Put Hair in a bald guy

hi, i need to put some hair in a bold's guy image, my teacher told me to do it by painting one by one, with a 1px brush, but i think there should be an easier way to do it
anybody can help me

Posted On: Monday 29th of October 2012 09:22:49 PM Total Views:  451
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I have a sliced image, which i'm trying to "save for web" using JPG format for all slices, but when i select the JPG settings (these in right) it outputs as a JPG only one of the slices, and everything else is GIF! If i select all slices one by one and set them to save as JPG, it will work, but that's just too much slices, and i think there should be better way I have experienced similar problem in CS1, but don't remember how managed to fix it so, please help
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Hi , Im new to this photoshop forum and ive had a bit of a poke at tryign to find the solution to my problrms but nithing yet has been fitting. Basically when im out putting html from photoshop after slicing im getting these odd spacer.gif slices created but cant trace them any where to the psd they just dont exsist. they look like this currently in the code...
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all, whats up I have a question for all of you. I want to create an action that will take individual pictures and put them on a template, and then ask for user input as to the name, year, etc. How do I get a user input box If i can't get a user input box, are there any alternatives I'm hoping to do this in Photoshop.
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So I used to be able to do this in CS3, but recently got CS5 and found that I can't exactly do the same anymore. What I did was make a group, then a mask on the group and then the mask was a pattern. I'd make a new layer for the group and anything I did in the group had a nice texture/pattern (according to whatever I put in the mask). Now I tried the same thing, same steps -> Make new group -> Mask -> Fill adjustment layer and it just makes a new layer in the group. I KNOW I'm doing this all wrong, but have yet to find a way to put a pattern into my mask (when I try to paste, it makes a new layer). I usually am using the default textures that come with photoshop. Help appreciated!
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hey , im looking to start digital painting, looking for a new laptop. whats the bare minimum a laptop should have in terms of specs. processing speed, ram, video card, version of photoshop, tablet, monitor resolution, etc.. i know apple would be top choice. whats after apple i like apple too, but too used to windows os. i want to be fairly up to date to last me several years, but not so up to date where i have fork over fortune. my price range, $1300-1500 CAD much appreciated.
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I am designing web pages in Illustrator (CS1) and exporting the files as a PSD with layers. I then open the files in Photoshop (CS1) on my computer, play around with the layers (cleaning them up) and re-save it (Save, not Save As). When I send to the developer (who works on a PC) he can't open the file. He is using CS4 version 11 (cracked version with serial code). At first I thought it was the issue of exporting from Illustrator to Photoshop but I've tried sending a basic (new) file created in Photoshop with a few simple elements and text and the same thing happens. I've also tried sending to a friend who who uses CS4 on a PC and he could open it. He then re-saved it and sent it back and the developer could open the file. This issue has only come up in the last few days. The developer has received Photoshop files from me before that have worked (created in Photoshop). The only things changed with CS on my computer was the installation of a favicon plug-in that has now been removed.
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, i've got a problem for quite some time with photoshop. Everytime i do a couple of brushstrokes, especially with brushes larger than 50 pixels, the program locks up my computer. It worked just fine before, but then my video card broke, and i had to use my onboard card that takes 32 mb's out of the computer RAM. When i tried to use a friend's card, photoshop worked just fine! Please tell me how to fix this problem! I've tried photoshop 6, 7, cs and cs3, none of them work, they all crash.
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....I hate to be a pain...sorry...ill try to lay off the questions....its just that photoshop is so much more fun when you know what youre doing! ok, heres my question: When I open a new project(say it is 8X10) and then I want to put an image into the background....well, if I make th image 8X10 it doesnt take up the whole "sheet" it is way too I have to go somewhere to view it at the right size hope that made sense.
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I've been playing around with this tutorial on aging a person. is well except when I try to gray her hair I get a mess. Don't know what tool(s) to use. Could use some help since that is not part of the tutorial. Her hair is jet black.
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If you do not know - this site is designed (mostly) and provided by Greg Vander Houwen Home Page: He has provided the service because he BELIEVES in the Photoshop community - there is NO advertising here, there are NO memberships fees here. There is a sense of community here - mainly because of his vision and the excellent moderators that have been attracted to the philosophy. There are many excellant answers to problems here - for the same reason. I think there should be a PAYPAL donation page. I think you should contribute if you think this site is a good idea. (*I do know Greg and am biased*)
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hey im new to these forums, name is Davorin aka Dutch So anyways im runing the New Photoshop. i was working on an image a while ago and bla bla.. I go to save as .jpg and for some reason the photo comes out Much more contrasted then it actualy looks like in photoshop. like wayyy too much, like its geting kind of anoying because its not the picture i made it to be. it used to work fine before. what should i do. Dutch
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I am looking at building a new PC in the near future. It will be used for heavy graphics creation, manipulation, photo manipulation mainly. I know that Pentium processors are better for most video/audio systems, would this be the same for a graphics machine Also, would a dual processor system have any benefit I already plan to have: dual monitors, any recommendations for video cards a wacom tablet, etc. Any components I should look to get, or not to get
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Hi all, I use PS CS2 for photography purposes. I sometimes work with really big files (250mb-1.5gb). I have a 3000+ 64-bit AMD processor, 2x512mb of ram, and a real fast video card (for my brothers games). I was thinking of adding another gig of ram, but my cousin told me to buy a small SCSI hard drive with really high rpm instead. He said to install PS on that drive and transfer the files onto the drive and work with them directly off it. Then transfer them back to my Lacie external drive after. Any opinions on what would be better. They cost almost the same for me. SR
input   (126 Views)
hey just wondering what you thoguht of this template i got so far... each page has a diff flower and a color scheme to match
I want to remove VersionCueCS2 from my computer   (161 Views)
Everyone, I have no idea why this smiley is named 'chomp', from my point of view it looks like he is banging his head against the wall which is what I am feeling right about now... I have been trying to figure out how to uninstall VersionCueCS2. I googled the issue and on every web site that I found out of 7 pages of information, every one says there is an uninstall final in the Adobe folder in Program Files. Well not only is there not an uninstall file anywhere in the VersionCue folder inside the Adobe folder, none of the folders in the entire Adobe folder (which is comprised of 8 folders in all) have any uninstall files. When you go to the start program you can open VersionCue but there is no uninstall choice there either. It is not listed in the add/remove programs section of the control panel and if you try and uninstall any adobe product that comes with CS2, you have to remove the entire piece of software. Might there be someone out there that has gone through this and can help Thank you in advance for answering my post, Jen
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all. I am pretty new to Photoshop and I have come across a few things that I would love to do but I cant figure out how to do them. Also, I have elements so I'm not even sure if I can do them. Anyway one of the things I am trying to learn is how to put lines over an image. For example the very first picture on this site: Another thing I have been trying to figure out how to do is how to make the text 'clearer' on an image. An example of what I am talking about is on the last banner in the first post in this thread (the one that says bicycle buddies): And the last thing I can't figure out how to do is make the image sort of 'glow.' An example of that is the first banner that says "natural beauty" and it has a pic of Jennifer Anniston on it. Keep in mind I'm not talking about the text glowing. The link- Anyway, sorry this post has more than one question in it, lol. I would really appreciate an answer! Or maybe even a few. Thank you!!