Blending logo to background

I am new to Photoshop and currently am working in CS2. I have a logo I need to place on a colored background and when I place it, there is a white square around the logo. I cannot figure out how to blend the logo with the background. The logo is star shaped which doesn't help.

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so i created a bandanna and i wanted to use it on an autobot logo but i dont like the result. i was wondering if there is any technique out there that could change the bandanna so that it blend perfectly into the autobot logo if anyone understand what im trying to say , You might add a very small shadow at the point where the bandana meets the shield. , well i already thought of that, but that wasnt what i was thinking. i wanted to make it look like 1 perfect picture. right now it looks like 2 separate picture combine , have you tried a displacement map , How about adding a chrome filter to the bandana! , Originally Posted by Hoogleman have you tried a displacement map im not sure what a displacement map is and a chrome filter, tried it. looks horrible. , i understand what you are saying, but i already have plans for backgrounds n etc for the image. right now im in search of a technique that can blend the bandanna with the autobot to harmonize the logo. , Take your transformer image without the bandanna on and adjust the levels so it is quite textured save it as a psd then reopen your image put your bandanna on and on that layer go to filter > distort displace then it will ask you for a reference image so choose your psd you created with the logo on and that should warp your bandanna to the transformer logo and add some texture to it. , i did what you told me and this is what it came out to be =/
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I am working on a photo that has two large areas, bascically the sky, a much darker shaded area, and a wedge area in between the two representing a normal daylight hillside. The photo is of the evrest base camp so evrything is rocky and brown or gray with light green from scrub. I have been adjusting the global colors by separating the picture into these three areas, and adjusting with the "levels" contols plus some burning and dodging and this has worked will overall. The problem is that by using three areas to control the color levels, the picture looks a little like it was pasted together with sharp edges between each area because of the distinct and well defined lighting lighting differences. There is a little of this in the original capture, but it is acerbated by the post processing selections. I tried to feather the masks using, IIRC, selection->refine edge. I applied a value of about 5 to the feather value. this did was create an artifact similar to sharpening, that is, a distinct line along the edges. I was able to get rid of a lot of the problem by using spot healing and / or the blur tool along the edge. Although in general the problem was improved, I am not completely happy with the result and am sure there must be a better way. How to create a seamless transition between these edges
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hey there, i been using photoshop for many years and just discovered blending options lol. i always seem to be finding new features i never use... anyway i am trying to blend an image onto a background with an inner glow style. however, as the background is multi coloured i wanted the blend to create a transparent border around the image so it fades into the background. I have managed to do it with a fade brush and trace the edge but this gives a straight corner on the edges and I wanted it curved to minimise the contrast. is there a quick way to do this Here is an example of what i want to do (manged using brush) , Originally Posted by Sage have you tried feathering the selection any chance you could elaborate i have feathered the selection but the only way i can actually gradient the endge isto paint over the whole thing about 20 times with a clear brush. is there a quicker way , You just use a Layer mask and lay a black to white gradient in it.
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Hi , I came back to school and with the new computer they gave us, it had photoshop 7.0 elements on it. I was fooling around with it and doing some tutorials online. Anyway, a tutorial online was going over some basic blending options, and the text layer that I am working on didnt seem to have blending options I am used to right clicking and simply going right to blending options, but its not there Is it somewhere else, or did they rename it
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Hi folks I have 5 images [in PSCS2] I want to subtly blend. I dont have the skills [yet] to get it right. I know how to make a layer mask, the eraser, how to use the lasso with feathering etc but I just cant get it right. What i want is to have one image dissolve [progressive transparency] into the next, not just a bland erasing of the sections, which is all i seem to be able to do. I've attached 2 frames - one with the original images unprocessed and my attempt at merging in frame 2. I'm nothappy with it. I want some of the images to be moved closer together and have much more partial transparency smoothly merging these images....How do I do this, or more correctly, how do you do it I'd really appreciate some insight here. Thx Geoff
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Quick thought.... try describing what you're trying to do, what you're having problems with, what you've tried, and maybe give some samples. Otherwise, we're shooting in the dark. Welcome to PST.
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I have a logo I've created with various blending styles and gradients on different layers which is all set on a gradient bg layer that is a clip of the bg from the website I eventually want to put the logo on. I hope that made sense. Anyways, I want to save my final product (as a png) without my background layer, so the bg is just transparent. However, many of the colors in my blended layer and gradients get messed up when I remove the background layer. Is there any way to remove the background without messing up blending and gradients P.S. I tried merging my layers and converting them to a smart object, but it still messed up colors/gradients.
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Having a problem with blending options. when i have a layer with blending options, say bevel and emboss and i change the direction of the shadow, it changes all other layers which has blending options, i can not isolate the effect just to that layer, can any one help.
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