls of page HI' when the document.write be execute all controls in the website pages will be clear . why In asp file

if u need to write content then use div like,
Then in JS:
document.getElementById("iwanttowritemore").innerHTML = "i can write with out clearing the page"
U can not use document.write after the page has loaded, it'll interchange the entire page with the contents of told function. Use some thing else like innerHTML if u need to insert content after the page loads. document.write isn't a good way.
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javascript textbox clear not working   (5 Views)

I've javascript to clear the textbox but its not working and js called asshipping.js
below the code snippet I've in asshipping
function clear() {
function clearfields() {
O('TextBox1').value = '';
O("TextBox2").value = '';
O('TextBox3').value = '';}function O(id)
return document.getElementById(id);
}default.aspx page Untitled Page

top: 67px" Text="Button" Enabled="False" OnClick="Button1_Click" >
runat="server" style="width:83px; height:25px;"
onclick= "Clear()" tabindex="23" onserverclick="btnClear_ServerClick" >
top: 17px">
top: 67px">
top: 116px">

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How do I clear the Input text box using jquery..   (7 Views)

I have this code snippet in the see to show datepicker for input type..
});This is my Input Filed in the Fieldset..
for="FollowupDate"> Follow-up: Model.ExceptionID >" name="exc-flwup-Model.ExceptionID >" value="Model.FollowupDate >" >
Difficulty Is when I click on the textbox on the UI I can select the
date its working fine..
but when I'm attempting to clear the textbox its not going off its
allways displaying currect date and time..
Can anyone assist me why its I'm not able to make clear..
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How do I clear history of a page when logout   (1 Views)

I'm generating a web softwarewhen a user clicks logout it clears the session and also succesfully logsout,but when i press back button on browser it again displays the user is loged in,how to avoid this
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Make the lblOutput clear after a minute or when a user clicks the mouse any where   (7 Views)

HelloQuite difficult to define but ill provide it a shot. I've a form that adds a module code snippet, title and credit to a table in a db. When the add button is clicked the data is written to the table and the two fields module code(txtmodulecode), module title(txtmoduletitle)
are cleared and a message appears in the label(lbloutput): "addedsuccessfully"
After the button has been clicked once the "added successfully" is always displaying, is there anyway to make that disapear after a minute, Or, disapear when the user makes a mouse click any where
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How do I clear javascript cache   (4 Views)

I am displaying google map using aspx C# pae and javascriptwith different markers depending on dynamic data by reading from xml.Google Map is displaying decently but whenever data is changed edited data is decently populating in XML but my google map
isn't updating till I do not clear browser cache.
Pls let me know How can I clear cache
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clear clientside memory   (4 Views)

I am writting a site where when the user views an individual product the main image of the product is presented with thumbnails of other images given below. The solution is the user can see the other images by scrollingover them that changes the src of the main
image to the one twish to see. The difficulty is due to a cross browser compatibility difficulty and layout complications I've to set the width and height of the image when it changes so it fits in it is designated space using javascript. To make this work
more smoothely the images are preloaded when the page loads. This works just fine in all browsers except for internet explorer (the bain of my existance). On internet explorer the first time you go over a various image, the image loads but keeps the dimensions
of the previous image shown. It's only if you roll over the image again that it reloads the image with the right dimensions.
Is there anyway I can clear the clients memory of what it knows about the the main image before it applies the attributes of the new image
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clearing a textbox   (9 Views)

I have a search textbox that when the user clicks into it, it clears the value and awaits the new value to be passed to the search page.
When the user decides not to do a search and clicks outside the search textbox it defaults back to the 'What are u looking for' statement.
This is what I have so far:
protected void Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)
function doClear(obj) {
obj.value = "";
function doReset(obj) {
obj.value ="What are u looking for";
ControlSo far the only thing that allows me down is when I submit the newly added text it passes the default value, How do I receive round this
I hope I am making myself clear
Greatly appreciated
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