Cant erase the Hue Layer

I have been erasing the hue layers when i do specific pictures when i want the backround to be a different hue than the foreground. And i would select the hue layer, and just use the erase tool and it would remove that specific hue in that area... Well now i will not do that anymore. I must have checked some box on accident or somthing. when i select the eraser tool and the hue layer, it shows the eraser circle on the picture, but it will not erase anything... please help

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, I'm new to photoshop but a long time graphic designer, I noticed that when I try to paint with the brush (with a smaller brush between 1-4pxs) I can't see the cursor that shows me where I'm drawing. I don't have the best eyes but when I wear my glasses while on the PC my eyes get real tired, is there a way to change this cursors color and/or size
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i put a pen tool path on a new layer, selected it, tried stroke effect and it doesnt work. also, when i make a pen tool line, when i hit "make selection" it completes the line into a shape which i dont want. any help greatly appreciated.
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hi, i cant resize my pen tool path and fill shape at the same time, it just changes the size of the path and leaves the fill separate and unchanged. any help greatly appreciated to fix this.
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I made a billboard size image, which is roughly 150wx90h in 300 resolution in 8 bits and RGB mode and then save it as .PSB(since its a large file, its only applicable to save as .psb) after saving, I decided to save it as JPEG, after clicking file>save as. In the list of options there is no .JPEG included in the saving option, the ones are there are .TIFF, .RAW, .PSB, .DCM and also, When i tried saving it as .TIFF and chose Jpeg in the list, the result image came about 1.3GB size file which is i think odd.. any advice
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aloha! i have masked several images of my friend's daughter. id like to have her on a white background. im good all the way to the point where you use the 'move' tool to drag the masked image onto a white background ( which is a blank PS document saved in Jpeg). when i drag it over i end up with a huge close-up crop that fills the entire image of my white background so that you cant even see the white. conversely, when i drag the white background over my mask i only get a small rectangular box of white that fails to cover the entire background area once i drag the background layer below the mask. i hope im explaining this clearly...
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i download a photoshop set that included brushes, contours, plug-ins, and actions. I copied these files to the appropriate folders. I started up photshop and i got these errors: Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop.exe-Unable to locate component this application has failed to start because pano12.dll was not found. Re-installing may fix this problem. Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop.exe- Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point isterWindowMessageAcould not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop.exe Unable to locate component This application has failed to start because NEL32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem. I attempted to reinstall photoshop again but to not avail. The same three errors came up again and i couldn't run photoshop.
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please help me out i cant find beval and emboss filter im trying to do a Chiseled Images tutorial
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, i have alot of plugins installed in filters in cs2 when i go to filters to pick one it cannot show me all of them becuase i scroll down the list but it runs out. like there is not enough room for so many filters what can i do except deleting some of them, and i have deleted some then they all show put them back in then i run out of room on the filters list again
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i have photoshop cs and i can select color but the color i select, doesn't draw on the blank canvas. i only have white, gray, black... i know there is a setting somewhere that i dont have turned on but i cant remember, pleae help
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Hi I downloaded a few new brushes but I can't see them. I downloaded the ABR file onto my desktop and then I clicked and dragged the ABR file into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 (64 Bit)\Presets\Brushes folder. But when I open up the brush tool and click on "Toggle the brush panel" button and under the Brush tab.....I don't see my new brushes. The new brushes are silhouettes of people.... which I imagine would be fairly easy to spot in the brushes tab... any ideas
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i want to use quick selection tool and use constituency with it but cant find it! can someone help me
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HI, all....newbie here, and newbie to Photoshop in general. Hate that my first post is for a favor, but I am trying to get this done by today because I am trying to make a sign for the Texans/Titans Monday Night Football game tonight! I have tried and tried and tried! I have given up as I have spent over 4 hours trying. But in case there may be any generous souls out there willing to help and maybe do this for me, I would be so very grateful!!!! This is what I am trying to do... Taking this image: on this poster: and replacing the face with Andre Johnson (this image): Changing the top to read "ANDRE" instead of "KENNEDY" and the bottom to read, "LEADERSHIP FOR THE NFL" I would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GRATEFUL if anyone can help!!!!!!
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Hi can anybody help I cant seem to attach any jpegs to my email. I am using yahoo and wanadoo and can attach normal docs ok but when i try to attach jpegs all i get is 'this document contains no data'..strangely i am sometimes able to attach a 41kb jpeg but never anything else...can anybody help ta
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hithis is my first post,i realy like this site, is very helpfull and full of greate graphics desighners,ok enogh "ksks". i got this little dilema,since my skills in ps are not as good as most people that have been using ps for a month or two,i came to the conclution of asking for help in several forums.ok, im having problems with glass on an lcd display, yep, cant seem to get the glass and reflection righ,im working on this winamp skin, i have tried allot of diffrent technics and almost all of the online tutorials,but nothing seems to work so here i ask you for help. the glass look i have in mind or been trying is from the skin factory you can see an example at and the glass glare has to be clean and of course allow to see whats behind lol, i apritiate all the help you can give. ok here is the skin i've been working on. feel free to comment, constructive critisism is allways welcome. and sorry i cant spell for.
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wheres filter at.
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Hi , I'm new to these forums but was hoping you could help me with a little problem I've got. I've been using CS4 for years and recently upgraded to CS6. I was in the process of removing the background from some free Smiley GIFs when I had to reinstall Windows. After the re-install I only installed CS6 but every time I go to.. File --> Import --> Video Frames to Layers ...I cant see GIF files. Previously this was how I imported GIFs for editing but now GIF files aren't visible via that option. I even re-installed my old CS4 but I still have the same problem. On my old Windows install both CS4 and CS6 allowed me to import GIFs via the above option. Do any of you know what I'm doing wrong
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Sup. Im new to Photoshop and used it for about a year. I need to know how to link a pic that i made. I made some buttons for my site and the whole page is 1 pic i made in photoshop. Now when i go to imageready i get the link to where i want it and then when i save it it only wants to save to a PSD file. Now i cant use a PSD file in my ftp for my website so how do i save it to a Jpeg of gif file Cause it wont let me.Can someone plzzz help
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GRAh. Alright. My photoshop will save stuff sa psd. But when i try to save things as .jpgs it wont give me the box that shows the quality stuff and stuff. Oo I believe it's because i had a two monitor set up a while back, and when i switched it back, the box like, appears where i cant see it or something. I would just like to know how i can set the thing up so the jpeg quality box will show up on my screen. and like, not wherever it's going now. Oo HELP Please. ;-;
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my computer wont let me delete or move .psds. says a program is using it right now.. but photosop is not open...