Question on brushes.

Is there a way to make a brush do a squiggly line instead of using the pen tool and try to add anchors and move them I'm trying this for a project.

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I am fairly new to Photoshop CS and I am trying to do something now. I have a letter that has writing on it with a colored background that I scanned and put on to a disk. I am trying to cut certain parts off of that letter without pulling the color background also. Can someone help me on what I need to do. Also is it possible to be able to rewrite my own statements where the part that I cut out is at
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Can I insert text in photoshop and photoshop image ready When I say text I mean the content of a site. Example Inserting the whole content of 'about us' in PSD How do I make sure the text is not image but html. Also Is it possible to make text not sizeable in the browser something like using css. Hope I am clear in explaining what I want to accomplich...if not please let me know ok.
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I have an image in PS that I have feathered around the edges. I have saved this image both as a TIFF and as a JPEG and still, when I try to open it in Publisher, the feathering effect is lost. Can anyone shed some light on this for me
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I just went back to college and I'm getting a bachelor of fine arts, computer imaging degree. Will traditional art classes like drawing, painting, and sculpture help me in PS The degree also specializes in indesign and publisher.
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Code, while basic, is perfectly fine providing the image is sitting in the same directory as the html file.
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I'm beyond newbie I think, but I don't even know where to begin. How would you change it so that instead of looking dead on at the center it was more of a side view If that's possible all the help, discounting mental, would be appreciated.
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How long to you spend on your work (an individual piece) Often I get impatient and I feel like it should just come flowing out and all I am getting is a trickle. Maybe the rounds of PST have warped me, but I feel like I am really slow at this stuff. Why I am imposing a time limit on myself...I have no idea.
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Hi all, OK so I played around with the preferences in PS and have not figured this out. When I have a webpage background color of say #ADB7D9 and I have a .png image with a background set at the same hex value, why does it appear slightly different on the webpage, enough to really notice it. Is there a setting Im missing Is it because it's a .png