Trying to pull data from 2 tables into a query

I'm trying to create a SQL query to pull together a job info table and a customer info table in an Access DB. We can't have a unique ID on the customer that we can store in the job table because the customer info is dumped from Exchange and the ID (row number) in the cust_List table will change each time we export from Exchange.

What I need to do is go through jobs, get the CO_ID, the CONTACT_LN and the CONTACT_FN and then match it against Customer_List>Account, Lastname, Firstname.

Any ideas

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For a university project I am creating a basic car hire website. ASP.NET is all new to me, so if you could keep replies simply explained I'd appreciate it! For the final stage of the car hire process, I take variables stored in sessions: string theUser = User.Identity.Name.ToString(); DateTime pickUp = Convert.ToDateTime(Session["pickUp"]); DateTime dropOff = Convert.ToDateTime(Session["dropOff"]); string carReg = (String)Session["carReg"]; double pricePerNight = Convert.ToDouble(Session["carPrice"]); double totalPrice = noOfDays * thePricePerNight; to insert into the Hire table, where the datatypes are as follows: UserName - varchar(MAX) RegNo - varchar(50) PickUpDate - datetime ReturnDate - datetime Price - money But when I execute the insert statement, I get the following error: The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value. My code for inserting into the database is as follows: //Add details to Hire table string connectionString = WebConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["AdminCarsConnectionString"].ConnectionString; SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(connectionString); con.Open(); SqlCommand cmd; string query = "INSERT INTO Hire (UserName, RegNo, PickUpDate, ReturnDate, Price)"; query += "VALUES ('" + theUser + "', '" + carReg + "', '" + dtPickUp + "', '" + dtDropOff + "', '" + totalPrice + "')"; cmd = new SqlCommand(query, con); cmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); lblCust.Visible = false; lblPrice.Visible = false; btnConfirm.Visible = false; lblHire.Text = "The process is complete."; I experimented by changing the datatype in the table to varchar, and inserting string values of the dates instead and that worked perfectly - however I need to keep these values as datetime, because of a query that checks for time clashes at an earlier stage in the hire process, which uses the datetime values in the Hire table (this works just fine, using the datetime variables from the session). Do you have any advice on how I could solve this problem The values that I am trying to insert are datetime type, and the field I want to insert them into is datetime type, so I don't know why it has a conversion problem. I hope someone can help soon because this is so close to being finished, and my deadline is in two days...
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s I have a table, we'll call it people In people, people can have the field is_cool as true. Now, some people in people, know cool people, so their field know_coolguy_id is equal to another someone on people, which his is_cool is True. When I get all the records from people, I sometimes wanna ORDER BY know_coolguy_id. Problem is, it sorts by the id (number) and not the person's name field. What I need basically, is "ORDER BY the NAME field of the cool people in this awesome table" Any ideas
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- I am trying to update an existing row in a table by inserting a jpg or gif image into a column called Photo. The SQL data field is set as image. When I build, I don't get any error messages but the upload doesn't work. I modified code from the MS site (streaming BLOBS page) I would really appreciate troubleshooting help with the code below or an alternative approach.