Error message "required resources not found" Argh!

, I'm at my wits end with a sudden Photoshop CS2 error I'm getting on my Mac running OS X Tiger. An error message pops up when I try to do virtually anything in Photoshop, particularly when I mouse over an value-entry field in a pallette, for example the Character pallette which has fields for font size, width, ledding, etc. Could not complete your request because the required resources were not found. Here's the error message I always get:

"Could not complete your request because the required resources were not found."

Usually when I have an error, I can find someone else on the net who has experienced it, and use their fix. But I have yet to find anyone with this error in any forum. Anyone have a guess as to what I could do to fix it Adobe's site is a mess, so I'm not posting there. But I've already tried trashing prefs, re-installing Photoshop, running Disk Utility, etc. None of the usual tricks are working with this one.

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