Problems with Image ready rollovers.

Ive tried to setup some rollovers with image ready by following a tutorial. They work fine when I preview them in the browser but once uploaded fail to work properly. When the mouse is moved over the link I get image boxes opening above and below the link but with no image in them. I have also noticed that Image ready has imported many of the graphics files with names such as Index_7-Index_14_over.gif so the file is not only the slice for Index 7 but the over gif as well. Im not sure what I am doing wrong but here is the page to show what I mean. I have redone the slices and rollover effects three times but still cannot see where I am going wrong.

Look here

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Hi I'm an old fellow (69) new to this, so forgive me if I make a mistake or two, Firstly I have CS2 on windows xp and a brand new printer, a Brother dcp150c ink jet, now to my problem my wife does greeting cards and sells them at the local markets, unfortunatly the colour on the screen is not the colour that comes out of the printer, where the colours should be vibrant, it comes out pale and wishy washy , I have to darken the image in photoshop to get any where near the colour required. I have set up the screen (probably wrong) using adobe gamma and I have tweeked the colour settings on the printer to no avail, but if I don't get this right I'm just wasting Ink & card, so it is my hope that some of you experienced people can guide me through this minefield of colour on screen versus colour at printer
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Hi and girls. Ive got a new sony vaio laptop It came with photoshop elements and i cant even do simple text effects without the error msg appearing...not enuf ram to complete the task. As u can see from the link above its a pretty decent spec why do sony give u software u cant use. Am i doing things right... Also on that link above ive just found out that i may be able to upgrade it to 1000 plus Ram. Would that be a good idea...and how much would i be looking at to practically double my Ram Hope to hear from u soon...
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, First of all thanks for the worderful job I don't know what I would do without you . I've tried to find a fix for my problem but I'm not really sure what my problem is; I'll let the experts guide me. So... after I start working on an image a bunch of crazy pixels appear on my image. it doesn't matter what type of image it is or what i am doing (resizing, droping, etc). I really don't have a clue what to do... tried recalibrating my monitor; checking the drivers, reinstaled cs5 a couple of times... :( Here's the photo and the crazy pixels... hope someone know how to help me. Thank you all.
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When I try to change a image size every thing gets ot of scale either to fat of slim I have tried all ways
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i'm makng a website for a company, but i'm just out of uni and im stuck with something, wondering if any of u can help me. i've made a table on a webpage and in the table is a list of pdf's, u click on the pdf and it opens it in the browser window. for most of the tables this works fine, except for one. on one of the tables u can click on any pdf and it will open fine, but if u click on the second one (doesn't have to be the second in line, just another pdf from the same table i mean) ie stalls for like 5-10 mins then finally loads it. im on a 2mb satalite connection so i know its not downloadin it sowly (the files are like 300kb max). i was thinking maybe its to do with the fact that the pdf's on this table have more images than the other pdf's. anybody got any ideas!!
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