Crop into several pieces help pls.

How do I crop a photo into several pieces like a puzzle. It doesn't matter what shape the pieces are, so long as they will all fit together again. When I use the crop tool, it takes one piece and deletes the rest... Somebody told me to make a duplicate image and crop that way, but how will I know I'm cropping in the right place

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Hi People! I've cropped a 10 megapixel photo in Cs4 10X15 centimeters, but when I save it as jpeg file with maximum quality, the file is very small (200-500k)when I open it afterwards. What am I doing wrong I am sure there's a very easy solution to this. Nille
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Probably already asked and answered, but not sure how to search for this one. I photograph volleyball tournaments. The pictures I take are about 2800 x 2000. I crop out the best 1000 x 1000 or so so that the largest side is no more than 1000. I do this by drawing out a square on every image until I widdle it down to the appropriate size. What would really be nice is telling photoshop that i want my square to be 1000 x 1000 then I can move it around on the image and crop out the best area. This way all my images would be exactly 1000 x 1000 instead of 1000 x 952 etc. How can I set up photoshop so that I can just open image after image and just throw the presized crop area onto each image and go from there
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This is driving me crazy... I want to crop a circular or elliptical region from an image. I presume that one begins by creating a path, but after that, I'm getting nowhere. Can someone out there provide a hint as to how to proceed Ok...I discovered the elliptical marquee this part of the solution
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New to photoshop . . . and new on here. Looking for someone to crop/rotate/layer a book image over another image of a person and into their hand. About 50 of these need doing. Could anyone here help with a trial run. Can email the images over. Will pay well. Appreciated
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I want to put an image on to a red sweatshirt via one of those tshirt printing websites. I've rounded the 4 corners of it so that the imae is circular rather than square however I can't seem to get the image so that the 4 supposedly blank corners don't show up, at the moment they are showing as though they will print out white, not the look I was going for! If anyone can tell me how to sort that out I'd really appreciate it, it's a present idea for someones bday!
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Literally the topic, this has been bugging me ever since I got PhotoShop CS5 again,
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I have a photo of myself and I would like to crop just myself out of the photo and put it into a template. I did it before with a webpage I already have up, but I forgot how I did it and I can't remember! I went into quick mask mode got outlined the section I want to crop. I used the wand tool to highlight the section, but everytime I try to drag it into the template I get just the outline and when I switch back into standard mode it looses the section all together! Help!
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Hi , the other day I took several pictures of a house getting demo-ed and I wanted to make an animated gif. Here are the steps that I followed to make the file. 1. opened first jpeg of the series in ImageReady and "saved as" north.psd. 2. rotated to make as straight as possible. 3. dropped some guide lines down as reference points for future layers/frames. 4. opened up next jpeg is series, and made it "layer 2" in north.psd 5. aligned and rotated the layer so it lined up with guide lines as best as possible. 6. created a new frame in the animation window. 7. repeated step 4-6 for each new layer/frame until all images where incorporated into North.psd so far so good, now is where I start to get my issues... 8. transfer the file to PS. 9. I re-size image for a more web friendly size 10. try to crop the edges to make all images a perfect square
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I want to crop the shrubbery out of the top of the attached photo. Also, I want the area that I crop to be transparent so I can paste the empty tomb photo on top of another photo. I apologize if my terms are not correctI am a total rookie at this.
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I'm currently working on my artwork site and need to make every crop I do for various pieces a perpect sqaure so they'll all lince u. Can someone please help me do this.
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I am selecting my entire canvas and then clicking 'Copy Merged' and pasting it into a powerpoint. I have been using this same process for awhile, but for some reason when I pasted my image into powerpoint today it was cropped down. My image is supposed to have some blank space on all four sides. When I pasted it into powerpoint it no longer had this space...any solutions to this
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I am having an issue with the cropping tool. It will not loose the cropped area. My image and canvas are the right size when I view and save it but when I move the cropped image to a new canvas, the whole image is there like i never cropped it... What's up
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Any help is greatly appreciated! I am brand new to photoshop. I have a .psd file that was created by someone else for my friends web page. The psd file is the background, logo, and navigational bar for her home page. Each button is a "slice" I think because there are lines around each button on the left side navigational bar (not a true navigational bar just created by buttons) and around the head and body etc. (The lines are blue if that tells you anything - each section is numbered with a little tiny icon that looks a little like the back of an envelope.) My question - we wanted to change the word on one of the buttons - I did that saved the psd file - no problem. Then I cropped out the button that we had changed. When I saved it to the web (as a jpg) the button looks like a button (a box around it - not a line a raised area that looks like a button.) The other buttons do NOT look like a button (even though the layers are named buttons.) How can I change it so it looks flat (not button like) like all of the rest of the items on the navigational bar. If I didn't give enough information I apologize. I am not sure I know enough about photoshop to ask this intelligently. Thank you for any help you can provide.
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Is there a simple way to constrain a crop to a certain aspect ratio I have a bunch of cropping to do and the results all need to be 5:3. It's not that difficult to use the info palette and get the aspect ratio right but it would be way quicker if I could just constrain the crop tool to those proportions.
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IN crop tool, I know you can save a setting like 5x7, 8x10 etc, but is there a way to save the actual outline, so you don't have to drag out the rectangle image after image
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The crop tool in photoshop requires you to enter a specific width and height into the boxes. You then drag your selection and photoshop crops and resamples. I wish I could choose to have no resampling done. Why the heck can't I enter a ratio
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Hi all How do you crop multiple images at the same time using CS2 Thankyou josel
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hey Im a beginner at photoshop and i was wondering if there was a way to crop my image so that it would not be a square , but the crop would fit the the actual image itself. For example, if the image was in the shape of a circle, i could crop it so the actual image was a circle when copied and pasted. Does this make sense The reason i need this is because im making a flash file and i need the image to be movable within the animation and yet the background around the image would still be visible.
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I select the area to be cropped on the image. Select "image>crop" and enter. The picture disappears. I had this happen with CS3 once; it was suggested to reinstall; I did and it solved the problem. This time I have reinstalled PS CS4 twice (uninstalled first) and it still does this. My PS CS3 was a separate PS package; the CS4 is part of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 (standard). The second reinstall, I reinstalled the whole Creative Suite. Still does the disappearing act. Any ideas
Straighten tool straightens but will not crop (CS5)   (123 Views)
Hi. The title says it all really. When using the straighten tool in CS5, it always used to automatically crop the straightened image. Now, for some reason, it just rotates the image but will not automatically crop it. Can anybody hazard a guess as to what I have done to change things