Need to make an explosion for a logo

Well, I am looking for an explosion for a logo. I have been using one of the explosions from one of the tutorials, and it looks ok, but it still isn't what I had in mind. I have viewed dozens of tutorials, and I think the problem is that most of the explosions in the tuts look too real. I am looking for something more comic bookish, but not too much so. As this is for a small site selling R/C products, I thought it might be cool to have a remote control car, plane, boat, or all three coming out of the blast, with the logo somehow in the blast. I would pay to have a graphics designer do it for me, but we aren't making much money yet, and I can't afford it. I would be eternally grateful for any help or ideas.


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I'm designing some graphics for a website. When I added those graphics to the html files, they become slightly blurred (sharpness is reduced). I don't know how to solve that problem. Do you have any idea why that happens your help is greatly appreciated.
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i need help i have created at text effect and saved it onto my computer and i would like to know how to blend it or merge onto another any help would be great ( am new to photoshop so easy instructions pls lol)
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hello! new here, and Ive got a little question; Im currently trying to make my own T-shirt with my own design at http:URL and I get this message when trying to print a yellow, black, red and white image on a green t-shirt: Quote: You can add your own designs for printing with digital transfer. Requirements: - upload design as a jpeg, png or gif file - maximum size 1500x1500 pixels (about 30x30 cm) - maximum file size of 2 MB - your browser must allow popups Printing on dark/colour fabrics:Your design can be cut out and printed on the shirts. There will, however, be a 1mm white border. You'll have to set the background as "transparent" in Photoshop (or a similar graphics programme). To do this: - set the design in mask layer mode, and save it as a png with transparency - remove the background layer - at best: the smallest parts of the outline should be at least 1.5mm Note:- free spaces/transparent parts in the design cannot be cut out, they will appear white on the shirt - in the preview, the background will appear as a white square But I dont really understand this, can anybody help
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hi well i have recently started using adobe photoshop hmm may be month at first when i was working in it with the pics it was noral but nowadays when ecer i a working off with pics and choose to transform the pic sometimes it does ad sometimes it gives me an error saying"could not transform because the scratch disks are full" URL i dont know what the problem with it and when the error comes i also do hve problme for saving my pic it doesnt allow me do so it again gives me error saying sumthing like program error oh one more thing i use adobe photoshop 6.0 plzzz someone do help me with this
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Okey, I don't speak english so don't claim my bad bad bad bad english. But if you don't understand plesas say so! Well my problem is that the toolbar that comes up when you press on (example paintbrush tool or type text tool), you know that stripe above evreything where you can can select font and font size and brush size and that stuffs, well that stripe is gone. I have selected Window and then toolbar but the problem is that I must have pull that thing away from the window and so know I relly don't know where that stripe is. (The stripe is where you can select font or font size, brush or brush size. I call it the stripe ) Well I am getting so crazy because I doon't know how to get that thing back Can you please help me If you didn't understand anything I say it short here: The thing where you can select font and font size, brush or brush size is gone!!!
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I've designed a web layout with photo shop but I cant seem to get it to center itself. I've attempted to insert centering but does to seem to work.
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This should be easy to answer for most - but my Photoshop skills are self-taught and I feel ridiculous for not knowing this. I want to draw a rectangle with no fill (transparent) but with a coloured outline. What is the simplest way of doing this
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um hey I know a couple tricks in photoshop but I am by no means a master and now I have about 500+ pcx files that i would like to change in to a gif format with transparent bg, and I think it would be a crime to have to do each and every one individually so i wanted to know if there were any shortcuts like changing one of the pcx files to gif and jus use the same options on each of them or if there is any way I could do all of them at once that would be a great help :P
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I've been working on a photo and after painstakingly removing the background (it's transparent now) and finding the perfect background image to put it on, I've run into a problem. The photo I'm working on is of a person sitting on a motorcycle. The right side of the photo ends half way thru the front tire. Didn't think much about it until I went to paste the photo onto my new background image and realize... with half the front tire missing, I can't center the subject - I have to keep bike to the right so the missing half of the tire is off the edge of the photo. I am not skilled enough to re-build the missing half of the tire. If anyone here would like to give it a shot, that would be great. Here's what I have to work with: base.jpg is the full image on a white background. (I could not figure out how to make the transparent PSD version small enough to upload anywhere.) tire1, 2, & 3 are pics of the whole tire cropped out of other images of same bike. tirexx.psd is the tire section of the tranparent psd version of the whole pic. If anyone can rebuild the missing half of the tire, i could just paste it back onto the photo.
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hi there i've download a template and run, but then it's missing the PSD file and the fonts. In the mainpage it's say. Note: If template doesn't include PSD Files and Fonts then go to and download it there. but then none of the site is working... so where should i get these files now any help please
Urgent Optimization help needed   (108 Views)
Hi , I'm building a website and I'm pushing on a deadline fast. I've had some problems with how my images look last minute and I have to reoptimize all them in photoshop one by one last minute. Is there a way of batch optimizing images in photoshop en mass If there is would someone tell me how to do this or direct me to a tutorial or something. Anything would help me right now. I'm not going to make my deadline if I continue doing these one by one. (There are loads of these images.)
