Is this a PS filter or simply an original illustration?

If this is simply the work of a photoshop filter, I'd love to know the technique. Anyone have any info on how this was done

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I am trying to make a icon like this one (listed below) but I do not know where to start start. If someone can tell me the step or give me a link to a tut for it that will help.(want to do the work myself)
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I'm a total noob in PS, so you might want to explain each step if possible... I would like to make a single time-lapse image like this one: The images contain moving characters and mostly stable background. I have the images in an .MOV, and I can import them into PS distributed in layers (400 layers/1680x1050 for the win). I tried some stuff with 5 frames, and I was able to make them all 20% transparent... Is there a way to reduce the impact of the background Because it stand out too much... Is there a way to make them all a certain amount transparent at once I've been selecting them individually, because the menu turns grey when I select them all. If this isn't possible I'll write a macro for it... I hope one of you is online now... Thank you in advance ;)
Steps that could be taken to do this?   (282 Views) So I would like take that image, remove all the Conan title and create background to fill in the white space it will leave, get rid of the bar code, and then add text behind and above his head as a mask so that i could use the texture of the background masked by text to create letters of a different hue with the same it would look like part of the painting... advice steps
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I got some trouble with my new photoshop and i can't findout why so i hope someone can help me. all the pics i open i like a grid pattern and unclear and when i start a new one its just a white background with black triangles. so its kinda annoing since i can't use it then.
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I've heard that when making a photograph smaller in Photoshop the results are better if it's done in steps instead of all at once. If this is true how much should it be reduced each time and should the change in pixels per inch be done before reducing the image My camera saves at 300 ppi at 3872 pixels wide (sometimes they are cropped which makes them smaller) and for the web I need about 500 pixels wide at 72 ppi.
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Fairly new at this, but gonna have a go at creating a home page in ps. Just unsure of size to work from that is the correct size in web browser. Understand a little on slicing it up and optimizing it so a little help appreciated a lot, and sorry if im being a little lazy here sooty
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I have a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet, and I'm trying to get better at drawing in Photoshop CS5. Recently, all of a sudden, the "transfer" option in the Brush options/presets keeps on checking itself. I don't want the brush opacity to be set by pen pressure, but whenever I uncheck it or even change around some of the options in there, it goes back to being checked when I start drawing. I really don't want to have my pen pressure determine the brush opacity! Please help! This is really giving me problems. If you need more details or screenshots, just ask.
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, Ok got Illustrator CS at work and was wondering how I could create the following effect in it That was created in Photoshop using the following Drop Shadow options: Blend Mode: Normal Distance: 0 Spread:100 Size: 10 Now, in Illustrator you just get blur - it doesn't quite work the same, I have no idea why they don't just use the tools found in photoshop to allow you to change all of this Reason I'm asking is because I want to import these words into flash and I want to be able to scale them without losing quality. Flash has the most basic tools I have ever seen for graphics so I can't see it being able to be done in there. Anyone know how to replicate this in Illustrator so I can use it as a vector in flash Cheers, Chris
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my computer wont let me delete or move .psds. says a program is using it right now.. but photosop is not open...
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Hi can anyone tell me how to convert bitmaps to vectors. I have both Photoshop and Illustrator, is there any plug-ins to achieve this or any online tutorials that will help.
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I'm a relative novice with PS but have had it since PS 4.0. However, have procured Epson's 2200 for my photo printing and note some variances of monitor view versus printer view. I wonder if there are others who are experiencing similar setup problems with the Color Settings feature of PS CS, or for that matter PS 7.0, et al. Would be interested in other folk's comments or suggestions.
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I am so frustrated right now. Last night i spent 5 hours searching for and going through as many tutorials as i could find on the sin city loko, But every one i do looks sh*t No matter how i change my levels they dont look anything good. Or if i use 'artistic/cutout' it looks horrible. After giving up last night i got my book out this morning and rewent through the level chapters to refresh my mind. My fav of them all is But as i said i cant get my levels right, Also what is annoying is he dont go into much detail with the rain effect, Which is the most important aspect of the photo. Also when ever i do the rain ther eis way to much. but i'm following the tutorial : Has any one got any suggestions or advice for me Or maybe point me in the direction of getting a better rain effect. like the sin city pictures. I will keep trying today. got all daya s in bed ill :/
Compiling Filmstrips   (129 Views)
Is there anyone out there who could advise a complete noob on how to compile single images into a filmstrip It's driving me freakin' crazy trying to work it out! Can you actually even do it in Photoshop, or do you have to do it in some kind of dedicated compiler
A place for help for a newbie coming from pse3 world?   (311 Views)
I just got cs2 and I am lost!! I was pretty good with pse3, lots of scrapbooking done. But I am lost in cs2! I found drop shadows and bevels! Is there an effects palette How about layer styles Where are they Are effects make for pse3 usable in cs2 Is there a place to go to get the answers to all these silly questions
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I am trying to do a realistic burnt edge effect, I have looked at all the tutorials I could find. But they just seem to come out... Alright. Anyone have any examples of one and tips they used to create it or links or anything that might help Driving me insane trying to do this and im not getting very far with it..
