SQLServer 2008R2 reporting service

Applogies but this quesiton is related to sql2008 but there not option for that in the above category. Anyway here is my quesiton:

While executing the reports for sql server 2008R2 (from VS2010 code). The reporting service's FindItems "rs.FindItems" include one more parameter searchOptions and when I create this object and set it's values, it is always complaining about the value which is being set i.e.

Property searchoptions = new Property(); searchoptions.Name = "Report_1"; searchoptions.Value = item.Trim();

it just doesn't like this name and doesn't parse and throws an error "The value for name is not valid" but if I set the name like this: searchoptions.Name = "Name"; it then parse but throws an "Object reference not set to an instance..." error.

So the quesiton is what is the valid value for this

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