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I think maybe "film grain" and "texturizer --> sandstone" are involved. But I can't quite get the same effect
I need help. transparency   (127 Views)
I have been using photoshop for years. I have constantly run into this problem and hope someone can give me an answer. I know how to save transparent gifs and pngs on a solid background but is there a way to save a gif that will not look like crap on a textured background For example here is a page : Notice the "Sounds" image. I have saved it as a compuserv gif, a gif 89a and tried save for web as well as a transparent png and what you see on this page is the best I could get. You see the water background image I am trying to place this over but the dithering is unacceptable. I tried to upload the psd file for you to see but it took forever and (only 40k) so I gave up after 6 tries. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I have tried many things but can not get a good looking image over a texture.
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Hi I'm new here and I wanted to ask a question. How do I cut out an image in PS I have 5.0. I have a pic of my dog I want to cut out and put on new background. I have tried the magic tool, but can't get it to work and then I did the lasso, tool and can't get close enough to the edge I have an out line left around my picture. ive seen pictures that were cut out and copy to new b/g but I can't seem to get it. would appreciate any help on this
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i am fairly new to photoshop, but not to design and so far i have been able to pick it up pretty well, except for a recurring problem i am having. i do some photography that i use in my designs, and when i use photoshop to open the photos to copy and move/paste them into my designs (or a larger, sort of main document), the picture pastes extremely small. i know this is a problem with resolution, but i am not sure how to fix it...originally i selected the photo image and went to "Image > Image Size" to set the resolution of the photograph to the same resolution as the main document i was trying to paste to (and i tried it the other way around too, changing the main document resolution) but the picture still pastes in a different size than the original. i have also noticed that sometimes i'll use "Image Size" to check the resolution and it will say, for example "100 pxls per inch," but the title bar of the document will say a different resolution, such as "file_Name @ 25% RBG." i think this might tie in somehow, but i'm not sure. any help that anyone could give would be greatly appreciated, as this is a very frustrating but basic problem. thank you in advance for your time. -david , and now a little tid bit from me Im not very experienced in photoshop either, mostly just playing around with things. Your problem could also be something very simple... If you open up an image that is lets say 500X500 pixels, photoshop usually opens it so it will fit on the screen zoomed out, and you're viewing it at 67% or something. Because if you were viewing it at 100% it would be too big for the screen. So if you paste something onto another image, make sure that the 2nd image isnt zoomed out. Because if you copy something that is at 100% into something that is 67% it will appear to be smaller. That happened to me a few times until I realized that the thing I was pasting onto was zoomed out to 67%. And maybe its something way more technical than that but I felt the need to add my two cents lol. Hope it makes some sense. , Yes, the little number at the top of the image, 25%, refers to the zoom level of the image. Zoom affects one thing and one thing only: how big the image appears on the screen. At 50% zoom, it is half the size in length and width. At 200% zoom, it is twice as big in length and width, so each image pixel is represented as 2 screen pixels. Zooming does not change your image in any way, but it does affect how images will appear from different sources. If you drag an image into another image that is zoomed to 25%, the first image will appear smaller because it also shows up at 25%. Image resolution is a different matter and has been covered well so far. Basically, the higher the resolution of an image, the more detailed it will print at a certain size; or, the higher the resolution, the smaller it will print with a certain number of pixels. A 4" by 5" picture at 300 DPI will print the same size as a 4x5 at 72 DPI, but the 72 DPI image will look like crap compared to the 300 DPI image. On the other hand, a 900x600 pixel image at 300 DPI will print at 3" by 2" while a 900x600 pixel image at 72 DPI will print at 12.5" by 8.33". I hope this helps you figure out how to solve your problem. , wooohoooooo 1 point for me!! I actually felt stupid posting that because I know practically nothing compared to half of the other people here. And figured there was some big technical problem or something lol yeah for me! Glad I could help ya
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[NEWBIE] Help needed on cutting out just the flag!   (96 Views)
I need to just cut the Indian flag out.. Can't seem to do it. Can someone guide me on how to do it and do the same for me I'm not sure where to post this, maybe I'm posting at the correct forum.. I'm a beginner to Photoshop, so I guess someone will help.. Thanx!
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anyway............whats up !!!111 i love to draw and i just started vector drawing and i hit a huge wall evrytime after i use the pen tool, right click and use the stroke path its greyd out ............i didnt have time to pull a search or anything your help will be greatfull.......
need help w/separating one image into layers   (92 Views)
I'm trying to separate a line-art drawing that I took into illustrator to "live trace" and "live color" it (so it is now an AE file) into layers so I can take it into after effects and animate it. Here's the prob: 1. In photoshop, the "extract" filter is not availble to use. why 2. because I can't extract, I'm having to erase everything I don't need in each layer. Only problem is that the bounding box/anchor point for each layer is the same as the document. I need them to be independent of the document size and instead follow the image in each layer. Any ideas I'm obviously not a photoshop/illustrator expert. I'm using CS2 on a G5 mac.
cartoonist needs dot gray   (108 Views)
Howdy , Looking for that standard gray that every cartoonist uses and I don't want to use the sticky stuff with an exacto. I'd like to do it in photoshop but I can't find a brush/painting technique that 1.)doesn't get heavier as you go over the same area again 2.) stays with a regular pattern of dots, and 3.) doesn't require me to close areas to fill them (line theory demands that I break line to show depth so I don't want to close everything just to paint). Can you help If so, much obliged robert