PS CS to PS CS 2 !

Hi just gonna upgrade from PS CS to PS CS 2 , the ultimate new version, so I want to save all settings/ styles/ etc. so what's the great method to do this

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whats wrong with ps 7 guides   (193 Views)
i have recently switched to ps 7 and i find myself wanting to go back to my 5.5 what is wrong with the guides in there when using the snap to guide, and i select something within the guides, the stupid selection sometimes falls short or too big by 1 pixel. this renders the whole purpose of the guides useless. i also find that its much harder to set the guides to match up. i set them, sometimes even zoomed in at 200-300% and when i zoom in more 1600% i find the guide not quite where its supose to be. i didnt have any of these problems with my previous version. i looked around in the options and couldnt figure anything to make it better. i sure hope someone can help. here is an example of a selsection that wont stick to the goes over it
Excellent new tut about waterdrops at PsCafe!   (146 Views)
Phil_the_Rodent has developped an excellent yet simple waterdrop tutorial using (mainly) the glass filter: The advantage is that it does distort the image in a very realistic way, while Greg's waterdrops are editable... , Glass is a terribly poweful displacement tool You should sit down for coffee with our resident expert, Stroker, god of the displacement map! Nice image, looking forward to your tutorials.
Elipse Tool   (283 Views)
Seems to make a very bad looking elipse... Its very ugly... Whats wrong with the elipse tool I can draw a more accurate circle on paper then photoshop can!
Masking Tips?   (134 Views)
all, Does anyone have any good masking tips
for the numberaholics : dual processor on ps   (147 Views)
Ok, as always with hardware info, you have to read carefully and don't take this as the holy bible... (Mr Cox, one of the engineers behind photoshop is not happy with any benchmark out there, (especially psbench) but I don't know if someone would be able to write a good one , either... ) Why use a benchmark Not to brag like "mine's faster than yours" (especially because you'd better make certain good things last longer , but I'm digressing again) But, rather, a good benchmark might help you to tune your machine to get the better productivity, or to check if everything is running fine... Anyway, here is the link: , yup, nice one !
Epson custom paper sizes saved to Epson driver   (184 Views)
OS 10.4.11; Dual 2.0Ghz G5 PPC; Stylus Pro 10600 Not exactly for this forum, but I can't get an answer to this anywhere else: I'd like to transfer the custom paper sizes I entered into the Epson driver from one HD into another. I can't find the document that contains these custom paper sizes in any of my libraries. Does anyone know which doc this is or how I would do this TIA
Photoshop CS3 .psd File Association Problem   (326 Views)
Recently I uninstalled Photoshop 7.0 and installed CS3 on my Vista Home system. Suddenly my .PSD files are no long associated with photoshop, and what's more, I can't seem to add the association. When attempting to open a .PSD file Windows tells me that there is no program associated with the filetype and that I need to select one. Photoshop does not appear in the list of available programs as it should, so I click the browse button and select Photoshop.exe manually. Unfortunetely Vista utterly ignores this. Photoshop still does not appear in my list of programs to select from even though I just manually pointed it to the program. So I tried to use Vista's Default Program utility from the control panel. PSD is not in the list of extensions and there is no option in Vista (like there was in XP) to add an extension/association manually... you can only change the existing ones. Does anyone have any ideas
Hello MAC user needs helps   (337 Views)
- I recently purchased an IMac after being a PC user forever. I have Photoshop 8 and for some reason when I create stuff in there no one using a PC can view it I uploaded 2 of the images to my server and get the red Xs- then emailed it to a friend and she cant see. But then I get on my Mac and everything looks perfect. Is this because I have the images locally stored too Or is there some new setting. I love my Mac and dont wanna go back to Windows even if it involves using Boot Camp and getting it on here Can someone offer any advice
Help with an .eps file   (190 Views)
I have a .eps file and wish to seperate it into layers. Is this possible, because everytime I open it, Photoshop rasterizes the image.
