Boot password for airis Kira N7000 executing android Operating system?

Hello I have the airis Kira N7000 notebook executing android Operating System version 2.2-update aIRIS r1.13a
and I want to know does this Operating system have the ability to give any kind of user (or boot) password when powered on (similar to Windows Log-in password under windows)
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Notification gets disappeared when phone is rebooted   (8 Views)

I am working on alarms and making an app for task reminder.
I am displaying notification at scheduled time by user.
But when alarm rings notification appears . Then I switched off my phone , and again when I switched , on the notification receive disappeared(doesnt display the notification).
while in the case of SMS notifiaction(default android implementation) it does not receive disappeared until we drag the notification.
I want the same as like sms notification.
What should I do.
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grooveip switching between wifi and 3G must reboot   (9 Views)

When I have gooveip active and switch from 3G to wifi it does not login I must do a full reboot.... b/w 3G and wifi in order to successfully login ti the app. the app gives a message to wait, tried that... 40 mins later it still does not log in until I reboot. after reboot it always logs in perfectly.
Samsung Galaxy S (aT&T)
Froyo 2.2 android
Grooveip 1.1.6
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Editing apps that Start When Rebooted   (9 Views)

I re-booted my Dell Streak 7 the other day and saw a set of applications that seem to be executing (the default games and more). Heck the list seemed to match Windows 7 LOL
Is there a way to update this list that starts somehow (like msconfig in Windows)
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android Calendar loses repeat appointments on reboot   (4 Views)

I have a repeat appointment in the inbuilt android calendar. It repeats weekly. all is fine until I reboot. after a reboot none of the repeats display in the calendar at until I update the original and save it again.
The repeat appointments are all visible in Google calendar.
This is a major difficulty for me Is there any resolve workaround
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app to preserve ringer state by reboot?   (6 Views)

Hello I am using an HTC Dee, a bad choice apparently Like many other Desires mine has developed the fault of shutting down and rebooting at random. It does this ten or twelve times a day. The solution is to send it back to HTC under warranty. However, according to the thread on the Desire forum ttake around a month to resolve it, and even then there is a good chance that the fault will develop again
at the moment the main difficulty that this fault is causing me is that for the eight hours I am asleep the phone will almost certainly reboot itself. after a reboot the ringer state goes to vibrate (I set it to silent before I doze off). Because of this I receive woken up during the night by vibrating alerts. Recently the only way round this is to turn the phone off overnight. Equally during the day when I leave the phone lying around the house or office with the ringer set to loud it reboots itself, goes to vibrate, and I find I have missed a load of calls.
So is there a software that will remember what the ringer state is and restore it to that after a reboot
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Fast boot option in 4.0.4 Kyocera Rise   (119 Views)

Where can this function be found in 4.0.4 I swear I have seen it before but can't remember where in the settings.
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Notification Sound duplicates on reboot   (44 Views)

I noticed by accident that every time I reboot my HTC One X - (whether this is by shutting down and the turning back on or by doing a restart) that the notification sound called "Join Hangout" duplicates itself I now have twelve copies of this and cannot receive rid of them...
anyone else experienced this
PS: Executing Stock HTC Sense software 4.1. android 4.0.4. Software No: 2.17.415.2
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HTC EVO 3D Hboot 1.5 Cyanogen mod 7 phone overheating quickly dying assist?   (22 Views)

as the title implies I have the Evo 3D, and rooted it w the Htc boot unlocker method, I have hboot 1.5 sadly but it is still rooted, as soon as it got rooted, I flashed Cm7.1 onto it. amazing ROM I have to say, but it kills my battery like nothing I have ever seen, and the phone heats up to an excess than usual. 35-maybe 40 degrees. Celsius. I know It is not my battery, but I feel my cpu was the difficulty, so I got setcpu, set my min max to 385, a set slower, but the battery is still bad, plus the heating. I really want some answers from somebody who is in the same boat..but has improve battery life. I do not know if this is the right place to ask, but
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any apps re-boot ENTIRE phone w o battery pull?   (14 Views)

anyone know if there is an option to reboot the phone w o the pull Would be amazing. Thanks.
Dude, you are clearly a BlackBerry former user.
android isn't BlackBerry. a reboot is 100 the same with a battery pull here.
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Launcher Pro Desktop Visualizer icon reload w o reboot?   (13 Views)

