AdRotator in Edit panel shows ad images with a delay.


As for the existing realization: Pls check and view if it refeshes fine at ur site. Firefox still displays AlternateText then image when I look at it.
As for the SlideShow exteneder. Decided to go that way even before reading ur suggestion. BUT =(, it does not allows u to supply a link the user will be forwarded to when clicking on an image. Therefore, slideshow control isn't suitable for displaying advertisments,
since tusually lead to a link, rather then easy delivering a visual message. Thanks for looking at the difficulty anyway.
Max =)
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Back button and update panel trouble   (2 Views)

I have a search page that uses an AJAX edit panel to deliver results to the user. Tcan then browse to a product page for more info. So far so good...
My difficulty occurs when they are on a product page and use the back button. They are redirected to the search page but its a blank search page and not the one they left when they clicked for product details. I realise this is because the browser only made
a history 'marker' (I don't know the technical term) when they first came to the search page, so this is what it returns them to.
Does anybody know how I can make the back button redirect the user to the search page as it was when they left it I have tried making the page expire immediately and storing the search terms in session state so I can rebuild the page when they click 'back'.
This works in IE, but not in Firefox as it seems to just load out the old page from the cache irrespective of the expiration policy I set. As if that werent bad enough, this also causes 'corrupted state info' error message when they try to search again.
Any ideas
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update panel in content page   (1 Views)

iam using master page and I'm using edit panel in content pages (child pages)
my questions is that can use updatepanel in every child page or master page only.
give your ideas I've senario , in a page I've file upload concept ,updatepanel
is not support that fileupload.


Pls refer this thread for can Iuse updatepanel in every child page or master page only
http: p 1575973 3958311.aspx
http: p 1488835 3493367.aspx
http: 2008 04 23 why-you-should-not-place-your-whole-site-in-an-updatepanel
For file upload control in udpate panel
FileUploaddoesn't support UpdatePanel.You can put the FileUpload outside of updatepanel. That doens't make scense toput it into an updatepanel.
Can you try the asyncFileUpload Probably that is appropriate for you.
http: p 1525860 3683989.aspx
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Dynamically generating linkbuttons to update a panel ~ PostBackURL's   (19 Views)

I was all done then Ithought about using an UpdatePanel to receive rid of the annoying "flicker" when the page posts back on the click of the link button.As, you're redirecting to a various pages for various linkbuttons, Page will flicker and edit panel may not solve the difficulty I think.
If you need to avoid page refresh, you can look at Tab Control
http: ajax ajaxcontroltoolkit samples tabs tabs.aspx
You can keep tabs for news,Publications and more.,

The Tab control looks pretty cool, but would not fit the design requirement. Can I "recreate" the functionality of the tabbed control in mycodebehind Ifso, can you point me in the right direction. I realize now that I should not use the PostBackURL, but
what do I need to use then so when thelinkbuttons are clicked, theyrefill the updatepanel

You can use an iframe to display appropriate content when a link button is clicked.

Code Behind:protected void RefreshContent(Object sender, EventArgs e)
switch (((LinkButton)sender).ID)
case "LinkButton1":
frmContent.Attributes.add("src", "http:");
case "LinkButton2":
frmContent.Attributes.add("src", "http:");
case "LinkButton3":
frmContent.Attributes.add("src", "http:");
case "LinkButton4":
frmContent.Attributes.add("src", "http:");
Will that work
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How do I Refresh Gridview data from update panel in specified time   (7 Views)

I've some search criteria.
after filling all criteria when i press search button the result arrives in gridview nw when searchbutton pressed after that every 20seconds i wana 2 edit gridview data that is in edit panel
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Help with creating a realtime status update log   (3 Views)

I have a web software written in C#.I wana part of the software to edit a multiline textbox asthe program progresses througha loop. I'd likethe web interface to edit the textbox to display the status in realtime (or viatimer set to 1secondintervals).
Im newbie to web and ajax. I have tried many tools methods and have had any luck.
Does anybody have any ideas on accomplishing this
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How do I dynamically add table rows within update panel ?   (2 Views)

