Wrapping text around a sphere

. Have a problem I need pointers on, not exactly expert stuff so I've placed it here.

Before I elaborate, here's the object in question

I'm trying to find a quick way to realistically wrap text onto the surface of this sphere, and initial experiments in CS2 with the Arc warp and some perspective finangling have proved below expectations.


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, I'm a novice at Photoshop, and learning as I play around with it. Still learning the basics.. I have a picture of a girl in a dress. The background is white(ish) and some of the girl's dress is white as well as her blouse. If I select the magic eraser tool the background is viped out, but parts of the skirt and shirt get wiped out as well... I've read somewhere how to solve this problem, selecting only certain "ranges" of a colour, so that not all the different whites' get erased... Would be very greatful if anyone can help me with this problem.. Have also created some text and have added a drop shadow.. is there any way to get the drop shadow to be another colour than grey (i.e. green, pink, blue).. , When you're in the drop shadow layer style options, the portion labeled Blend Mode and the drop down box shows multiply, right next to is is a black color chip. Click on that and choose to your heart's content.
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