ajaxfileupload OnUploadComplete event handler does not edit server controls

I am using Master Page. I upgraded the AJAX control toolkit to 4.1.60623 (6 25 2012).
The OnUploadComplete event handler for ajaxfileupload does not edit the server control on the page like label, textbox, neither could it modify the viewstate variable of the page. It seems to me that this server function does not do postback of any kind.
I want to run some server code snippet to receive the duration of the multimedia uploaded, that can't be done in Javascript. I found some tricks on the internet using the Javascript to trigger a postback:http: easily-refresh-an-updatepanel-using-javascript .
This could trigger the postback, and, using some hidden fields, I could manage to resolve the difficulty.
But I am admiring if there is some simpler way to let the OnUploadComplete event handler run the server code and update the server control directly
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Need to have onchange event fire first before postback when enter key is pressed   (5 Views)

I have read a so several posts that do not quite address this problem. For the benefit of all man kind and myself I want a solution to this problem:
I have an updatepanel with many textboxes and a couple of buttons. PartialPostBack is conditional. The buttons are set up as postback triggers. I have an AsyncePostBack set up to a hidden button that I use for an onChange event on the textboxes. This
all works wonderfully when I click the next textbox or tab to the next textbox. However if I hit the enter key aftertyping in the textboxthe onchange event of the textbox does not fire, nor any of the validation on the updatepanel. I found this beauty
that at least makes the validation fire, but the onchange for the textbox still does not fire:
void EnterOnKeyDown(WebControl
targetControl, WebControl controlToPress)
"if(event.which || event.keyCode){if ((event.which == 13)"
+ "|| (event.keyCode == 13)) {document.getElementById('"
+ controlToPress.clientID + "').click();return false;}} else {return true};");
What I'd really like to seeis the onchange fire first and then the validation and then the postback. How do I do that I just wasted 6 hours looking for a solution so I'd be so appreciative of some assist and almost giddy if u had a code snippet example.
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Can not Find UpdatePanel in Gridview RowCommand event   (5 Views)

I'm having a gridview in a contentplace holder and the entire content is in an edit panel. Records will be populated in a gridview from the db with RATING control on the right side. If there are 100 rows in the gridview , when user selects 99th
record and cliks on rating image, after an operation is done the grid is being refreshed and scrollbars are moving up from the 99th record to 1st record.
I don't need to happen like that, eventhough user clicks on 99th record, the control has to be at the same place.. It shouldn't go up..
Any solutions to resolve this
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AJAX Timer Tick event error   (6 Views)

I have the following code snippet for timer tick event:
only 1 statement is working and the else are throwing an error message :
Microsoft JScript runtime error: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException: The message received from the server could not be parsed. Common causes for this error are when the response is modified by calls to Response.Write(), response filters, HttpModules, or server trace is enabled.
Details: Error parsing near '
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How do I register the keypress event in the HTMLEditor control?   (5 Views)

I am looking for a way (that works) to register the keypress event in the HTMLEditor control.
I need to make a custom processing when (for example) Ctrl+P is pressed.
Any solution
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AsyncFileUpload Server-Side events trouble   (3 Views)

I am having the same difficulty. However if u look at my post ...http: t 1547561.aspx
I have isolated it to a so small code snippet snippet. Seems like the script that is registereddoes not fire on the client side. I am wrackingmy brains on this one. If u receive an answer pls let me know.
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No execution of events   (3 Views)

this is my first post and english isn't my native language.
I a making a page under Visual Studio 2005 in ASP (C#). I've to use Ajax to edit some part of my page.
I'll try to expose my difficulty clearly :
When I use the calendar or a button Ajax work well,and the execution of the events is also working. But when i try a dropdownList or a RadioButtonList, the OnSelectedIndexChanged event is just not executing. The strange thing is that if i try to put a
button to run a similare event, it works.
Is it a well know situation What can i do
I have to use ATLAS, it seem to be a dead Librarie. Is Atlas able to generate that kind of difficulties
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Preventing asyncfileupload from uploading again on postback or refresh?   (27 Views)

everyone this difficulty is very common. But I've spent a set of time and have not found any real solution to it. I've an Asyncfile upload control and a gridview. Both are in various edit panels. Asyncfileupload1 is in updatepanel1 and gridview
is in updatepanel2. I used javascript to call a postback on updatepanel2 to receive the last uploaded image to show on the page. Uploading the first file say image1 works just fine. But when I select image2, the image1 is uploaded again to the db. Select
image3, image2 is uploaded again.
Any suggestion to prevent this
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UpdatePanel imageButton OnClick event not firing   (11 Views)

forget to set causevalidatioin property to false
check if this is the case
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Update Panel Click event not working.   (5 Views)

