Photoshop CS4 crashing on school network

please help me

i am at my wits end with CS4. I am a photography teacher at a secondary school in England. Over the summer holidays the school network has been updated to RMCC 4 and I was asssured this would make photoshop run much smoother. Unfortunately we now have an intermittent fault where Photoshop decides to crash when students are working causing them to lose all their work. I spend most lessons running around trying to solve ICT issues rather than teach them.

The problem occurs largely when they are using laptops but also whenever they go to print. A message pops up in windows 7 that says photoshop has found a problem with two options to search the internet and shut the program or to just shut the program. Either option obviously results in the program shutting down and all work being lost.

The machine specs meet all the requirements I am now expert and the schools ICT technician is out of his depth in regards to this problem.

Please help


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