MSDE 2000 in web base application

i'm newbies in SQL database. I would like to develop a low cost offline database application using MSDE2000. The application will consist of two PC only (one as client & another as server) and is web base style (means using IE6) and coded with javascript + XHTML. Can anyone tell me how to do that

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Dear Sir i want to take back up Of Specific Tables of Sql Server 200 Data base... how i can do this.... plz help me i shall be very
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! Well let me get right too it! You see, we just setup a SQL 2000 Fail over cluster, on and MS Win2k3 2 node Cluster. Anyway cluster is setup and everything is configured to the T. Well we start moving over our Databases from our old SQL servers, and everything is connecting, all of our .Net / ASP.Net code working like a champ, and then we start moving over some bigger databases where Classic ASP (still 90% of our website(s)) using the Database(s) the most, and bang! Timeout errors, no matter what we do, for Classic ASP! Same server can ping the SQL cluster, and same server runs .Net code like a champ! We even tried setting up an ODBC connection and tested that out... still a no go! Timeout errors.... So has anyone, ever ran into this Please , if you have any information on this let me know, because I can't really find anything on it... I would appericate any help! Please post here, or email me: bgeorge at
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I am new to this forum and am looking for help... I inherited a Win NT4.0 server that is serving up MS SQL 7. It will eventually be replaced, now that I have responsibility for the machine. But in the meantime...I am getting the following error message from some users when they try to access the database through a web browser. error '80020009' Exception occurred. /include_files/mimpo/, line 61 This error appeared a while back, and the machine arrived in my area with the error. I am new to SQL and am seeking help. present users within the machine have access to the database via their web browsers. It is when I create a new user, that this error appears. Any ideas If I restore the database from a backup when the error was not occurring, would this elimate the error, and allow me to create new users that can access the database successfully Or is there another method that I can use, without loosing two months of info by performing a database restore
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What is meant Cross Tab Queries in SqlServer2000 Explain With Example
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I had a working sql 7database, which I eventually hosted on a sql 2000 server. I now find that some of my tables have gone missing. Please let me know if I have to do anything specific to my sql 7 database before hosting on the sql 2000 server
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Hi Guys we have recently updated few computers for our Company software build using VB and C++ Old computers were WIN 2000 and SQL 7 ( working good)New Computer (Vary fast than older) WIN 2000 and SQL 2000 (SP3A) (PROBLEM,PROBLEM,PROBLEM..........)I thought it might be SQL 2000 so i changes older computers to SQL 2000 it still works. Don't know what to do. Can any body help.........
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hi, help needed!!!! i want to connect SQL with ASP using connection string .how to install sql 2000 server on windows xp professional edition .
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I want to install SQL Server 2000 on Windows Server 2003, but when I do, I receive the error message SQL Server 2000 SP2 and below isn't supported by this version of Windows. To run the program, click Continue. For more information, click Details. I don't have an installed version of SQL Server 2000 that already has Service Pack 3 (SP3) applied, and I can't install SP3 until i install SQL Server 2000 which windows 2003 is not letting me do. How can this problem be solved please do let me know. i have read knowledge base 329329 on Microsoft but could not able to find the solution.
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Hi . I need to reinstall SQL Server on my Win2000 computer. How to do that and keep all my DB saved I appreciate any help.