I have 12 Desktop Visualizer widgets that are shortcuts to 12 programs. The icons are in a folder called sdcard icons _01.png -> _12.png
To change 'themes' I overwrite the 12 png files with another set of 12 (with the same file name), and reboot. When the phone comes up - I have the new icons. This way I can change looks with out removing & re-adding the DV widgets all over again.
any way to get LP and or DV to reload the newer graphics with out a reboot that anyone knows of
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lost that 2nd screen with all apps on the N2a boot   (6 Views)

Will do my best to make sense my difficulty. On the initial boot screen there was icon so bottom center screen giving me access to 2nd screen with most my apps. That access icon has been replaced by star that leads no where. I No doubt hit some thing endeavoring receive on line as I had change to WEP. Please advise if I amade any sense
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application to reboot the phone   (6 Views)

Does anyone know a good app that can reboot the phone I found one on the market but it did not have great feedback.
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Fat booth face warp   (12 Views)

does anyone know if the above is likely to be released for android I saw it tooday on a friends iphone and its certainly entertaining - provides u with the ability to take a pic of a persons face, then make them fat based on their facial features
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Can't boot into recovery mode anymore   (26 Views)

I recently have CM 6.1.2 on my original Moto Droid and wish to upgrade to the latest 7.0.0 RC. My difficulty is that I can't boot into get back mode to backup my current ROM or install new ones. I recently have CM Get back I have seen recommendations to flash the alternate recovery (SPRecovery) and back to CMR but every time I try, I get the error message "an error occurred while flashing ur recovery." I have tried booting into recovery about 10x, and it hasn't worked once since I installed CM 6.1.2.
Can anyone assist Thanks
PS - If this is not the best place to post this, please let me know where would be improve :-)
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apps loading on boot   (5 Views)

I've noticed lately that more and more apps automatically load themselves upon booting the phone. I am thinking the reason is that tthen load fastly when started. Difficulty is... with many apps installed it is just using up internal memory. I understand that some apps want to be active but many of them do not For example TapaTalk automatically loads. I just view no reason for this. TapaTalk will even go so far as to reload randomly.
as well all know phone manufactures have certain preinstalled apps load automatically... an educated guess is that those companies have paid the manufactures to have this done. But it is even more annoying that paid applications automatically load themselves when they do not want to
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Reorder startup apps boot screen that displays loading apps   (7 Views)

are there apps for the following purposes
1. Re-arrange the order of startup apps i.e., change the line twhen booting a phone.
2. Boot screens that display what apps are being loaded.
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phone as a USB boot device?   (5 Views)

I am newbie to the forum. I Currently received a free copy of Windows 7, the only computer I have right now is kind of old. Maybe a little old than I though since it can't even read DVDs, that is a big difficulty since the Windows 7 instaall disc is obviously a DVD. Right now, all I have is a bootleg copy of XP that my uncle installed when he owned it. So I am operating with XP with no service packs, that is risky business. I can't even install an up to date anti-virus since every thing requires SP2 or higher. applying for work and entering sensitive information on a computer that I am positive has at least a few viruses and possibly some spyware does not provide me peace of mind. I can borrow a laptop to transfer the files to a thumb drive, but I lost my good thumb drive and my other one is not big enough. So that leaves my phone (original Droid 2 with a 16 GB SD card) or my iPod (5th generation video, 80GB) I was admiring is if its possible to even do that. Is there an application that will make my phone behave more like a thumb drive, so I can boot from it
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Wanted: app that auto-reboots device on set day time   (4 Views)

For the second time in a month I had to 'fix' text messaging by shutting my Droid Incredible down and rebooting. This was Verizon's suggestion.
I'm thinking an auto-reboot app set up to reboot the DINC once a week, or even nightly, might be a smart thing to install.
Is there an auto-reboot app out there
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sony ericsson android 4.0.2.a.0.42 update with unlocked bootloader   (6 Views)

So a couple months ago i unlocked the bootloader for my sony ericsson xperia rayin order to root it. Now if i update it to the 4.0.2.a.0.42 version it bricks.. probertly the cause of the unlocked bootloader.Is there any way to update or to undo the unlocked bootloader
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boot animation auto maker aplication   (21 Views)

i hope this is the correct place to post this but is there and application or program to automake a boot aninmation like all u have to do is put in a small video clip or a gif and just basically hit go and it will make one for u becaus ei receive the concept of it but i just don't know to make a video image into the right format frame by frame
any assist with be appreciated
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