Migrate Sybase DB to MS SQL... datetime problem.

I have a Sybase server with my source data.

I have a MS SQL 2000 server for my destination.

Trying to migrate all the data from the Sybase instance over to the SQL instance... not really all the data, just the tables that have a rowcount above '0'. I don't care about PK/FK relationships, constraints, triggers or stored procs.

I came up with the following script, using the linked server features of SQL2000.

Code: declare tablecursor scroll cursor for select name from openquery(LINKEDSERV, 'select name from sysobjects where type= ''U'' and uid = 1 order by name') open tablecursor declare @tablename varchar(50) declare @sql nvarchar(800) fetch first from tablecursor into @tablename while @@fetch_status = 0 begin set @sql = N' IF (select * from openquery(LINKEDSERV, ''select count(*) from ' + @tablename + ''')) > 0 BEGIN select * into TargetDB.dbo.' + @tablename + N' from openquery(LINKEDSERV, ''select * from ' + @tablename + ''') END' -- select @sql exec sp_executesql @sql fetch next from tablecursor into @tablename end close tablecursor deallocate tablecursor But, about part way through I get an error.

Server: Msg 8114, Level 16, State 10, Line 3
Error converting data type DBTYPE_DBDATE to datetime.

Seems that implicit conversion is not working for the Sybase datetime datatype and the SQL2000 datetime datatype.

I don't want to write an import for each table... I have about 100 total tables to target.

Any ideas Can DTS help in this case, even though this source server is not an MS server I want the whole database, and I don't want to write a construct for each table.

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