Displacement Maps plugins?   (164 Views)
First of all, yes, I know you can do displacement maps using the native PS tools! What I am looking for is some sort of plugin that takes the tediousness out of it and lets you preview it in realtime. An ideal plugin would be able to do the following: -view the source image - image to be displaced. - View composite image preview(what you see in photoshop when the disp map is applied) - View Displacement Map preview - hopefully these would be side-by side Example: I have an image of a face, and an image of text and I want that text to look like it is wrapped onto the face. Select the face image (ctrl-A) & open the plugin. THis becomes the composite (preview) image Next to that is the Disp. map. In this case I would check a box that says "use composite as displacement map" It would greyscale the image of the face, and that would be the height/depth disp. map whihc I could then fine tune. Next to that would be where the image to be displaced is. I open up the image file of the text. Now I see in the "Composite image" the text wrapped around the face, following the contours of the face. I can adjust the levels of the disp map to create a more dramatic or more subtle effect. WHen I'm finished I click OK. The "file to be displaced" (in this case, the text image) can also be "same as composite" If you have ever seen this image where it looks like a photo of a crowd taken from above, but it almost looks liek the height of the people forms Bill Clintons face, this is what this would be used for. The composite would be the photo of the crowd. The disp map is the photo of clinton's face. SInce the displaced image and the Composite image are the same (via checkbox), you just hit apply after adjusting your disp map. It applies the disp map to the selected original image, and the lights & darks displace the original and give it that look that I just described. - click to open a source file for the disp. map. - ideally I would be able to open even a color jpg, and it would convert it to greyscale upon opening in the plugin window. - ability to use the selection (preview composite image) as a displacement map rather than saving & opening it up - invert the greyscale disp map. - ability to adjust levels of the alpha/disp map in the preview window in order to darken the darks, etc. - ability to resize/rescale the dispmap in the preview window. THen in realtime or close to realtime I would see the results in the Source Image preivew window. This way I can shrink or grow the disp map to fit my selection if need be - Ability to grab the disp map and move it around in order to precisely line it up against the preview image etc. I would LOVE to have something like this. You can do it by hand, and create actions to automate some of this, but real-time preview and ability to adjust the disp maps levels and see the results in the realtime preview would just be so much more convenient than the traditional way to do this. Anyone know of such a plugin (or something reasonably close). A google search didn't turn up anything, just a bunch of tutorials on how to do disp maps by hand in PS.
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Why is it that after I upgraded Illustrator, my cut and pasted vectors paste into photoshop as a solid image with a white background I don't want a white background. I want the lines to appear as they used to with my previous version of Illustrator where I could resize and use as lines. Any clue on how to cut and paste in vector form would be appreciated!
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Hi all, Attached is a picture of 2 coins which are identical but placed in different angles. The coin at the right is the original. While the coin at the left is created by rotating the coin at the right. What happen is... after rotating (refer to coin (deed) at the left), the pop-ups are all sinking in!!... Actually, if you look at the coin carefully, you will find that the parts are actually alternatively sinking in and popping up. I showed it to some people and some saw it as sinking in totally, some saw it as popping up totally while some saw it sinking n popping at the same time. Thus, could any1 be kind enough to advise me on how to show this problem I only have the scan of the coin which is in grey. In fact, I have roughly 10+ more coins having the same problem. Greatly appreciate any kind help! R`zzz
How can I determine the 'steps' in a workpath   (125 Views)
How can I determine the 'steps' in a workpath I want to fade my brush along a workpath so that it perfectly decreases in size along the whole workpath to the end and so far i just guess as to how many 'steps' there are in the workpath and then keep adjusting. Surely there is a better way....
Using filmstrips in photoshop   (182 Views)
all, Love the forums here, been lurking for a bit, but now I finally have a question: I've exported (from Adobe Premiere pro) some clips from a film i'm working on as "filmstrips" so i can mess with them in photoshop. What i'm looking to do is apply the "cut out" filter to the clips, but when I do they come out looking like a grey mess, almost a solid grey block. Now if I take a smaller file, say 1 second of video saved as a filmstrip, the results have varied. in one instance it came out perfectly, but usually the beginning and ending frames will be almost solid grey while the middle frames will be ok, or semi-ok. I thought this might have to do with the interlacing of the frames, so I de-interlaced the video in premier, then exported as a filmstrip, but i get the same results. Is there something i'm missing There may be a plugin for premier, or even a feature in another program that can give the video the same "cut out" effect, which would be great if anyone can point me in the right direction. Otherwise I would be so thankful for any input you people have on the filmstrip to photoshop angle. Some tech specs: Video shot on a Cannon GL2 in frame mode Video captured at 720 X 480 NTSC 29.97 fps