I am using UpdatePanel.
Inside updatepanel i clicked on linkbutton and it opens modalpopup server side.
After popup open i need to save the data. I added the Save button inside popup panel.
I added Postback trigger and asyncpostback trigger. It doesn;t goes to click event.
Not able to edit values. Popup close but does not work.
Any suggestion.
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Generic client side event for any server side request   (3 Views)

I am looking for generic client side event that would be fired before any server side trip it may be a postpack ajax or page redirect.
I am planning to popup requestSTART time by writing logic in this generic event. Any pointer on this
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UpdatePanel and ListView events   (4 Views)

I have a usercontrol with listview control nested inside an UpdatePanel and Panel. Given below is the layout:
UserControl :: Panel1 -> UpdatePanel -> Panel2 -> ListView
UpdateMode is set to conditional. Panel2's visibility is initially set to false.
In the having page I load the usercontrol and bind the ListView, turn on the panel2 and call the edit method of the updatepanel (since action is initiated by an external button and not a child of updatepanel)which shows the rows successfully.
However, none of the update, select or DELETE actions run the intended way. When I click any of those buttons, I can view the
UpdateProgress fine but the events seem to be not firing at all. Execution hitsthe PageLoad but not into any of those event handlers like
itemEditing, SelectedIndexChanging and more.
Do you know what I might be missing
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Modify ajax ComboBox TextChanged event   (9 Views)

is it possible to modify the ComboBox's TextChanged event from The AjaxToolkit Extender and how can i do it
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ReorderList does not fire update event   (4 Views)

I have my ReorderList setup and it seems to work. It does not provide me any bugs, and it allows drag drop of the entries.
BUT, it never updates my datasource. I have tried putting breakpoints on the edit events, both on the reorder list, but also on the datasource, none fires.
What could i possibly do wrong, to achieve this
Here's my code snippet, just in case:

'ToolTip='' >

InsertCommand="insert into lm_project_slate (ID,TITLE,description,OWNER,ENDDATE,SORTORDER,PRIVATE) values
SelectCommand="select ID,TITLE,description,OWNER,ENDDATE,SORTORDER,PRIVATE from lm_project_slate order by SORTORDER"
UpdateCommand="edit lm_project_slate set TITLE=:TITLE, description=:description, OWNER=:OWNER, ENDDATE=:ENDDATE,
onupdated="OracleSource_Updated" onupdating="OracleSource_Updating">

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itemCommand event not wrapped in UpdatePanel.Triggers.AsyncPostBackTrigger   (6 Views)

I'm using context menu control
http: en-us magazine cc163848.aspxinside an Updatepanel:

AutoHide="False" OnitemCommand="menuVisor_itemCommand">

My difficulty is itemCommand raises a full Postback.
Pls can u assist me
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Finding accordion pane client event   (3 Views)

I have difficulty with accordion pane client side events and found this solutions on old posts:
function accSelectedChange(sender eventArgs) {
if (eventArgs.get_propertyName() ==
function pageLoad() {


window.onload = function mapFunc(){
alert('before finding accordion');
var accord = $find('_AccordionExtender');
alert(accord .id + ' goes for setting behaviour. ');
} catch (e) { alert(e.message); }

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updatepanel dynamically created controls and events not firing.   (8 Views)

I amdynamically adding controls to a page with an updatepanel. The controls do trigger a post back but their events do not fire.
For instance:LinkButton link =
link.Height = 45;
link.Width = 250;
link.Font.Underline =
link.Font.Bold =
link.ValidationGroup = "NoValidation";
link.Click += new
EventHandler(EventDoesNotFire);I have set a break point on the Load_Page and in the EventDoesNotFire method. The Load_Page fires but it never enters the EverDoesNotFire method. Any assistance
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is there a event called 'ondrop'?   (4 Views)

I am using dragpanelextenderand,i need to save the position of the panel to the profile after user drop it,
but I am admiring that event should i use to do the saving
i tried onmouseup,but it does not work in IE--user triggers the onmouseup event only if tdidn't move it
this post,http: p 1188549 4134284.aspx#4134284,tells that there is a event called "ondrop"
but my vs and browser told that there is no such thing.
so,what should i do to deal By this difficulty.
thx for any suggestion and examples.
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show modal popup on page load event?   (17 Views)

