How can i insert an image on an airplane that is in .tga format??

I am making a paint scheme for realflight g3..and i would like to be able to take a jpg picture and put it on the wing of the plane .but i cant seem to figure it out..Any help would be appreciated

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Sometimes i see in instructionals that they get two images side by side and i looked how they do it but it seems i don't have that option in the right above corner.. . So not as two layers but two different images side by side..
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i really suck at photoshop lol i use the quick selection tool but i can never get everything selected. and it always looks like crap i am trying to get my grille the chrome part black and the bowtie white but everytime i do it. it looks like crap can anyone help me please
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here is my mk1 golf can someone photoshop it and put a tyre on it and change the background so its on the ground or road or something so i can see how it will look please
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everybody... My question is very simple. How can i get this skin tone (attachment) in photoshop Do i need to use some plugin Can anyone teach me how to do that Or any tutorial
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I am trying to put together my website for my retail store. I am trying to achieve something like this page: Specifically I am interested in the 3 large blocks to the right of the slideshow. When you mouse over them, there are stars that show up and "sparkle." How would I do this Is it an animated gif Do I need to do make a series of gifs and put them together Sorry for the newbie questions. Maybe someone could point me in the direction of a tutorial.
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I understand txt can be edited on a scanned image of a pdf file using adobe photoshop. Its not just a document pdf its a picture pdf. A local company can do it they say using a $700.00 version but I cant pay them $120.00 an hour. Its black & white scanned pdf image of property maps. Was at staples an hour ago and see a 3 month license for it but not sure about a learning curve. Hoping you could give some help. Looks like I cant post an attachment so not sure how else to explain. I am the owner of the maps if needed to be. Any ideas before I buy a 3 month trial Not sure the version, CS or something. Do know its around $700.00 for a full version. Posting faq's says don't say help needed asap, ur something. But is the truth. Need help bad and fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh if helps am a land maps. Seems cant add an attachment...
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I am having some issues with the lasso and free transform tool. I like to work in windowed mode, With the main canvas in part of the screen and another file holding my color palette peeking out of the corner so I can sample from it easily. The issue strikes whenever I want to re-size something. I will select the lasso tool, click and drag. However, once I click, the canvas vanishes. The window for my main canvas is still there, but the shadowed backdrop section that would be the "paper" I am working on disappears from sight, and does so for as long as I am holding my mouse button. This issue returns when I choose to free transform. While I am in free transform mode, the canvas vanishes until I leave free transform mode. Is anyone else having this issue, or hopefully know of a way to fix it I recently re-installed Photoshop CS5.1. This is the first attempt I have made to do any work since i re-installed it. Before I came here i attempted to google the issue, but only came up with tutorials various how-to guides on using these tools, and not issues people are having with them. Thank you very much for your help.
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I can't see the edge of the canvas when in Photoshop CS5. I get is the transparency grid across the whole window, no matter how I resize it. I would include an image but I'm not allowed to link. Thats what I get. I've searched Google and tried looking in all the settings but nothing has worked/helped yet.
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Hi people, I've scanned in a copy of my signature, dragged & dropped it from MS Word into Photoshop CS2. BUT... I want to change its colour from black to a specific pantone colour for a sales letter I'm writing (0c1c8c)... Would someone be so kind as to advise me on how to do this please, as everything I seem to try just isn't working.
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Is there a plug-in that can enlarge images with better results -GEETHS
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Sup. Im new to Photoshop and used it for about a year. I need to know how to link a pic that i made. I made some buttons for my site and the whole page is 1 pic i made in photoshop. Now when i go to imageready i get the link to where i want it and then when i save it it only wants to save to a PSD file. Now i cant use a PSD file in my ftp for my website so how do i save it to a Jpeg of gif file Cause it wont let me.Can someone plzzz help
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I often scan b/w documents with my scanner to Photoshop. The scan always has spots (noise) which are time consuming to remove. I'm basically zooming in and erasing each one. Does anyone know of any easy time saving steps/procedures I could use to remove these spots Thank you!! -John
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GRAh. Alright. My photoshop will save stuff sa psd. But when i try to save things as .jpgs it wont give me the box that shows the quality stuff and stuff. Oo I believe it's because i had a two monitor set up a while back, and when i switched it back, the box like, appears where i cant see it or something. I would just like to know how i can set the thing up so the jpeg quality box will show up on my screen. and like, not wherever it's going now. Oo HELP Please. ;-;
PS 6.0 and the HP 3670 Scanner   (190 Views)
'Just coming to the end of the upgrade from hell having to install new motherboard etc. Running XP Pro. PS 6.0 will not recognize the new HP 3670 scanner that I installed last night (niether will OmniPage 10.0). When I go to Import, no scanner is listed. The HP people were no help at all ... the usual finger pointing saying the problem is not with their end of things. I've spent hours searching the web for a solution (something regarding TWAIN). I looked in the program files under: Photoshop_6\Plug-Ins\Import-Export and see that there is a twain driver (Twain_32.8BA) but nothing else. Also, I had tried an older Canon FB1200S and it wasn't recognized by the program either. The folks at Canon told me to run a program Deldrv_v1221.exe and then reinstall the Canon. Didn't work and that may be what messed up the Twain stuff. Where am I going wrong in the setup and how can I correct it so the new HP can be recognized by PS and OmniPage
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my computer wont let me delete or move .psds. says a program is using it right now.. but photosop is not open...
Page 3 - How can I make this HEXAGON?   (124 Views)
If you use the marquee tool, you should be able to select just the centre pixel
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I have seen buttons with rollovers on them. Can some one please tell me how it done When you pass your mouse over them the color changes. I can think of a site now but I ma sure you all have seen them out there. Thank you. James
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can anyone tell me how to bend type into some semi-circle. I would like to create type that curves around this circular object. I already have the type (text) on it's own layer but when I try to curve it using the transform tool, it stays in a straight line. Please advise. Here below is an attachment of the type I am trying to curve/bend , Quote: Originally posted by da_bigg_z Actually you do not need to use any extra tools, photoshop provides this facility click the text tool, write your text, then on top of your screen there is the tools bar for the text tool, there is a button that looks like a T on top of a curve click it and it will give you many many curve styles, hope that helps Um...thats what stinkoman just said He even attached the pic of that 'T on top of a curve' lol
How can I make text curve?   (132 Views)
I have a curvy arrow (it archs), and I'd like to label it with some text that also archs along side the arrow. How can I do this