when table purge

I have set up code that whenever I user returns the site a new cookie is created(persistent) and the token
is stored in the corresponding table in the database.

Suppose that someone comes 2-3 times/day in the site,multiply that with number of registered users and
the tables gets written many times,becoming large quickly. often should I erase table rows you think
Do you think-for example- that from the moment I create a token to the table I should delete the previous one-belonging to the same user obviously

Is there a rule of thumb in this

As a second though, maybe I just need update the token in the place of the previous one
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i m using MSDE i m trying to use session object to work with it. i dont know how to do it can someone is what i have written: ALTER PROCEDURE reportjobposted ( @emuser varchar (20) ) AS SELECT Jobs.jid, Jobs.joposted, Jobs.jocutoff, Jobs.jotitle, Jobs.jostatus, count(Applications.causer) as "# of Applicants" FROM Jobs, Applications WHERE Jobs.jid=Applications.jid and @emuser="Session("EmployerName")" group by jobs.jid, jobs.joposted, jobs.jocutoff, jobs.jotitle, jobs.jostatus order by Jobs.jid i have passed the value in the "EmployerName" in the session from a text box in another page. i m trying to diplay in a data grid all the above fields where table jobs and table applications jid is equal and the emuser field in Jobs table = to what the session holds. Please help me Thank you Shams
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, How do you upload sqlserver2003 on your hosting account
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, I'm using ASP, coded in UTF-8 and connecting to a SQL Server 2000. If I do an INSERT with a stored proc and set the parameter to nvarchar and the datatype of the column to nvarchar, do I still need to prefix the string with N N'mystring' N@mystring or can I leave the N off and what is stored will still be unicode
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hello all how to make italicize the fonts or make the words in italics in the following computes: 'W/F: ' + if ( isnull( brand_drug ) , ' ', ' ' + brand_drug ) i only want to make the part if ( isnull( brand_drug ) , ' ', ' ' + brand_drug ) in italics and to maintain the font style for 'W/F: ' cheers!