probs getting data in datagrid to load

hi. i am new to sql databases and am currently trying to get the
table to populate with data from the database cnCMS. I have been
following the ADO.NET step by step text but, when i compile, i keep
getting a blank page. below is the method I am using for when the
page loads. any ideas what i might be doing wrong any suggestion
much appreciated.

thanks in advance.

Code: privatevoid BindDataGrid() { string sqlQuery = "SELECT AccountID, UserName, Password, " + "Email, ModifiedDate, CreationDate FROM Account"; cnCMSNET.Open(); SqlDataAdapter daAccount = new SqlDataAdapter(sqlQuery, cnCMS); daAccount.Fill(dsMaster2, "Account"); DataGrid1.DataSource = dsMaster2.Tables["Account"].DefaultView; DataGrid1.DataBind(); cnCMSNET.Close(); }

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