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How do you upload sqlserver2003 on your hosting account

Posted On: Monday 26th of November 2012 01:54:22 AM Total Views:  394
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I'm running my asp page but get an error (Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection) on the conn statement below here is my connection string: conn = "Driver={SQL Server}; Server=XPSM1710; Database=bruteforce; UID=John Partder" I cannot see anything wrong. The user John Partder logged onto the machine that the SQL server 2000 is running. Also an admin of the machine. Any ideas
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hi I am new on database but i can build database by ms access , can i build the same database by sql server , i mean is the program has visual interface to build datebase Thank you
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Hi . I got a db in access and want to transfer it to sql server with all its reletionship and connect my access bounded forms to sql server . i be happy if some one show me how to transfer my access 2000 tables to sql server 2000 and make connection to sql sever tables from bounded access 2000 forms
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I would like to create program that load SQLserver database file from a mobile disk (eg. flash disk), the db should be flexible to move to any other computer and SHOULD NOT stay in the harddisk i've been thinkin of solution: 1. i should do automatically attach of db to the sqlserver everytime i load the program 2. auto detach the db when finish using the program 3. and the file will be in .mdf instead of a backup file (since backup file need restoration and restoration will restore file to the harddisk ) is my solution correct or is there any better solution
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2 functions i need to perform by using scripts : clear connection (in detach db option) and setting server authentication mode (either windows only or windows and sqlserver) how do i run these functions in scripts or should i just call the stored procedures in master db which sp should i call to perform these functions , wif the parameter (pls give example) thx
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Hi. I am a total newbie to this so please excuse my dumbness I am renting webservices from somewhere and have a website going there. I have made a form now on my site and want it delivered and processed with ASP. What I can't seem to figure out is how to get on to that server and make all the settings and stuff necessary (reading the asp-book and it doesnt fit my needs) to make this work. I have the two documents done and written. The form.asp and thankyou.asp. Do I need one more, to get the information delivered to me How do I put these in the correct folder (can I just use ws_ftp pro for that too) What should that folder be And do I need any special settings or something I have no idea what I am doing here. Please help me. , Did I post this in the wrong forum Since no-one has answered yet...