How to clean up a jagged drawing

I have a drawing that I want to edit in photo shop. I need to clean up the edges, make them sharp, crisp and more detailed.

I'm using an older version; Adobe Photoshop CS2.

You can see the attached. I'm curiuos what techniques can be used.

Posted On: Sunday 30th of December 2012 10:18:19 PM Total Views:  458
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hey, don't have much experience with photoshop atm, been reading a few sigs, so heres a couple attempts just going out on my own =) Any critique or input is helpful, I just want to start improving and need to know where =) lol
Layers Palette Group Sorting Question   (251 Views)
If you create a Group in the layers palette and then drag existing layers into the Group, they are placed at the bottom of that Group's stacking order by default. Is there a keyboard combo that will force the layer to be inserted at the TOP of the Group's stacking order instead I tried all the typical key combos to no avail...Thank You!
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How do I go about doing this Many
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I'm using Photoshop 5.0, and today I'm running into a problem. When I click on the Magic Wand, it sometimes brings up the Rectangular Marquee tool. Or at least the symbol for it. I can't draw a rectangle. I have to close everything down and restart. Sometimes that helps, sometimes not. Needless to say, I'm not getting a lot done.
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I want to create background like the posters from crazy stupid love how to use background from photoshop is it depth of field.I love the colors as they are very bold and sparkle see the link below. I would love to hear your help! I fell in love with this and I want to make the background and add my friends on it google crazy stupid love posters and look at the background, so beautiful.
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I seem to get just so far .. 'no farther! Levels, brightness/contrast, vibrance, etc. Any further thoughts would be appreciated.
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I've been trying for so long playing with photoshop and what trying to figure out how to get the people in the picture like lightened up and i guess make the colors look like its i guess more stand out, i cant explain it. Same goes for the background on the first picture. I would appreciate whoever can help me on how to figure this out. I put the effect picture im trying to do on the left and the non edited picture on the right. Sorry I dot have the original picture of the person that im trying to get the effect on at the moment. here is the other with the original too. Thanx.
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So I found some FANTASTIC free patterns on line, but had to download each one individually. Is there a way to take several .pat files and combine them into a single grouping, or a single .pat file I searched for every key word I could think of before posting - apologies if this is something knows.
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ive got photoshop cs4 and what i would like to know if i can install photoshop cs4 extended upgrade rather than pay for the full edition of cs4 extended which is a lot of of money. the cs4 extended upgrade is half the price but will it be compatible with my photoshop cs4. regards phil
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in pse 7 when 'learn more' comes up to click on for more information about a particular function in editing etc, a note says it can't display the info and I need to reinstall pse7. I have reinstalled it but the same problem persists. Any ideas
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This happens from time to time. When opening a document in Photoshop the "layers" and "adjustment" panels are automatically collapsed. I've been through every option I can think of to have them expanded when I open a document. I've also tried various workspaces but they all collapse the panels when Photoshop is opened again. Is it possible to corrupt panels in some way
how have I broken my toolbar?!   (181 Views)
This is hopefully something simple that I am just missing, but am panicking! I can toggle the tools bar on and off, but all that appears is the little slice of blue with the feather on - no tools, and no obvious way to get them back! I'm slightly freaking out as have a mammoth design project on, and whilst I have re-downloaded a trial version its only got a few days left on it and i'll never finish in that time! Help MASSIVELY appreciated! C x
Error message "required resources not found" Argh!   (537 Views)
, I'm at my wits end with a sudden Photoshop CS2 error I'm getting on my Mac running OS X Tiger. An error message pops up when I try to do virtually anything in Photoshop, particularly when I mouse over an value-entry field in a pallette, for example the Character pallette which has fields for font size, width, ledding, etc. Could not complete your request because the required resources were not found. Here's the error message I always get: "Could not complete your request because the required resources were not found." Usually when I have an error, I can find someone else on the net who has experienced it, and use their fix. But I have yet to find anyone with this error in any forum. Anyone have a guess as to what I could do to fix it Adobe's site is a mess, so I'm not posting there. But I've already tried trashing prefs, re-installing Photoshop, running Disk Utility, etc. None of the usual tricks are working with this one.
Who else had GoDaddy site shut down today?   (116 Views)
So it seems the Anonymous group decided to attack GoDaddy today... I guess we the photoshop artists and web designers are considered "Collateral Damage" I spent had a lot of template designs to upload for clients (sadly, all goDaddy hostings) and of course, I could do nothing but sit there, and follow GoDaddy reports on Twitter and they desperately tried to repair the damage! This was a uselessly frustrating event!
Need help to extract the background   (160 Views)
I'm new to photoshop. I want to extract the background of whatsapp icon and re-use the background (i.e. removing the telephone image from the whatsapp icon). Anybody can suggest me what to do step by step millions
Photoshop "Pen Tool"   (99 Views)
Hi I am a web designer. I know Photoshop little better. But I did not know how to use Pen Tool in Photoshop. Please anybody help me how can I use Pen Tool, so I am really help for this and it help for my career.
