Free-hand drawing and fixing "squiggles."

undefinedundefinedundefined ! I would like to know if there is a way to draw free-hand in photo shop, and if so, which tool do I use

I'd also like to know if there is a way to "fix" lines and curves. For example, if you take a pencil and draw an image free-hand, it's nearly impossible to get straight, unless you're a brilliant artist or use a ruler. If I drew and image, scanned it and opened it in Photo shop, is there a way or tool or something I could use clean up the lines, make them straighter (without the squiggles) and make certain lines broader or thiner

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so i've got this drawing... Attachment 16091 how would i go about making that into a vector image with clean lines here's the .psd if anyone wants the 300dpi scan..*warning file is 8mb)
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I don't have photoshop yet. Still saving up. Have fireworks which came with flash. I'm a web guy. Anyways is there any filters to turn a photo into a line drawing I found this edgeline filter which looks ok. Are there any other plugins that are better for this job
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I scan cartoons I've drawn so that I can colour them in Photoshop. However, when I click within an area I wanted coloured, I get a thin white line between the colour and the black outline. No matter what I do, I cannot get rid of this except to keep on clicking the colour until the line disappears. Is there a quick and more effective way of filling colour without this hassle
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When I create a new PS (CS3) document and add two rectangles to it (fixed size, 1024x230), the other one gets gray borders around it. See the attachment for a demonstration. How can I disable these The thicker gray area on the left is the canvas since I took an screen capture of the picture but the is a visible thin gray line dividing the two rectangles. I placed them so that the lower one is little bit overlapping the upper one. The thin gray border is on the right side of the rectangle too.
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How do I get new layers to appear when I draw lines I can only get the lines to stay on the first layer. I have CS5
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Hi : I have a question regarding the best way to reduce the size of a drawing from possibly 8 x 10 to 1x1. I am going to hire an artist to draw a characture of one of my clients (similar to below) and use that as buttons for the website. I am thinking my options are to scan artists drawing into PS and reduce image, but I will definitely lose quality. Or I can retrace the drawing in Illustrator and develop a vector drawing, which I can resize . . . but how do I trace color Can you offer some input And the best way to approach this
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I am using Photoshop CS. I have created a line drawing from a photograph and converted it to B&W. I would like now to change the color of the lines from B&W to a sepia tone and use it as a background. I have done it once and can not now do it again. The first try was a bit too light and I need to make it a different color but can not now change the color. I have gone back to the original and I have tried everything I thought I did to make the first change but it isn't working. Could someone help put me back on track
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wasn't sure if this is beginner, general, or advanced question, but here goes. It seems lately I've been drawing stuff for web pages that people come back and want to use in larger formats. Like printing on their truck, or business cards, letterheads, or even large banners. Of course, I didn't draw them with that in mind, it's this tiny image that is made for the web and is like 72dpi. So now I have to take these things somehow and convert them to scalable vectors at 300dpi if possible, but I don't know how. How do I take any random graphic (or a handful of layers at once) and convert it to a higher DPI and make it scalable so I can send the large tiff or even the PSD to a graphic printing company who can scale it to whatever size they like and have it still look the same Case in point: I am supposed to take a logo and convert it to a basic black and white print to put on their van. So I have to take off gradients and shadows and extra stuff, but I am still left with a graphic at 72dpi and very small in size. it is, however, is text using a standard font, but I did a custom letter that kind of flows vertically between 3 lines of text. So I have 4 layers, 3 font layers and one regular drawing layer for the custom letter. The only effect I have now in this basic version is an outer glow, with yellow color overlay. So help me out. Can I make this scalable AND with effects Can I just convert all the layers into vector paths somehow Or is there a way to just make this 300dpi and make it 5 times bigger and look nice I'm just not sure how to convert or get this ready for a printer. Ideas I can upload a jpg or the psd if anybody likes, but I don't want to presume anybody will do it for me. Some kind of tutorial would be nice perhaps. And actually I have to get it done tomorrow for printing on Monday. Help!
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I hope I'm using the right terminology here. yOu know when you go to 100%, and scroll around, photoshop redraws the image correct then sometimes, is seems it can be real sluggish. but usually it's ok. anyone know what causes the sluggish times What's interesting is sometimes when it's sluggish the image efficiency is at 100%, so I'm so sure to say it's because of RAM.
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Hi I want to convert a photo (a face) to something like this (attached). I tried to use the "drawing" effect but it's still looks too real. i want the end result to be as simple as possible yet someone can know who the person is from just one look. does anyone have any idea how to do it.
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i want to learn to draw with photoshop.. im kind of new to photoshop drawing.. i mostly can just do abstract things which even those are not amazingly good. they are slightly above begginer mabe intermediate but.. anyway do you have any good places to start learning to draw on photoshop
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I have a 3 view drawing of a vehicle and I want to make each view of the drawing the same dementions but when I try and crop the image for the first time and then try and crop another view I cant get the same dementions! Is there an easier way of doing this in photoshop
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haha that sounds so stupid lol right i want to draw a cloud that looks like the clouds in this pic: with a straight bottom and circular on the top please help me i am very new to photoshop and have just spent alot of mone yof cs3 extended :/ please remember has to start somewhere.
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I have a wood texture and I want to draw a black-and-white (as in monochrome, not grayscale) image onto it. Problem is, that just putting it in a layer above doesn't look convincing enough. I want the drawing to have the wood's grain applied to it somehow so it looks like it was inked into the wood. Is this possible If so, how do I go about doing that
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I have never had a tablet before and don't know much about them, but I hear they are pretty good for drawing in Photoshop- better than using a mouse anyway. I am not a proffesional so I don't need the best! I just want to draw manga / anime in Photoshop, like this- I am looking to spend around 50 - 150 on one. Thats about... $100 - 300. :P Also, would I need to buy anything else Or just the tablet No other devices or anything
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Does anyone but me have a hard time drawing a solid lines with the pencil tool It seems like I have to zoom way in on elements and go real slow to shift-draw lines with the pencil tool. I don't know when this issue started--but it seems like I didn't always have this problem and that the tool used to work better for this. Wondering if there's a configuration thing at work or if that's just what else goes through. Screenshot attached--any feedback appreciated.
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I have a black and white line drawing (jpeg or bmp) that I need to modify. A section of it needs to have the white background changed to a color background. Can anyone tell me how to do this
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there was this technique I used to use using lines in going over my hand drawings in photoshop so that I could colour them in with photoshop. However I cant remember how I did it. I used to draw thin lines all over each line of the drawing and they would stay as one shape, then I would use an option which smoothed the lines so the picture didnt look like it was drawn with a ruler. This left big spaces in which I could easily select and colour how I wanted. Any ideas on how to do this
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well i'm trying to draw the shapes from the folowing page ; i cant figure out which tool to use to make the red and white shapes. i'm lost. not new to photoshop (well cutting things out ) but definetly new to shapes. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Photoshop tablet drawing tutorial help   (251 Views)
So I own a wacom intuos 3 tablet for about a mounth now but I can't seem to find a good tutorial/s that can teach me how to draw digital in photoshop.There are A LOT of tutorials in the internet on digital drawing but all of them are about the filling with base color technic and I dont really like that.I want to draw it all by hand and not do that selecting and filling thing.So if someone can give me a tutorial on how to free hand draw on photoshop (coloring,shading,highlights,brushes,layers ect.)it would be very nice.Also it would be good if the tutorial explains every little part like brushes and layers, because like I said I'm a newb in photoshop and I need some extra explaining.