Editing Maps in Photoshop   (222 Views)
Alright all, My manager has asked me to edit a Pdf Map to show the new Buildings in red, the new road in Green and the old roads in Grey and all additional land in Cream. I have tired and failed miserably. Has anyone any Help or Course Information they could provide me with [/img]
Multiple crops   (279 Views)
Hi all How do you crop multiple images at the same time using CS2 Thankyou josel
need help creating a vector file / eps. Please!   (232 Views)
I've created a flyer for someone and they have asked for the file to be sent to them as an eps. I see that I can select this option in photshop, but Ive heard bad things about ps's capability to produce a good vector file. Is that true Also, I see a bunch of options to select prior to saving. Things like ASCII85, halftone screen, PostScript Color Mgmt... Can someone help me know what I should be doing I have a deadline of today, so any help would save me.
Post Apocalypse   (168 Views)
Changing a.psd to a .jpg image   (179 Views)
I have been trying to make an invitation card for a birthday. I used the measurements from an old one I had, W 8.213 inches - H 3.827 inches. When I create a .jpg from the .psd the dimensions change to W10.267 inches - H 4.783 inches. I have flattened the layers then saved the original .psd file, so could anyone please help me out with this.
Rookie here...Need some quick tips   (278 Views)
, A total rookie here. I just purchase PS, AI, etc... I have a small business and I am working on making brochures, catalogs, etc. for my products. One of our main products is a safety flag. That is, it has a steel base at one end of a fiberglass rod, long a fiberglass rod, and flag at the other end of the long fiberglass rod. It is very difficult to take pictures of a product that is this "long" and "skinny" and expect good resolution. Therefore, I instead took closeups on each end of the safety whip i.e. the steel mounting base, and the flag at the top of the rod. I used PS on these 2 images to remove the background and clean around the edges. So, now I have 2 images. One of the steel mounting base that is clean and one of the flag that is clean. I need help to "re-construct" a fiberglass rod which I can place the clean picture of the steel mounting base at one end and clean flag at the other. How do I "re-make" a fiberglass rod that is white and looks somewhat realistic That is, the rod should lay horizontal, but look like it has a "roundness" to it (not just a long white rectangle). I assume that I need to do this with shadowing to simulate that the rod is round and not just a white rectangle that I created To complicate it slightly more is that the base end of the fiberglass rod is slightly larger than the top end of the fiberglass rod. What I mean is that the rod is "tapered" from the base end to the top end. Is this a PS challenge Or, should I be using AI I know that this is probably very simple, but I am not sure how to do this. So, any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance! Mike
What steps to take? Need help.   (202 Views)
I am trying to make a icon like this one (listed below) but I do not know where to start start. If someone can tell me the step or give me a link to a tut for it that will help.(want to do the work myself)
Time lapse image (non-animated)   (212 Views)
I'm a total noob in PS, so you might want to explain each step if possible... I would like to make a single time-lapse image like this one: The images contain moving characters and mostly stable background. I have the images in an .MOV, and I can import them into PS distributed in layers (400 layers/1680x1050 for the win). I tried some stuff with 5 frames, and I was able to make them all 20% transparent... Is there a way to reduce the impact of the background Because it stand out too much... Is there a way to make them all a certain amount transparent at once I've been selecting them individually, because the menu turns grey when I select them all. If this isn't possible I'll write a macro for it... I hope one of you is online now... Thank you in advance ;)
Steps that could be taken to do this?   (282 Views) So I would like take that image, remove all the Conan title and create background to fill in the white space it will leave, get rid of the bar code, and then add text behind and above his head as a mask so that i could use the texture of the background masked by text to create letters of a different hue with the same it would look like part of the painting... advice steps
Error with ps cs4   (348 Views)
I got some trouble with my new photoshop and i can't findout why so i hope someone can help me. all the pics i open i like a grid pattern and unclear and when i start a new one its just a white background with black triangles. so its kinda annoing since i can't use it then.
Should a photograph be reduced in steps or all at once?   (157 Views)
I've heard that when making a photograph smaller in Photoshop the results are better if it's done in steps instead of all at once. If this is true how much should it be reduced each time and should the change in pixels per inch be done before reducing the image My camera saves at 300 ppi at 3872 pixels wide (sometimes they are cropped which makes them smaller) and for the web I need about 500 pixels wide at 72 ppi.