In my webform I've3-4 textbox, on there textchange event I've to fetch data from db and put it on the form. I've taken another html table(with runat="server") belowtextbox and and in textchange event generated a new , and just
added contents in , then finally added in the table. This is done in UpdatePanel.
When i enter some thing in textbox1 data is added in that table,that's fine.
But when i enter some thing in 2nd textbox the previous data is overridden.
My requirement is that if 2nd textbox's text changes than another row with appropiate data should be added, i.e., now two rows.
Silimarly if 3rd ,4th textbox data changes then subsequently 3 or 4 rows should be presented.
What should i do
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How do I refresh image updated with AsyncFileUpload   (3 Views)

I've generated an AsyncFileUpload device that uploads an image in ListView but it does not refresh on the page until the page is manually refreshed. Any solutions on how can i prove this This is the applicable code snippet:
In ListView control:



After ListView control:

Code-behind: Protected Sub fulUpload_UploadedComplete(ByVal sender As Object ByVal e As AsyncFileUploadEventArgs)
Dim ful As AsyncFileUpload = Util.FindChild(Me, "fulUpload")
Dim userName As String = Membership.GetUser().ToString
'If ful IsNot Nothing Then
If ful.HasFile Then
Dim strF As String = Profile.FirstName
Dim strL As String = Profile.LastName
Dim strFile As String = ful.FileName
If strFile <> "" Then
strFile = strF & strL & "_" & strFile
intIndex = Request.QueryString("index")
'set save location
strFile = SetFilePath(strFile, intIndex)
'save image to disk
Catch ex As Exception
lbl.Text = "Error message: " & ex.Message.ToString
End Try
' 'pnl = Util.FindChild(Parent, "pnlPopup") 'for user control
' pnl = Util.FindChild(Page, "pnlPopup")
' If pnl IsNot Nothing Then pnl.Visible = False
WritetoDB(strFile, intIndex)
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
End If
End If
End Sub

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How do I update a Grid view using Ajex   (4 Views)

how to edit a Grid see using Ajexmy query is select * From erp where emp>10;then edit the grdi see using ajex if any button Click
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ajax update2   (4 Views)

if i add an edit panel and edit processor in the ascx file what changes do I've to make in the c# file to load the updatepanel and edit processor on a button click.
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Use update progress control to alter image control imageurl   (4 Views)

Great Several
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dificulty using modal popup with AJAX accordion and update panel   (21 Views)

guys. I am having a little bit of problem By this combination of controls and thought I would throw it out there to view if anyone has an solution. For my sample I've an ajax accordion with 2 panes. The first pane contains a button that when clicked causes
the second pane to appear. I have wraped the accordion inside an edit panel and made that the target of a modal popup. The solution is that while I wait for the second pane to appear a "Loading" panel pops up and then goes away when the second pane appears.
(The reason I am doing this is that there isgoing to be a gridview in pane 2 that needs about 40 seconds to databind on the basis of input entered in pane 1) I can get the popup to ... popup..., but I can not seem to get it to hide. I have also tried using an updateProgress
with the same result.
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Wired error on update panel   (2 Views)

Today morning i open my source and on the edit panel tag (" Element 'UpdatePanel' isn't a known element ", with red under-line. And the wired things is non of the other controls within the edit panels, intellisence are missing. How do I solve this.
In many search on google I found the opening the master page solve this, seems silly to me. I did that but did not work at all.
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dynamic contrlos in updatepanel   (2 Views)