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Can anyone advise me I have a new sql server installed but the backups will not be in place for a few weeks. I want to start setting up a new database with 12 tables. As I do not have any backup procedures in place, can I write a DTS package which will connect to Access and copy my new structures to an Access database so that I have a back up of them If I do this, do I just use the usual Data Import task to get the structures back into SQL Server if I lost the original
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We have window server 2003 installed on the server. I am trying to install SQL Server 2000 and it gives me error: SQL Server 2000 SP2 and below is not supported by this version of windows. I click continue for instalation and later when I tried upgrade SP2 with SP3 it says tha cann't see SP2 installed on the machine. I looked at the error log sqlstp.log...says that [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data soure name not found and no default driver specified SQL Server configuration failed. I am confused there is something I do wrong or sysadmin needs to reinstall OS. Any idea
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Hi all, I'm running into a problem that has me absolutely stumped. In my environment, we have 3 locations, and thus 3 file servers and 3 sql servers. 2 of these locations are on 2k advanced, and the third is on 2003 server. The problem i'm having is involving an ASP script. To make a lot of code short, -asp page passes in vars to a store procedure -stored procedure populates a temp table and uses a sysobjects temp table as well -temp table is then joined to a View In the view lies the problem. in alter mode, it looks like this: Code: ALTER view dbo.vw_DSHistory_1 as select top 100 percent datepart(hour,calltime) as HourOfCall, cast(left(callTime,11) as datetime) as DayOfCall, agent, reason, finishcode, resultcode, status, c.job_name from SJ4005_CallHistory as h join SJ4005 as c on h.i3_rowID = c.i3_rowID where calltime between '08/03/2004 8:00:00' and '08/03/2004 23:59:59' order by cast(left(callTime,11) as datetime), datepart(hour,calltime) The dates and 'SJ4005' is a dynmaically written view passed in vars to the store procedure. Code: insert into @tempResults (fields) --values in a select: select . . . . from vw_DSHistory_1 h group by h.Job_Name, h.DayOfCall, h.HourOfCall order by h.DayOfCall, h.HourOfCall, h.Job_Name This all works 100% on two of our servers. word for word copy paste onto our 3rd, on 2k3, and the view is not updating the variable fields. Is there a setting im missing does 2k3 have some kind of permission issue with passing a var from more than one thing (asp -> sp -> vw)
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hi, I have a sql2000 database on a server and I'm trying to see the relationship between the tables to understand how it works. In the "diagrams" section, I don't see anything. do I run the Diagram Wizard to get that kind of info I thought that when the database was designed, a diagram was created automatically.
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attach db MS SQL 2000 with enterprise manager I have a file de db sqlserver 2000 called hello_db_20060410man.bak my last host has transfered to me i am not hosted anymore and trying to attach my sqldb to use on IIS on my computer but...... enterprise manager asks me for files in .mdf and .log i have been trying and searching for 3 days... How can I transform this .bak when i try to restore. enterprise message is that this ,bak is not a sql file !!! anyone could help please ! sorry for my english... and on top i am lost and beginner
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hi, In a stored procedure i have created dummy table.I have used some conditions and i have displayed some results.EG:200 records are displayed. But i need to insert those 200 records in the dummy table which is created in the same stored procedure as in the above i have mentioned. i am posting the procedure i have created.... please any one help me's urgent......... /* create by : Mogy Date : 03/01/2007 Last Modified By : Venkatesh Last Modified Date : 14- Mar -07 To Search similar Diamond for a Diamond in stud */ CREATE PROCEDURE p_diamondsearch_stud_Earring_test ( @LowPrice varchar(50)= '100', @HeighPrice varchar(50)= '1000000', @Cut1 varchar(20)='' , @Cut2 varchar(20)='' , @Shape varchar(50) = '0', @Weight1 varchar(6) = '0', @Weight2 varchar(6) = '0', @ColorLow varchar(50) , @ColorHeigh varchar(50), @ClarityLow varchar(50), @ClarityHeigh varchar(50), @OrderBy varchar(50)='catalognr', @SortOrder varchar(10)='ASC' ) AS BEGIN create table #Diamonds1 ( partno1 varchar(30),color1 varchar(10),weight1 varchar(10),cut1 varchar(10),clarity1 varchar(10),length1 varchar(10),depth1 varchar(10),width1 varchar(10),sell1 varchar(10),LWRatio1 varchar(20),polish1 varchar(10),symmtry1 varchar(10),lab varchar(10) ) declare @StrSQL varchar(5000), @tablevar int SET @StrSQL = '' SET @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' SELECT D.partno as partno1,D.color as color1,D.weight as weight1 ,D.cut as cut1 ,D.clarity as clarity1 ,D.length as lenght1,D.depth as depth1,D.width as width1 ,D.sell as sell1 ,LWRatio1 = (D.length/D.width), D.polish as polish1 ,D.symmetry as symmtry1,D.lab as lab' SET @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' FROM product_diam D where (D.catalognr = ''1025'' or D.catalognr = ''1027'') AND D.New_Release=''N'' AND (D.qtyoh - D.qtycom) > 0 and D.cut > 0 and D.avail ''T'' and (D.below_standard = 0) --and D.partno D.partno ' if len(@LowPrice) > 0 and len(@HeighPrice) > 0 Begin Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' AND (D.sell ) BETWEEN ' + @LowPrice + ' AND ' + @HeighPrice End if len(@Cut1) > 0 and len(@Cut2) > 0 Begin Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' AND D.cut BETWEEN '+ @Cut1 + 'AND ' + @Cut2 -- Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' AND P.cut BETWEEN '+ @Cut1 + 'AND ' + @Cut2 End if len(@Shape)>0 Begin Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' AND D.shape = ' + @Shape --Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' AND P.shape = ' + @Shape End if len(@Weight1) > 0 and len(@Weight2) > 0 Begin --Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' AND (D.weight) BETWEEN ' + @Weight1 + ' AND ' + @Weight2 Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' AND (P.weight) BETWEEN ' + @Weight1 + ' AND ' + @Weight2 --Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' AND (D.weight + P.weight) BETWEEN ' + @Weight1 + ' AND ' + @Weight2 End if len(@ColorLow) > 0 and len(@ColorHeigh) > 0 Begin Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' AND D.color BETWEEN ''' + @ColorLow + ''' AND ''' + @ColorHeigh + '''' -- Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' AND P.color BETWEEN ''' + @ColorLow + ''' AND ''' + @ColorHeigh + '''' End if len(@ClarityLow) > 0 and len(@ClarityHeigh) > 0 Begin Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' AND D.clarity BETWEEN ' + @ClarityLow + ' AND ' + @ClarityHeigh -- Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' AND P.clarity BETWEEN ' + @ClarityLow + ' AND ' + @ClarityHeigh End if len(@OrderBy)>0 Begin if (@OrderBy = 'sell') Begin Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' Order By (D.sell) ' + @SortOrder End else Begin Set @StrSQL = @StrSQL + ' Order By D.' + @OrderBy --+ ',P.'+ @OrderBy + ' ' + @SortOrder end End ***************************** declare @partno1 varchar(5000) declare @color1 varchar(20) declare @clarity1 varchar(20) declare @length1 varchar(20) declare @depth1 varchar(20) declare @width1 varchar(20) declare @sell1 varchar(20) declare @LWRatio1 varchar(20) declare @polish1 varchar(20) declare @symmtry1 varchar(20) declare @lab varchar(20) insert into #Diamonds1 (partno1,color1,weight1,cut1,clarity1,length1,dept h1,width1,sell1,LWRatio1,polish1,symmtry1,lab) values (@partno1,@color1,@weight1,@cut1,@clarity1,@length 1,@depth1,@width1,@sell1,@LWRatio1,@polish1,@symmt ry1,@lab) select * from #Diamonds1 END drop table #Diamonds1 Exec(@StrSQL) --print @StrSQL GO in the procedure i have marked the ***********symbol above procedure is correct it displays nearly 200 records. But i need to insert all records in the #Diamonds1 table.
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Can any one list the features .. Thankx..
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Can I run a sql server 2005 System Integrations Package for a SQL 2000 database I want to ask before I try it. Somebody else told me to install DTS, but I don't know how to do that, if I am running sql 2005 Do I need to install DTS or can I just run it from SQL 2005 to update the SQL 2000 databse
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Hi all, Just found this forum, looks like a great resource. I have recently purchased 3 companies, and will integrating 3 websites all using different technologies. CF PHP Mysql MSSQL. The programming is the easy part for me, however I am an MSSQL noob. I have a database on a remote webhosting server MSSQL 2000, I need to convert / copy this database to a different webhosting server that is running MSSQL 2005. I am currently using a trial version of EMS SQL management Software (not really liking it) I do not have access to do an attach / detach. What method should I use import / export and what is the best way to do this and with what software. The database is by no means complex with only 1 stored procedure that I could easily duplicate with code. Users do not need to be copied, just the tables and data within.
Help! how to transfer MSSQL 2000 to MSSQL 2005   (308 Views)
hi there! I hve already backed-up my database in MSSQL 2000 and I want to transfer that one in my MSSQL 2005.. anyone here got an idea how to do it
Need help Installing msde 2000   (282 Views)
, I have downloaded MSDE 2000 as recommended from my previous post, thing is, there is no better way of saying this, I really do need a Dummys guide to installing it! I have tried to run setup.exe at which point it says I need to set a SAPWD, then I have read the readme where I have then ran a number of Command prompt strings like : setup SAPWD="AStrongSAPwd" SECURITYMODE=SQL... but then it says I need to go to my Control Panel to install and configure system components... at which point I am completely lost as to what to do, or whether I am doing it right in the first place!! I am very new to MS Sql, as my database is MS Access at the moment, but I need to convert it to MS Sql, so need a program to edit it in, which is what I am not having much success with now (, any help would be so so so much appreciated!