Be gentle, I'm a pathetic Newbie

I'm a 'non traditional' college student in a graphic arts class, and already I'm driving myself and my professor nuts with a problem I am having with a PS project I've already spent days trying to figure out. I have a photo of a landscape that I took in 'portrait' mode. I've stretched it out so that
I can print it in 'landscape' mode. I have it stretched, using the pixel aspect under "Image" to 1.75 (custom), and it displays on the PS screen just the way I want it. I've changed all the settings in the Image size to 8"H x 11"W, and went to 'PrintPreview' and changed settings there, as suggested by my Prof. I've deselected Constraints. However, when it comes out of the printer its back to the original format! yikes!!

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StarCraft forum siggy I made for myself... Don't be too harsh on me, I'm a noob.
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I'm wondering how I would remove that distinct "cutout" feel from object edges that you cut A good example would be this scenario: You have a (we'll say) face in the center of an image. Surrounding the face is just a black background. So you cut out the face, the result is the face with a black outline, and this is what I want to figure out how to fix. What is the technique used to remove this I dont actually have Photoshop but a descriptive solution with proper terms would help me alot. (For future reference)
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folks. My problem is that I can only download images to my (externally built) web-site through a CMS which only allows images to be uploaded at a max 150 X 150 pixels (jpg format). When I downsize my images (around 5meg at 300 dpi) prior to upload they appear 'grainy' and pixellated on the web-site. I use Photoshop CS and resample images using the image size dialogue box with the Bicubic setting. I'm saving with Save to web feature in ImageReady. Hope someone can offer helpful advice.
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This situation that I'm about to describe has happened many times before. I wonder how I consider myself 'professional', as it's quite a silly mistake and one would think a lesson would have been learned by now, however, I need some help with this now. Can someone give me some tips on how to minimize the noise in my photos in Photoshop when shots were taken at ISO 1600 accidentally I usually shoot at 200, and get great results. My husband was shooting volleyball the other day and I forgot to reset the ISO back to 200. I shot an ENTIRE day with our Nikon D70 at 1600! Engagement photos! Yikes! Silly, I know, but now I am trying to salvage what I can. Any tips I appreciate any and all advice on this (AND if anyone has any tips on how to remind myself to ALWAYS check ISO, those would be appreciated as well!) lol
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How do I take crisp-clear images of my products for the website. As an example, look at I believe, the images are small and yet very clear. The text on the product is also very clear to read. Another example: There is no colour in the background for these images. How did they extract the product so perfectly from the background regards
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Hi I work in the digital retouching industry and would like some help from other experts. I Sometimes get an image of a women with very wavy hair on a difficult background and have trouble removing her and putting her on another background. I have tried and tested fluid mask and ultimate knockout which are good if the background is very simple but very poor if its alot of dark colors that are like the hair. What techniques or programs do you get the best results from.
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hi, i have this image: how do i place it on a totally black background will it be easy to just cut out cheers
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Here is what I did: Created a web template in photoshop. Went to imageready to create slices and rollovers. Then went back to photoshop to make some changes to the design. I changed the whole left navigation menu. When I went back to photoshop the editions I have made only appear as one of the rollover states. It looks fine on a rollover state for one little button at the top. But the normal view looks completely wrong with the old left navigation menu appearing. Any idea how to fix this
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How do you convert the photoshop cs file that is cmyk (I think thats the abbreviation) to 8 bit RGB so you can edit it in imageready
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If I have an image that's too big to fit on the printer page, how do I set my printer settings to adjust the image to the right size (i.e. without scaling the image manually)
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Hiya. My boss has requested I do some images for a stand at a tradeshow.. and this stand is 30'10" high and 13'3" wide. In other words; Ginormous! My machine isn't really capable of handling this kind of superhighres images in terms of ram (i have 1gb). So. Any suggestions Should I use Illustrator, or will that not help in any way the best /plaf
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Sorry Im pretty new to photoshop and was wondering if someone could help me out. I have a logo that I need to change the color on. Its currently black can someone please help me out Im a real beginner