Removing, or toning down, or adjusting colors in Photoshop

Hi again !

I request your help once again. I've been working on a render, but what prevents me from finishing it is the fact that there is this incongruous, bluish white highlight in the subject of my render's hair. I want to fix it so I can remove the blue and white highlight, and have that area match the rest of her hair, but I'm not sure how to go about this. Attached is a pic of what I'm working on, with a yellow line around the area I want to fix. Any pointers and tips given to me on how to fix this part of her hair would be greatly appreciated.

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I just went back to college and I'm getting a bachelor of fine arts, computer imaging degree. Will traditional art classes like drawing, painting, and sculpture help me in PS The degree also specializes in indesign and publisher.
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I am making a paint scheme for realflight g3..and i would like to be able to take a jpg picture and put it on the wing of the plane .but i cant seem to figure it out..Any help would be appreciated
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I need this repaired ASAP. I must do some editing for a client and I am now in trouble if I don't get this fixed ASAP. I just don't get this! I had 512megs of memory and occassionally had out of memory issues in photoshop. So I spent $100+ to get 1 GIG more and now with a total 1.46GIG's of RAM installed and I STILL get the famous error "Could not complete your request because there is not enough memory (RAM)" In fact, I am getting MORE out of memory errors in photoshop with 2X more RAM than I started with.. I originaly had the default 50% ram given to adobe.. and then tried 75% and still get the errors 90% of the time. I checked windowsXP Task Manager Processes and indicates that photoshop is using no more than approx 300-400megs of ram with approx 1010megs being given to photoshop, YET according to Processes, photoshop.exe is only using between 41MEGS - 400megs.. Processes claims a Commit Charge of "2244M/2688M" HELP!!! Adobe recommends 384Megs of ram.. If that is the case, HOW can I be running out of memory if I have 1.4 GIGS Cache is set to 1.. I've tried up to 9.. The computer: CPU: Pentium 3.0 GHz RAM: 1.46GIGs
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I have been erasing the hue layers when i do specific pictures when i want the backround to be a different hue than the foreground. And i would select the hue layer, and just use the erase tool and it would remove that specific hue in that area... Well now i will not do that anymore. I must have checked some box on accident or somthing. when i select the eraser tool and the hue layer, it shows the eraser circle on the picture, but it will not erase anything... please help
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hi, i need to put some hair in a bold's guy image, my teacher told me to do it by painting one by one, with a 1px brush, but i think there should be an easier way to do it anybody can help me
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Is there a way to make a brush do a squiggly line instead of using the pen tool and try to add anchors and move them I'm trying this for a project.
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. Have a problem I need pointers on, not exactly expert stuff so I've placed it here. Before I elaborate, here's the object in question I'm trying to find a quick way to realistically wrap text onto the surface of this sphere, and initial experiments in CS2 with the Arc warp and some perspective finangling have proved below expectations. Thoughts
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Hi I work in the digital retouching industry and would like some help from other experts. I Sometimes get an image of a women with very wavy hair on a difficult background and have trouble removing her and putting her on another background. I have tried and tested fluid mask and ultimate knockout which are good if the background is very simple but very poor if its alot of dark colors that are like the hair. What techniques or programs do you get the best results from.
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please help me i am at my wits end with CS4. I am a photography teacher at a secondary school in England. Over the summer holidays the school network has been updated to RMCC 4 and I was asssured this would make photoshop run much smoother. Unfortunately we now have an intermittent fault where Photoshop decides to crash when students are working causing them to lose all their work. I spend most lessons running around trying to solve ICT issues rather than teach them. The problem occurs largely when they are using laptops but also whenever they go to print. A message pops up in windows 7 that says photoshop has found a problem with two options to search the internet and shut the program or to just shut the program. Either option obviously results in the program shutting down and all work being lost. The machine specs meet all the requirements I am now expert and the schools ICT technician is out of his depth in regards to this problem. Please help Ben
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I accidentally deleted some photos from a memory card. I recovered them using software called "Recover My Files". This software recovered the files but now I can't open them in CS3. I took these with an old Canon Rebel DSLR and they should not need converting, they opened fine before I deleted them. Any advice much appreciated. I really need these photos.
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is it possible to move up the screen somewhat like shown in the image i'm using cs3.