I have placed an modal popup extender on my page. it works just fine when
a button is target controlId but I need to display it when user enters page.
so I put the given below in the page load event but nothing happens (ie6)
Is this the right way
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show value in label on textbox alter event   (9 Views)

I need to display value in label on textbox alter event means when user enter text in text box then this value should show in label . I'm using this:

========================================================protected void TextBox5_TextChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e) { ViewState["xyz"]
= Convert.ToInt32(TextBox4.Text) - Convert.ToInt32(TextBox5.Text); ViewState["xyz1"] = Convert.ToInt32(ViewState["xyz"].ToString())
* 100; lbldiff.Text = ViewState["xyz"].ToString(); lblprofit.Text = ViewState["xyz1"].ToString(); }
protected void TextBox5_TextChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e)
ViewState["xyz"] = Convert.ToInt32(TextBox4.Text) - Convert.ToInt32(TextBox5.Text);
ViewState["xyz1"] = Convert.ToInt32(ViewState["xyz"].ToString()) * 100;
lbldiff.Text = ViewState["xyz"].ToString();
lblprofit.Text = ViewState["xyz1"].ToString();
but It's displaying on button click, not at the time of textbox alterplease reply me..
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Is there supposed to be a semicolon on the end of button onclick event?   (6 Views)

I am performing a dynamic modalpopupextender in my code snippet and when I am adding the onclick attribute (which is supposed to run server side code, right) It's putting a semicolon on the end. I am using create
40412. Here's my code where I am dynamically generating my modal from within a master page.
Global Declaratins:
PublicWithEventsbtnNoAsNewButton() Protected Friend Sub openModalYesNo(ByVal message As String, ByVal title As String)
'add a hidden field
Dim hf As New HiddenField()
hf.ID = "dummyTarget"
'This is the Yes button. Note that It's declared as a global so that it can access the event methods
btnYes.Text = "Yes"
btnYes.CssClass = "confirm-button"
btnYes.ID = "btnYes"
'btnYes.CausesValidation = False
btnYes.UseSubmitBehavior = True
btnYes.Attributes.add("onclick", "btnYes_Click")
'This is the No button. Note that It's declared as a global so that it can access the event methods
btnNo.Text = "No"
btnNo.CssClass = "confirm-button"
btnNo.ID = "btnNo"
'Add the ajax toolkitscriptmanager
Dim tksManager As AjaxControlToolkit.ToolkitScriptManager = New AjaxControlToolkit.ToolkitScriptManager
'tksManager.CombineScripts = False
tksManager.EnablePageMethods = True
'Create the error message panel that every thing will rest on
Dim msgPanel As New Panel()
msgPanel.ID = "msgPanel"
msgPanel.CssClass = "modalPanel"
msgPanel.Wrap = True
'div used with stylesheet for Header
msgPanel.Controls.add(New LiteralControl(""))
msgPanel.Controls.add(New LiteralControl(title))
msgPanel.Controls.add(New LiteralControl(""))
'div used with stylesheet for Content
msgPanel.Controls.add(New LiteralControl(""))
msgPanel.Controls.add(New LiteralControl(message))
msgPanel.Controls.add(New LiteralControl(""))
'div used with stylesheet for Buttons
msgPanel.Controls.add(New LiteralControl(""))
msgPanel.Controls.add(New LiteralControl(""))
'Create the modal remove OKControlID and OnOKScript to let server-side events to occur
Dim modal As New AjaxControlToolkit.ModalPopupExtender()
modal.TargetControlID = "dummyTarget"
modal.PopupControlID = "msgPanel"
modal.BackgroundCssClass = "modalBackground"
modal.PopupDragHandleControlID = "msgPanel"
'Add all the controls to the form in the aspx
'Display the modal popup extender
End Sub
I have tried every variation of onclientclick and onclick attributes and played around with every setting of usesubmitbehavior and causesvalidation, but with no success
Now.. the onclick is supposed to be the server-side execution right Well, when I alter usesubmitbehavior to false (serverside) and add an onclick attribute of btnYes_Click, it puts a stupid semi-colon on the end. This is what is displaying up in my client
see source:Is this the cause of my woes
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