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is it possible to move up the screen somewhat like shown in the image i'm using cs3.

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 01:47:26 AM Total Views:  455
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The size will depend on the visitor.. a lot of people come to your siet with different screens and thus resolutions. This is what i get on my site: 1024*768 52,33% 1280*1024 19,95% 800*600 8,64% 1152*864 7,46% 1600*1200 2,89% 1280*960 2,37% 1280*800 1,03% 1280*854 0,94% 1400*1050 0,79% 1440*900 0,64% The smallest is 800*600.. either you provide a size for them and center it so the other sizes see it in the middle of the page and won't be bothered too much by the size of your design. Or you make a page that adapts itself to the size of the visitor.. takes a lot more work if you want to go that way.
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I have a table that works fine apart from one of the images in the table you can see the webpage here now the problem is the image storybox-right.gif (the middle right board image) will move if the screen res is 1280 by 1024 or 1280 by 960 most of the other screen res look ok could some one have a look at my tables and tell me what I am doing wrong
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, I was wondering how I could go about changing the default Proof Setup from Working CMYK too Monitor RGB. cheers