Can't open CR2 files in CS3 after recovery from a memory card deletion, help please!

I accidentally deleted some photos from a memory card. I recovered them using software called "Recover My Files". This software recovered the files but now I can't open them in CS3. I took these with an old Canon Rebel DSLR and they should not need converting, they opened fine before I deleted them. Any advice much appreciated. I really need these photos.

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Ive downloaded pics from my CF card from my CanonS1 IS to my laptop via a cardreader. When I open a pic in Photoshop 5, the pic is locked and can't be unlocked. Does anyone have a solution to this so I may get the pic unlocked. Photoshop will not unlock it.
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I have a problem opening Photoshop 6 and 7 image files from Macintosh into CS2 pc version. It says that it is not the right kind of document. Can anyone help with a solution please. David
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Every time i try to open/create a document in cs2 it stalls for about 5 seconds, then gives me a bsod followed by a reboot. It reboots rather quickly so i cant see the error code on the bsod. Im using windows xp pro sp2. Anyone know how to fix this i'd really like to be able to use photoshop again. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling. Turing my anti-virus off during the install process, nothing works.
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If I double-click any photoshop file, tiff, jpeg they will open Photoshop but the file doesn't open. I can open any of these files from within Photoshop. Any suggestions greatly accepted. I am running Mac OSX 10.3.9, and I am unaware of having done anything out of the ordinary to have caused this.
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I'm very new to PhotoshopCS, have just started taking raw files on a Canon 20D. My error message is " could not complete your request because it is not right kind of document" I can't seem to find the info in the manual to correct this, plug in seems to be installed. Any direction would be a help.
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Photoshop CS will not open my Photoshop files if I double-click them. It opens up Photoshop, but then doesn't open the file. This has only just started happening, I've been using it for about a year no problem. I can still open any Photoshop related file if I open via Menu>Open. If I am working in In Design and I want to edit original, it's the same problem.
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I don't know if anyone has this problem, but when I open a photo that I have taken with my Canon SD100 digi cam, Photoshop CS2 will display this image with a predominantely orange tint. But when I click on "Save for Web", the preview of the image is in the correct colors. How do I then open my photos in Photoshop without this orange tint I really don't know what its doing. I can tell you though, I can't do any work properly because of it. Salutations, g-sal
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The problem that I still have is that the layer is saved; not the background image! Can I change such a file into a file so you can see the background image (with layers)
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Hi , I'm new to these forums but was hoping you could help me with a little problem I've got. I've been using CS4 for years and recently upgraded to CS6. I was in the process of removing the background from some free Smiley GIFs when I had to reinstall Windows. After the re-install I only installed CS6 but every time I go to.. File --> Import --> Video Frames to Layers ...I cant see GIF files. Previously this was how I imported GIFs for editing but now GIF files aren't visible via that option. I even re-installed my old CS4 but I still have the same problem. On my old Windows install both CS4 and CS6 allowed me to import GIFs via the above option. Do any of you know what I'm doing wrong
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I just noticed that every time I edit a file in either Lightroom or Photoshop it is compressing them a LOT. It doesn't matter if I am editing a RAW file or a jpg, it shrinks them to 1.7M or smaller. I checked my resolution in Photoshop and it is set to 300 pixels/inch. I never change my settings and this just started happening about a month ago. It does this even if all I do is crop them. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happeing or how I can fix it Thank you!
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I have Photoshop CS5. Is there a method of converting GIF format into JPG format Thank you, Charlie.
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So I found some FANTASTIC free patterns on line, but had to download each one individually. Is there a way to take several .pat files and combine them into a single grouping, or a single .pat file I searched for every key word I could think of before posting - apologies if this is something knows.
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Say you find an image on this forum and want to open it directly into Photoshop. Is there a trick for this The only one I've found is copy the image, then go to Ps to new (the image size will be updated), then paste your image there by dragging and dropping with shift (places the image evenly in the window). But surely there must be an easier way to do this. This could be extremely helpful because we wouldn't have to save all the images on the PC and then open them in Ps.
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I have about 300 images (jpg) in a folder. I need to resize all of them. Each file is about 2.2mb. I tried using Action to help out but the problem is I have to keep pressing 'play' for each image and I'm kinda tired and bored by doing all of them. Is there a better way to use Action to do all my 300 without me having to do it one by one Thank you!
how to batch multiple files from 72dpi to 300dpi?   (147 Views)
here is my problem... i'm not really a noob when it comes to PS but when it comes to printing stuff i am... so a did a project for photo studio... they gave me some photos to adjust and manipulate... they were 10 mega pixels JPEGs at 72dpi.. now they wanna print the photos at another studio and they told me they need 300dpi photos... and there are about 1000 photos.. so i cant do this individually with each photo... can i batch them somehow to change them from 72 to 300dpi and keep the resolution[2592x3888 px] ...cause i know that converting a pic to 300 dpi would make a huge file at around 500Mb and i dont want that of course.. i currently use PS CS3 Extended... hope someone can help me!!!