Broken text?   (157 Views)
I was just wondering on everybodys personal preference to get an effect such as this; Ok, apparently Im not allowed to post an image just google-image "katatonia logo"
How to alter a part of an image   (141 Views)
. I would first off like to thank you for a wonderful forum and for a chance to ask for assistance directly. It always amazes me to see a group of professionals and enthusiasts willing to offer their immense knowledge and their precious time for nothing in return. That is why I am particularly grateful for this forum. Anyway, I am an absolute newbie to Photoshop and pretty much to graphics processing as well, so my question I guess will be an easy one to answer. I have an image whose part I would like to alter. To be more specific, I need to change the Batman sign in the sky to a letter "B". I'm guessing it is done with a selection tool, but that's where my idea ends. What is the easiest way to go about this I have always wondered how this thing is done because it is used to often is today's image processing, but never had to find out the answer myself. Thank you very much in advance.
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I need to know if there is any software to convert normal font to some special fonts just as the attached file.
Selection Brush and Turning the Image   (110 Views)
I recently just got Photoshop CS2 and there are some of the simpliest things that I cannot figure out. I use to have Photoshop Elements 4.0 and these things were easy as pie, oh well, hope you can help. On CS2, I cannot find the selection brush tool anywhere! could someone tell me where it is located. Or if there is a better tool that has "replaced it" and does the same thing Also, when I move images into another "box" it isn't giving me the outline of the image where I can easily resize it and turn the image at an angle. Is there something I need to do to make it give me the outline [sorry, I dont know the actual word for what it is called]
Problem Transforming/Feathering   (102 Views)
Zero, Do you mean you want to make the whole fireball bigger by x pixels Also, is the fireball the only layer in the document I ask because most images open with the background locked and certain functions won't work on a locked layer. To unlock it, you need to convert the background to a layer. You can do this by double-clicking on the background layer in the layers palette, or by going to Layer-> New-> Layer from Background. Then to enlarge the fireball, Ctrl+Click the layer icon and drag the resultant bounding box to the new size. , No problem Zero, Keep Crunching!
Curves   (127 Views)
How do I make the curve on the top left and top right of the banner like this URL How do I get the top left and top right a different colour than from the rest of the banner
Using LCD screens for Photoshop and other Graphic, Web or Print related work.   (128 Views)
Are LCD screens good for Graphic Designing. Will they translate the colors well for Grpahics, Web, Print, etc. any opinions cheers
Suggestions please?   (136 Views)
I have just a simple picture of my man and I was wondering what are good tutorials and tips to fix it up all heart-y and love-y for a myspace background Please help because I want him to know how much I love him right now but he and I have limited contact thanks to his parents so I can't express it and I want him to have something to see and leave him speechless when he sees it. I'll either use this one: or this one: or this one: [those are the small versions]
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Originally Posted by annacarina Hej jan. and thanks. no i have to click ctrl+alt on the lab composite channel. Some one on retouch told me that. Men tak for svaret. annac Hmmm ... works in RGB Mode as well, on the RGB composite channel - I never knew you could do it that way. That's good to know - tak.
The dredgeful end-of-file...   (143 Views)
This has happened to me not once, but three times now. First on a sketch, and back then I didn't know what was wrong. And then it happened to an image I had been working on for more than 9 hours. That's what I call a wasted day. And just now, I found my graphical manuscript for my comic wasted, I mean, what the f*ck! What kind of software is this I thought that for it to be so tremendously popular and widespread, surely, it should protect the work you do at all costs. Some software I know of has functions to protect and recover a file if the system crashes or fails, not f*cking break it down! I can't possibly have a large amount of backup copies of all my work lying about; it will just make me feel irritated because of the lack of structure, not to mention the amount of space it will eat up. It ain't my job ensuring that my work is kept safe despite unexpected events, that's the softwares responsibility. And if it cant handle a simple crash (or, as it may be in this recent one, a power failure of the block in my town) then I dont know how I possibly will be able to work with this software in a real workspace in the future, if the danger of loosing even greater pieces of work than what I have done recently, and by then, I will have much more to worry about than the loss of the file itself. Do I need to say deadline Any response from Adobe regarding this I tried to check their site, hell, even make this topic over there, but they seem to run some elitism model where only a selected few are granted to voice what they have to say, bastards.
