HELP!!! GIFs & Transparency in PS 9

For the love of sweet Jesus and all that is holy in heaven and under the blue sky above!

I have been searching what is commonly referred to as the "inter net" for about three CONSECUTIVE days now -- I mean I haven't slept or eaten.

WHY in the world would I do such a thing Well... to put it simply: BECAUSE NO WHERE ON THIS GOD FORSAKEN WEB are there any tutorials for creating TRANSPARENCY for GIFs in PHOTOSHOP CS:2.

After hours of searching I've all but given up hope. I keep trying every godforsaken thing I can and re-reading all the tutorials written for photoshop 5 and 6, and even the help files and online tutorials that adobe provides. NONE OF THE ABOVE have provided me with any REAL step by step information on how to successfully produce results.

For the love of sweet jesus will someone help me!!

I'm at my wits end right now, and the insanity of this post should attest to that.

Well, considering this post probably won't get any answers, I'm going to bed. Or to jump off a cliff. Whichever I manage to find first.

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