I read many posts about dynamically generated controls in an UpdatePanel but none of them solved my difficulty because I can not put my code snippet in the page_load.
My dynamic control is an easy linkbutton called linkBTN It's generated in the updatePanel (UpdatePanel1) after clicking a button (Button1):
when I click linkBTN and the nothing changed to the label1 text (label1 is in the same updatepanel), can anybody tell me how can i solve this difficulty
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Trouble with dynamically adding a link button to an updatepanel   (10 Views)

I've gone by many posts on this forum about adding a linkbutton to an updatepanel dynamically. A set of them say just provide it a unique ID and some say you've to register add an AsyncPostBackTrigger to the triggers collection. I've
tried both and neither work. I've this easy test that I generated - the code snippet is given below - there is nothing else in this project but the code you view so I know nothing else is interfering with it. I've also seem people complaining that the linkbutton causes
the entire page to postback - in my case nothing happens... I've seen people talk about having to add the triggers on the page init however I can not do that - I'm dynamically generating menus on the basis of a selection in a listbox... (not in this easy test but
in a larger project)
I am using Visual web developer express 2010 if that makes any difference.
Any advice would be great
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tree view + no postback + update panel   (11 Views)

master page - content page layout
On my content page I wana two edit panels one to contain a tree see dynamically created from a db and the other to contain dynamically created data (also pulled from a db) on the basis of what is selected in the tree see. It's my understanding
that tree see can't be in an edit panel. What is the best strategy for accomplishing this I do not wana a postback to be performed when an item is selected in the tree see. In other words, I do not wana the entire page (form) refreshed just because
an item in the tree see is selected.
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panel out of update panel should be made invisible   (6 Views)

hiI've a panel out of edit panel.I've to make it hidden while navigating by various tabsi tried these codesPanel1.Attributes["style"] = "show: 'none';";
Panel1.Attributes.add("style", "Show:none;");Panel1.Attributes.add("style","visibility:hidden");
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Trouble using a user control's UpdatePanel.Update() from a page-level update panel's function call   (2 Views)

I've exempted the irrelevant bits of code snippet. Essentially I'm attempting to alter the URL of an image control inside of an edit panel inside of a custom user control from a function called inside an edit panel from my main page. Using UpdatePanel.Edit()
is not working: I end up waiting for the next full page POST to occur before all the updates I make to CustomControl from buttons within the main page's edit panel are visible.
I verified that Edit() was being called via the debugger: there are no issues in that department.
Here, u can view Custom Control and the Button declared. The button is in an edit panel to avoid giving a full POST and causing the whole page to reload.
=====Main Page=======

This control stores images within their own seperate edit panels because rerendering the images is so slow (it requires processing arrays of millions of datapoints) and the user only ever needs to modify one image at a time. I'm using image1 as an example.

This does a ton of calculations, changes a Session variable, then tells image 1 to edit, on the basis of the new data.
=====Main Page Code Behind======
public void DoStuff(Object sender, EventArgs e){
Does stuff
}I'm changing the URL back and forth as a diagnostic. On the main page, the image url does not ever alter, no matter how several times I click Button1.
======CustomControl Code Behind======
public void updatePanel1()
if (image1.imageUrl.Equals("Histmaker.aspx" + "array=" + "1"))
image1.imageUrl = "Histmaker.aspx";
image1.imageUrl.Equals("Histmaker.aspx" + "array=" + "1");
}If somebody could assist me By this difficulty, that would be awesome
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Click on Gridview button column that is in updatepanel does not work in Firefox   (9 Views)

I am so new in c#. I am attempting to update data from gridview button column click. the code snippet is given given below:
Once I click that button, OnitemCommand="datagrid_itemCommand" method should be called.
Its working in IE but not in Firefox.
Any assistance will be highly appriciated.
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changing image using adrotator after every 10 seconds   (11 Views)

im using adrotator with adrotator im able to alter the image at every refreshing of the page
but im not able to do so after every 10 seconds . i knw that I've to use timer
but don't have any solution
please advise me with some exmaple
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update panel and adrotator   (4 Views)

This article will display u how implment this correctly.
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