Do you Write TUTORIALS?   (129 Views)
I'm a photoshop guy, and I'm looking for a few people who are looking to make some extra money (preferably kids) but it doesnt really matter, anyone can contact me. If you can make tutorials like the ones on, and you can make LOTS of them, then please email me! I'll be back to check up on this thread but i'd love to chat
Changing the Proof Setup default.   (223 Views)
, I was wondering how I could go about changing the default Proof Setup from Working CMYK too Monitor RGB. cheers
brushes   (125 Views)
i am new to photoshop and i have a problem with brushes. when i use any brush, it can only be used in white. is there anyway i can use it in black
Custom filter?   (226 Views)
Does anybody know how to use the "Custom" filter under other I've tried to understand it...Is there a rhyme or reason to using it Lasa
Bridge colour tags   (141 Views)
I'm wondering if theres any way to change the colour of the tags in bridge or add more colours, I know you can change the name of the colour (which seems pointless) but can you customise it with your own colours or add more Wayne
How do you make parts of a graphic transparent?   (149 Views)
, I have a graphic which I want to overlay onto a video. I want to erase small bits of the graphic but not with any colour - but make it transparent so you can still see what's behind it when I overlay it. How do I do this please
CS File Browser   (124 Views)
I have a question concerning the file browser in CS. I have been using two monitors for some time, having all my tool palettes on one monitor and using the other monitor for photo editing. I would like to have the File Browser on the second monitor with my tool palettes, so I could leave it open all the time. I haven't found a way to move the file browser to the second monitor. I can click and drag the tool palettes from one monitor to the other with the mouse, but when I click in the title bar of the file browser and try to drag it to monitor no. 2, it will only move off the edge of one monitor, and not move over to the next. Anyone have a suggestion of how to move the file browser from monitor one to monitor two Also, CS will not let me drag a photo from monitor one to monitor two. It would be nice to be able to display multiple photos currently open in CS - on either - or on both monitors. Can this be done, if so, how
Getting alpha channel transparency to work   (128 Views)
sorry in advance for being a complete noob and asking a question that probably has a very simple answer, but: I'm just getting to grips with photoshop and I'm trying to do something that I could previously do with other image software. I want to 'paint' the transparency of a layer using the alpha channel. So when I paint black on the alpha channel it makes that part of the layer completely transparent, and white makes it completely opaque (and grey shades are in between). From what I understood of the help, this should be possible by just creating an alpha channel and painting in it. But when I try and then click back to display the RGB channel to look at the changes I've made, nothing actually changes. Whatever I seem to do to the alpha channel it doesn't actually affect the layer's transpancy at all. Hope you can help, and like I say it's probably something really simple that I'm missing, but I'm used to just editing the alpha channel and having that instantly update the image with other software. Cheers.
textures help   (125 Views)
I would like to add extra textures to PS is there anywhere to get free ones or how can I make my own and how do I add them I want to make textures like net muslin, and lace for background effects.
Idiot with Photoshop; Please Help   (131 Views)
Ok, I have a picture of a camera, where I want the camera to remain the block colour that it is (grey), but somehow erase the white-filled background to the image, so that it is transparent. I will explain I little more by use of pictures... -looks fine, but when I change background to red; Help would be very much appreciated; I just need to get rid of the white in the background of the camera layer!
Program error?   (157 Views)
all of a sudden i started up my photoshop and it said.... Program error could not run adobe photoshop. and now i try to run it and it jus shuts off... wut happenend need help please
White   (124 Views)
Due to crashes etc and $$ I am on Photoshop 8 and Windows 8 and am doing a book cover for a client. I am having a problem getting white to look white. It looks like a cream color on my screen and I get messages that the working area is different from the file. What should I have as my working area if files are going to print Why can't I get a 0-C 0-Y 0-M 0-B to look WHITE on my screen
I cant believe its not easy to "CROP" single layer?   (114 Views)
I have looked everywhere and it seems I'm either a complete idiot or Photoshop is completely biased to deal8ing with single images and makes anything multiple image extremely complicated I'm designing a brochure and I have a background image and some text layers and other layers containing various pictures etc. that I arrange around the brochure etc. I drag my image onto the canvas where I resize to suit my taste, so far so good! Now what if there is a bit of the picture that I want to crop I CANT seem to crop the layer that the picture sits on without removing the rest of the canvas I have seen all kinds of info talking about inverting this, copying, that and deleting the copied, resizing a layer to the pixel dimension etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah!!! WHY cant I just crop the image and have done with it Rather than jumping through hoops! eg, simplest thing in the world to do this in MS publisher or even word I must be thick But please help anyway!
How can I make something like this?   (154 Views)
, I want to know how can I make a logo like this(minus the text): Please let me know how I can do this with Photoshop.
Images in CS5 ext (64 bit) corrupt to show as huge blocks of colour   (185 Views)
Sometimes as i work on an image in it suddenly changes tohuge solid blocks of one or two colours and once this has happened, any image Iopen from bridge opens with the same problem. If I grab the title bar with themouse and drag the image a little the image reappears but as soon as I let gothe mouse the blocks come back. I can fix this by closing down CS5 andreopening but this is becoming a nuisance. It happens with psds and jpegs. Ihave run this software for 2 years with no problem until recently. I have thelatest updates of CS5 and graphics card (AMD Radeon HD6450). I have also trieddeleting the preferences file in case it was corrupted but this made nodifference. Help....please.