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Hi I work in the digital retouching industry and would like some help from other experts. I Sometimes get an image of a women with very wavy hair on a difficult background and have trouble removing her and putting her on another background. I have tried and tested fluid mask and ultimate knockout which are good if the background is very simple but very poor if its alot of dark colors that are like the hair. What techniques or programs do you get the best results from.

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! I'm very new to photoshop and I'm trying to make a birthday card. To do this I need to cut a girl out from a background. Yesterday I played around with paths, but its very hard to get a good result. Today I've been trying other methods with limited success. I've been watching tutorials and seem to be making some progress, but not quite there! Here is what I've done. 1. Open a file in photoshop. 2. Duplicate the layer. 3. Go to layer style. 4. Drag the 'this layer' bar at the bottom right down. I saw this done in a tutorial to remove hair from a background and it seems to remove bright areas. In the tutorial the background was white so this left the image mostly intact. However in my image the background is dark so this leaves the image gone and the background in tact. This leaves me with a silhouette with the curls of the hair present. What I want to do is select everything that isn't now just blank and turn that into a layer mask that I can put over the original picture. That will leave me with the picture without the background. Here's where I'm running into difficulty. Its probably really easy, but I just can't work out how to do it. Magic wand doesn't because the selection is not perfect. Does any of that make sense Sorry I've been confusing myself! Is this a good way of doing this or are there better ways Every tutorial I've seen involves bright backgrounds. Unfortunately the image I have is the only one I can use...
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hi, i am using photoshop 7 + cannot figure out how to do something. i have a scan of a line drawing in black ink on white paper. first thing i want to figure out is how to make the white disappear so that i can select the drawing itself without the white box around it. second thing: how do make the line drawing change color i would like to make it white so that i can place it on a colored background + have it appear to be in relief any help would be great.
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Hi , please help me to remove the background of this image. i use mask pro. but no luck at all Faizal
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. I'm new to the forum, but I'm hoping someone can make my first time asking for advice useful How would I get rid of the lens flare in the center of the attached image (both the colour and the distortion in the image)
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as an alternative to using the magic wand to remove a color to transparency (which leaves fine detail, say in a line drawing, in a very sorry state) i saw someone use the multiply function in layer options to remove all white from a greyscale image leaving black lines over transparency. neat, i thought. until i came to try it myself. does anybody know this trick gratefully... fazz
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I would like to remove the text from this picture so that i can write my own, is that possible I need this for a school project due tomorrow If someone knows, please let me know, thx Henrik
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PhotoshopTechniques forum. I didn't really see a "Say here" thread so this'll have to do: My name is Justin and hopefully I can become of some familiarity overtime. I haven't worked too much on Photoshop (novice sure) but I'm slowly getting aquatinted with its tools and uses as my photo collection grows. Anyway on with a challenge. I have several sets of photos taken with a Kodak DX4530 (now in the junk closet). The photos are not too bad, but if you take it near any light whatsoever, it leaves big vertical red lines in the picture %( Here's an example: My friends really like this picture so I attempted to fix it. I adjusted the levels for the Red and Blue channels of the image and this was the result: A million times better I think. I suppose I could lighten it a bit later, but those darn lines keep it at 3 stars instead of 5 stars. Hope one of you experts can clue me in on what to do. Or better yet, fix it and tell me what you did.
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, still learning Photoshop. Wondering if anyone can help me here. I took this pic and did not see the flares until I got home. Can anyone help me If anyone wants the RAW file, just let me know! Thank you - Keith
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Below is a picture of a rally car part for protecting an area of its suspension. The picture was taken with the part sitting on a cardboard box, and I am trying to remove the cardboard from all the inner elements. (please no comments about the part being on a cardboard box, this has already been mentioned to the photographer....) The remove background tools are not working well for me, so I was creating paths, making a selection and then clearing the background. There are many identical areas within the image where the background is to be removed, but I have no idea how to go about this repetitive task. As you can see in the image attached I have cut the image out, and also cut out one of the sections. Now I am stuck... Should I be making a clipping mask and copying my selections somehow
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How to remove the text from a image and put my custom text. It is a wordpress header image from "evening shade" wordpress theme.
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Everyone, I have no idea why this smiley is named 'chomp', from my point of view it looks like he is banging his head against the wall which is what I am feeling right about now... I have been trying to figure out how to uninstall VersionCueCS2. I googled the issue and on every web site that I found out of 7 pages of information, every one says there is an uninstall final in the Adobe folder in Program Files. Well not only is there not an uninstall file anywhere in the VersionCue folder inside the Adobe folder, none of the folders in the entire Adobe folder (which is comprised of 8 folders in all) have any uninstall files. When you go to the start program you can open VersionCue but there is no uninstall choice there either. It is not listed in the add/remove programs section of the control panel and if you try and uninstall any adobe product that comes with CS2, you have to remove the entire piece of software. Might there be someone out there that has gone through this and can help Thank you in advance for answering my post, Jen
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Probably the easiest way would be to use the "Colour range" selection option under the "Selection" Menu. Use the "additive" eyedropper (the one with the plus sign next to it) tool to select all the red bits (and whatever other colours you want to get rid of). When you are happy, click OK then go to the selection menu and choose "Invert" (command+I/control+I). Then go to Edit>Copy, the Edit>Paste. This will create a new layer with just the black lines on it (and whatever else you didn't select using the colour range option). You can the delete the original coloured layer to be left with a black outline. Hope this helps , What are the layers in the .psd file like Is there more than one
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, I'm a novice at Photoshop, and learning as I play around with it. Still learning the basics.. I have a picture of a girl in a dress. The background is white(ish) and some of the girl's dress is white as well as her blouse. If I select the magic eraser tool the background is viped out, but parts of the skirt and shirt get wiped out as well... I've read somewhere how to solve this problem, selecting only certain "ranges" of a colour, so that not all the different whites' get erased... Would be very greatful if anyone can help me with this problem.. Have also created some text and have added a drop shadow.. is there any way to get the drop shadow to be another colour than grey (i.e. green, pink, blue).. , When you're in the drop shadow layer style options, the portion labeled Blend Mode and the drop down box shows multiply, right next to is is a black color chip. Click on that and choose to your heart's content.
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Why is it that after I upgraded Illustrator, my cut and pasted vectors paste into photoshop as a solid image with a white background I don't want a white background. I want the lines to appear as they used to with my previous version of Illustrator where I could resize and use as lines. Any clue on how to cut and paste in vector form would be appreciated!