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I am working on a logo that I want to be printed on business cards. I thought that by designing it in Illustrator I that it would come out crisp and clean. But everytime I import the image into Microsoft Word 2002 and print it the logo is slightly blurred. I tried saving it in several formats and still I get the same blurry edges. Any solutions

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Greetings forum! So Im working on some designs for my band. Our logo was originally drawn by hand, then scanned, and rendered in photoshop. That was a few years ago. I dont even know where the original drawing is anymore, so I have to work with the JPEG of the logo that I have. Anyways, the logo is real basic. of the edges look pixleated. Im assuming that when I originally scanned it, i must have had it on a really low DPI. So I want to know how to smooth out the edges of my logo. I'll attach the logo so you can see what I mean.
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I am new to Photoshop and currently am working in CS2. I have a logo I need to place on a colored background and when I place it, there is a white square around the logo. I cannot figure out how to blend the logo with the background. The logo is star shaped which doesn't help.
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I would like to add a tag line to my logo and don't know how to do it. I know very little about Photoshop, but I have it on my desktop. Now, I just want to add text to the logo that is there presently. Just one of line, that's it. Can somebody please please help
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Very much a beginner here. I am putting a logo on top of a background. Is there a quick keystoke or shift or alt option to use if I want to center the logo in the image It's mostly a square image 170x151px.
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, I wonder if there is a way to automate the process of adding my company name and most important file name to the image. What I want to do is, before sending a preview to the client, to put my company logo and name of the file directly on the image, let's say in the right and left lower corner of the image. My clients usually want to print the images and have the file name right in front of them so that after they choose the image they can tell me which of the versions/files they like, without going back to computer and looking for the file name there. Any advise would be highly appreciated.
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I run a site at and I need to update the logo with something a little more snazzy. Could anyone suggest some ideas I quite like the idea of a soap powder box like with some bubbles. Any thoughts I have been racking my brains for weeks. I'm not a professional designer but the site is very popular so I need it to look decent, yet not too complicated.
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The feather is kinda weak, I think.
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Well, I am looking for an explosion for a logo. I have been using one of the explosions from one of the tutorials, and it looks ok, but it still isn't what I had in mind. I have viewed dozens of tutorials, and I think the problem is that most of the explosions in the tuts look too real. I am looking for something more comic bookish, but not too much so. As this is for a small site selling R/C products, I thought it might be cool to have a remote control car, plane, boat, or all three coming out of the blast, with the logo somehow in the blast. I would pay to have a graphics designer do it for me, but we aren't making much money yet, and I can't afford it. I would be eternally grateful for any help or ideas. Tad
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I am trying to wrap an AI logo onto a bottle in Photoshop. Anyone know of any good tutorials covering this
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! I'm working on a project and I cant seem to figure out what image I should in the background. I just need something simple in the background or maybe some lines below the text. Can someone please give me some idea's
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Hi , Not sure if anyone can answer my question but am desperate so might as well ask. I had a logo designed for my small business page on Facebook and I presume it was created using photoshop. I had the logo sent to me in jpg format and png. When I uploaded as a profile picture in both formats and both times it comes up blurry (it's not actually blurry til it's uploaded on the web. I contacted the creator and was told I would need to pay extra for it to be correctly sized as a Facebook badge, so I paid the extra and same thing happend. I've asked if there's anything they can do to correct it, only to be ignored. So my question is, does anyone know why my logo would go blurry once uploaded on the web and if so is there any chance it could be re-created if I find someone willing to as its fairly simple.
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A total newbie to Photoshop here What i would like to learn is that how the text are kinda transparent or however you call it. The .png has one layer when i open it with Photoshop, but whatever i tried, i could not find how to edit the text. Instead of learning the edit, how could i make my own logos with texts in the same way
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I have an Adobe Illustrator logo (.ai) format that looks really good and sharp as a vector image. It seems like every time I try to place the logo on a web site, it comes out looking awful....very fuzzy, really not very good at. Can anyone give me some tips as to how to make a company logo look nice and clean when published on the web.
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I want to pull the dove, branch and lettering from this logo. or at least remove all the background coloring so I can have a transparent logo for a new site Im designing. Ive never created a real website before. Ive never used PS before. Im using Godaddy website builder deluxe. Its for an Fundraising event we are doing next summer. It will be a host of a dozen different events at one location. Car Show and BBQ are the mainstays but we are doing a open mic, vendors, swap meet, Motorcycle poker run, art show, a whole bunch of stuff. So this site is a big undertaking for me. I have basically 30 days to build the site since I bought the 1 month host to see how well I can do. If I cant then oh well.
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, I tried using photoshop cs6 for the first proper time today and made something that could be used as a band logo. I just want your input on how it is and if i can improve on it at all.
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How can i turn a logo into a 3d view like this:
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Its for a proffesional airplane commpany. I was asked to help out with their rebranding. I haven't used Photoshop in a long time so I am pretty rusty. I guess I wasn't that good to start off with but hey I tried. I would like some feedback on what is good and what I should change. I know the jetstream is terrible. I couldn't seem to get anything to work with it.
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I'm making a website for someone and they want their logo sketched onto a piece of notepad paper. I cant seem to get this right. I made the logo's outline with a pencil brush, but this wasn't right for them. It's a square logo, and background of it is red, they want this still but "sketched". Is there anything to help me do this I've tried sketch actions, non of which looked anything remotely like a sketch.
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can someone print a sort of tutorial on how to create a logo just like the one on www.predictify .com i know how to do text but I am baffled by that image of all those lines. I just got photoshop a couple of days ago for the first time so I am rather new
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I would like to add a snow effect to the tops of my text on my logo, is there any easy way of doing this, or a way of getting a professional look I dont really want to change the font, just put the effect over the letters.. I have tried doing it myself, but the effect does not looking convincing, and i cant find any tutorials on google to really help.