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I'm having a really weird issue. Photoshop 7 keeps closing suddenly on me. It only happens when I try to open or save files in a certain folder, I think. The weird thing is I moved that folder out of the folder that it is inside, to the desktop, and then I could save and open files in that folder just fine. Then when I cut and pasted it back into that folder the same problem happens. I've tried using a registry repair program, and done a virus scan, and nothing.
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Hi I have created a animation in photoshop its bascally 2 photos blending into each other, I want this as my homepage how do I get the animation to my website.
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This is a website im making for a photographer, the picture on the left is one he took, any comments would be appreciated. Cheers
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all, Sorry if this has been answered before - I've done a few brief searches and couldn't find anything. I have created an image in Adobe Photoshop CS2 as an image with some text and a basic drop shadow with a Royal Blue background. It's going to be displayed on a webpage with a Royal Blue background. I saved it as a PNG via the Save As method. works well on Windows (except I haven't tried Safari for Windows) and Firefox on Mac OSX, but Safari on OSX shows the image background colour to be different from what it should be. It does display the webpage background colour in the correctly. After some searching I found that this might be caused by Photoshop imbedding a colour profile that Safari doesn't understand. I've tried several things (including Save for Web) but can't seem to save an image without the colour profile. My current colour profile is sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Doesn't anyone know how to save an image without a colour profile Or if this won't solve it - any other possible solutions I don't want to save it as a transparent background because the drop shadow is very different when displayed on the page - I'd like to try and keep it as I want it.
Photoshop 7 - saving files to Windows 2003 Server   (232 Views)
I am having a problem saving files to a Windows 2003 server from PS7 error message of "could not save as \\server\folder\filename because disk is full". No problems encountered with PS6 or PS-CS. As the server is in excess of 3 Terabytes I don't think it is a hardware problem. More that it is a problem with PS7 or Windows 2003. Anyone come across this problem and knows the solution Help appreciated
Spacing Buttons In Your Layout   (111 Views)
I'm curious as to how most designers on here go about spacing their buttons in your regular horizontal nav display. Usually, I will make a selection around the entire nav bar and then use "Distribute Horizontal Centers" to center each button or text layer. Of course, this distributes by the center of each text button. I'd like to know the easiest and fastest way to make the spacing the same inbetween each button. Can someone help me here
The dredgeful end-of-file...   (143 Views)
This has happened to me not once, but three times now. First on a sketch, and back then I didn't know what was wrong. And then it happened to an image I had been working on for more than 9 hours. That's what I call a wasted day. And just now, I found my graphical manuscript for my comic wasted, I mean, what the f*ck! What kind of software is this I thought that for it to be so tremendously popular and widespread, surely, it should protect the work you do at all costs. Some software I know of has functions to protect and recover a file if the system crashes or fails, not f*cking break it down! I can't possibly have a large amount of backup copies of all my work lying about; it will just make me feel irritated because of the lack of structure, not to mention the amount of space it will eat up. It ain't my job ensuring that my work is kept safe despite unexpected events, that's the softwares responsibility. And if it cant handle a simple crash (or, as it may be in this recent one, a power failure of the block in my town) then I dont know how I possibly will be able to work with this software in a real workspace in the future, if the danger of loosing even greater pieces of work than what I have done recently, and by then, I will have much more to worry about than the loss of the file itself. Do I need to say deadline Any response from Adobe regarding this I tried to check their site, hell, even make this topic over there, but they seem to run some elitism model where only a selected few are granted to voice what they have to say, bastards.
Creating a Trophy Figure out of a Pic   (169 Views)
Not sure if this is the place for this but I've been trying to create a trophy Figure out of a George Costanza pose and I can't get the exact look I want. I was hoping one of you could help me out. Attached are two files. First one is my best attempt at this endevour, the only problem with this one is that it isn't gold, I need it to be gold and the other is that I used the Chrome filter and it completely takes over the picture. I want to it to look like a figure but still be able to see that it's Costanza. The second is the photoshoped version of the pose that I edited. The original photo was incomplete and had a background. I also made it grayscale in order to make it easier to color gold. Third is a costanza version that I added the foot and part of the leg. So if you are able and willing I will really appreciate it.
Question on brushes.   (612 Views)
Is there a way to make a brush do a squiggly line instead of using the pen tool and try to add anchors and move them I'm trying this for a project.
web photos Album ?   (145 Views)
I created the web photos Album from Photoshop and looked at the pictures but I saw the name on the top of the page. I clicked on that picture to remove but I didn't see it anymore. Can anybody help me My Photo Album   chucks.jpg family3.jpg fix.jpg jacopy.jpg joesssscopy.jpg pondcopy.jpg repair.jpg snowball.jpg tropicalsscopy.jpg