loop though table using RowID, not cursor (was "Loop")

I have a table with RowID(identity). I need to loop though the table using RowID(not using a cursor). Please help me.

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Alright folks I'm looking to get a set of results from a stored procedure that displays amounts of money deposited in each particular month. Here is an idea of what I'm looking for - I hard coded the dates to get this result: What I would like to do is use a while loop to increment the date by one month and gather the money deposited as another column, but I'm struggling to get it to work. Not sure if it can! Code: Declare @startDate datetime Declare @EndDate datetime Set @startDate = convert(datetime,'01/04/2008' ,103) Set @EndDate = convert(datetime,'01/05/2008' ,103) Begin Select FundTypeName, While (@EndDate < convert(datetime,'01/05/2011' ,103)) Begin (SELECT Amount FROM Summary WHERE DepositDate >= @startDate AND DepositDate < @EndDate) Set @startDate = dateadd(m,1,@startDate) Set @EndDate = dateadd(m,1,@EndDate) End FROM Summary INNER JOIN FundTypes on Summary.FundTypeID = FundTypes.FundTypeID WHERE Summary.FundTypeID = 1 and ProjectID = 1 End As you can see, I'm trying to nest a while loop inside a Select statement in order to extract new columns. I'm fairly new with stored procedures so not sure where I'm going wrong, but I'm getting errors on the BEGIN and END lines. Is it not possible to nest BEGIN and END's I'm sure it would be better in a different format but sadly our client wants it this way... Hopefully someone knows where I'm going wrong!
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I would be eternally greatful to anyone to debug the following mess, Thank you Very much! James Kulesza The concept came from thebomb
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I am building up a product catalog. I use one table Category(id, name, parentId, isExpanded) to store all the categories in a tree structure. "id" is an identity column that has its value auto-incremented. "parentId" is a foreign key that references the "id" column of the same table. A category copy function is required, which should be able to copy a specific tree branch and put it under another tree node. After the branch is copied, all the nodes involved should be returned to another component with their old "id"s and new "id"s. I need to use a stored procedure to implement this copy function. But I was disappointingly stuck with the "insert" statement not working within the second "while" loop (as shown in the following code). No error was returned, there is just nothing inserted in the table at all. The first parameter of the procedure is the id of the top-most node of the branch to copy and the second parameter is the id of the destination node to which the copied branch will be appended. Please help me check out the code. And if possibly, please run this procedure on your server and see whether it will work. Thank a lot. Code: ALTER PROCEDURE Category_Copy @id int, @parentId int AS DECLARE @children TABLE (rowId BIGINT IDENTITY(1,1), [id] int, [parentId] int default null, [level] int, [newId] int default null, [name] varchar(100) default null ) DECLARE @level int BEGIN INSERT INTO @children ([id], [parentId], [level], [newId], [name]) SELECT @id, [parentId], -1, null, [name] from Category WHERE id = @id SET @level = 0 INSERT INTO @children ([id], [parentId], [level], [newId], [name]) SELECT [id], [parentId], @level, null, [name] from Category WHERE parentID = @id WHILE @@ROWCOUNT > 0 BEGIN SET @level = @level + 1 INSERT INTO @children ([id], [parentId], [level], [newId], [name]) SELECT c.[id], c.[parentId], @level, null, c.[name] FROM Category c JOIN @children i ON c.[parentId] = i.[id] AND i.[level] = @level -1 END -- Prepare additional variables for looping through the table variable DECLARE @varMaxCount BIGINT DECLARE @varCurrentCount BIGINT SELECT @varMaxCount = max([rowId]) FROM @children -- End Prepare -- Loop through the table variable DECLARE @intLoops INT SET @intLoops = 0 -- Debuging line WHILE @varCurrentCount
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I'm not quite sure how to make this work. The SQL syntax worked fine if I comment out this line of code but it wouldn't work if I un-commented it out. Take a look at the "@TblPurchaseRaw_RawID" variable... Code: DECLARE @TblPurchaseRaw_RawID INT DECLARE @TblPurchaseRaw_AccountID INT SELECT RawID INTO #tmpTblPurchaseRaw FROM tblPurchaseRaw WHERE AcceptedID = 0 WHILE EXISTS (SELECT TOP 1 RawID FROM #tmpTblPurchaseRaw) BEGIN --SET @TblPurchaseRaw_RawID = RawID SELECT TOP 1 @TblPurchaseRaw_AccountID = AccountID, @TblPurchaseRaw_AcceptedID = AcceptedID FROM tblPurchaseRaw WHERE RawID = @TblPurchaseRaw_RawID DELETE FROM #tmpTblPurchaseRaw WHERE RawID = @TblPurchaseRaw_RawID END
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The following trigger gives me an "nesting limit exceded error" (in other words an infinate loop) the trigger is recursive but the recod i tested it out on had only 3 child rows, since no other triggers are active on that field, there is no way it could have gotton up to 32 al on it's own , or am i wrong any help would be appriciated PHP Code: CREATETRIGGERdbo.Optionaliteit_CascadeONdbo.Offerte_LijnenAFTERUPDATEASIFUPDATE(Optioneel)BEGINUPDATEOfferte_LijnenSETOptioneel=(SELECTinserted.OptioneelFROMinserted)WHEREParent_IDIN(SELECTinserted.Lijn_IDFROMinserted)END
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Im trying to perform a Javascript function for each iteration of a retrieved recordset. However as expected, I found the two don't always like working in tandom together. Basically my function needs data from the record set, does some calculations and then the recordset needs to be updated. I am finding that only the last record in the RS is being processed and would be very grateful if anyone could provide some suggestions as to how I may get around this